Disclaimer: It all belongs to George; it's his sandbox, I'm simply playing in it. I take no credit for the parts of this story that are taken directly from Episode 3, and I make no money off of this.

Title: Balance of Power

Author: Jade_Max

Timeframe: RotS AU

Genre: Alternate Universe

Summary: Sequel to Dreams - Anakin's marriage to Padmé is now a secret shared between brothers. With the secret out, how do Anakin's actions change his path - if at all?

Balance of Power


Recalled from the front lines to rescue the captured Chancellor Palpatine, Anakin and Obi-Wan board General Grievous' flag ship. Once inside, they face familiar mechanical foes on their way to the top of the command spire and Palpatine's "cell". The ensuing battle with Count Dooku, and his execution at Anakin's Skywalker's hands, and their escape with the unharmed Chancellor are foiled by General Grievous himself.

A short fight with the Jedi causes Grievous to flee, unable to best the Kenobi/Skywalker team. Anakin, through force of will and with all his skills, manages to land what's left of the flag ship on one of the landing strips in central Coruscant. With the Chancellor's safe return, Obi-Wan returns to the Jedi temple to deliver his report to the council as Anakin continues on with the politicians to render his own report, yet the echo of his actions against Dooku continue to plague him.

The images he remembers from the nightmares in past months have come to pass and now, unknown to him, events have been set in motion. Events that will prove difficult to change...