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First love...


Byakuya Kuchiki had just recently turned eighteen. The Kuchiki were wealthy family, nobles. Proud in their ways and too important, too rich to live normal lives.

His life consisted of training and studying, he was told he was smart, a genius even, he accepted that as a truth since...well, there was no one to compare with except for his family and the guests the Kuchiki accepted in their too big too fancy home.

The young adult sighed sitting on his too big bed with the silk sheets, he was tired after a hard day of training, horse rides and a boring as hell tea with his father and his old teacher. He maybe was used to his life, but it didn't mean he liked it, he felt rather...imprisoned. and it was pretty much the truth, he after all was the heir of Kuchiki, he wasn't allowed to step outside of the Kuchiki manor territory guarded by armed man, he was followed nearly everywhere he went and his privacy was nearly nonexistent, even now as he slid under the silky covers for a night's sleep he knew there were two men in full body armour standing at his door.

Waking up at the morning the young delicate looking adult was guided for the bath by two maids, that too he was used to he didn't think anything of it dropping his night gown on the floor just to be picked up by one of the maids. Pale smooth leg lift up and stepped in a hot scented water followed by the other as Byakuya made himself comfortable in the too large for his body bathtub. A washcloth was passed to him already soaped, really as if he couldn't have done it himself, but he was so used to it that maybe if he had to, he really couldn't. The thought almost made him try but he decided not to, decided just to wash his body, that too he didn't know why, because surely he was still clean from the last night's bath after sleeping into pristine sheets for nine hours. He went with it for now, it was too early to cause a ruckus like he usually did.

The maids had tried to wash his hair countless times, he didn't let them no matter how hard he got scolded when he chose to keep his raven black hair tied in a simple ponytail with bangs around his face, his father had said it doesn't look appropriate for his status, but in the end he was left to it since he had nearly clawed the maids eyes out.

Without emotion he batted the maids hand away that held the jar of water about to wet his hair, seriously he wouldn't want to get bald just because he washed his hair twice per day, it was ridiculous.

But the maid tried again apparently not understanding such brutish gesture as a hand batting. His face remained calm as he pushed the jar away maybe a bit too forceful that he intended to and it ended up falling from the woman's hands unto the floor getting water on the other maid that squealed as if the water would be some sort of acid, the sharp sound made him scowl and roll his steel grey eyes in his skull.

"Young master, your father specially reprimanded to get you at your best condition today..." the maid squeaked already holding the jar with water as a weapon above his head.

"I'm not gonna wash my hair!" Byakuya said with his voice calm but inside he was seething. As usual this meant his father either will lead him around the town showing him off like a well maintained puppy for sale either someone really important was about to come for dinner or something. So what that his hair looked a bit...wild... so what if it looked like he had spent the night trashing on his bed and then just tied it without brushing, which was true. The thing was... if he would let them wash and brush his hair and then put some ridiculous clips in them he would end up looking like a girl... no, that wasn't even it... he would look like a princess. Happened before and his father had to literally snatch him away from some old rich farts hands that tried to touch him right before his father eyes.

It really was his childhood trauma, he shuddered recalling the rough hands on his neck and waist, he didn't know what the man was about to do but he suspected it was something bad since his father had shouted and screamed like Byakuya had never seen before. Whatever the man wanted from him, it left him shocked and terrified, so he promised that he would keep his hair wild, surely his hair was the reason...surely. later he had asked his father what the man wanted from him, and then something astounding happened... his stoic father blushed murmuring something that sixteen is not the right age to talk about it and he should forget it.

Now being eighteen he had a hunch what the man had wanted... sure enough it made him blush too... not that he fully comprehended what exactly the rough male would had done with him given the chance.

However, the fact stayed... he jumped out of the bathtub splashing water everywhere, ignoring the maids huffing at him and no doubt staring at him. He wrapped himself in a flush white towel to cover his nakedness and decided to go straight to his father and demand to have his private time for bathing since today... for god's sake he was eighteen... it was bad enough to wake in a soiled bed when he was about fifteen and it carried on for quite a while, happened still time to time. But it was much worse to not have a chance to play with himself. Yes of course he realised that it was frowned upon but his body wanted it...

The young maids sniggering every time they removed his sticky sheets didn't help either, one was as bold as to offer her help... whatever that meant.

Now dry, he got himself into a deep blue morning robe huffing when he realised that some of his long raven hair somehow did manage to get wet.

Barefooted he rushed down the corridors to his father's office ignoring the maids yelling at him to put on his slippers and to not disturb his father, and to get dressed properly for heaven's sake.

"Father!" he nearly shouted banging the heavy oak doors open wide. "I want to bath alone from now on, the maids are st—" he snapped his mouth shut instantly and felt his cheeks flush... his father not only killed him with the cold look, his father also wasn't alone.

The man sitting on the black leather couch facing the door was like Byakuya had never seen before.

Even more than that, the man was so oddly out of place here or so it seemed. The young noble couldn't help when his eyes lingered on the strangers blue...seriously blue... hair and the eyes were the same, the same eyes were watching him with amusement sliding up and down his body lingering on his hair and exposed legs.

"Byakuya, how many times I have told you to act your age?" his father barked and he hunched his shoulders on instinct still staring at the...exotic stranger, how come this stranger was allowed in Kuchiki manor dressed so... rough... no suit but some weird slacks, big black boots not official in any way, and... the pants were even torn in places, the black shirt was hugging the stranger and showing well built muscles. The cloak looked worn in travels or something and the sword sheath beside the man's hip looked menacing in an odd way, a rough hand laying on the hilt in a lazy manner. Somehow oddly enough he felt as if he had...seen or met the exotic stranger before, but he couldn't recall it... it was like one of those memories lurking around in your head but refusing to surface for long enough to grasp it.

Byakuya Kuchiki really, really wanted to remove himself from this place... get away from the bright blue eyes sliding over him, they unnerved him and the heat on his cheeks couldn't get worse. Suddenly he felt strangely self conscious, his pale hands slid down on the loosely tied robe he pulled it together absentmindedly forgetting to close his slightly parted mouth, wishing his robe would be longer than just barely covering his thighs. He swallowed dryly averting his eyes to his father who was walking to him looking ready to slap his face, Byakuya though knew that wouldn't happen, no matter how strict his father was Byakuya knew he is loved. His father's frame stood right in-between him and the stranger on the couch he felt somewhat grateful for that.

"I want you to go to your room and dress then come back so I can introduce you to my guest properly!"

"Yes father!" he mumbled turning on his heel smoothly and walked down the corridor when he was around the corner he run for his room. Why would his father want to introduce him with that man...if the blue haired stranger was a noble he was a very strange noble... he'd never seen a noble with torn pants and muddy boots, he had never even seen a human with such odd hair colour and eyes... wisely Byakuya thought that the man must be from some faraway place.

Dressed in the polite attire that he hated he looked in the mirror, oh yeah his raven hair looked awfully messed up, he grabbed a brush and put it through his hair freezing in mid stroke... what in the gods name was he doing? He dropped the brush and messed his hair with his hand pulling them up in a messed up ponytail. He would most definitely get a stink eye from his father for this.

This time he politely knocked on the heavy oak door as if the damage hadn't already been done.

"Come in..."

So in he went, oh how he wanted to smirk when he saw his father's eyes narrow at his hair, but they moved to the blue haired man the very next moment and as Byakuya with small but sure steps walked deeper in the office he stopped before his father who was standing stiffly.

"This is Grimmjow Jaegerjaques... Grimmjow meet my son, Byakuya..."

Byakuya was a noble, he was trained to be polite... but Byakuya Kuchiki was also defying... defying his father... defying the Kuchiki name... he was defying everything because he could, his father had spoiled him. But somehow right now he couldn't think of it he was defying he was just awestruck, his mouth parted lightly as the stranger stood up. Byakuya was forced to look up and try to look like he's not intimidated by Grimmjow's height, which he was... the man was head taller than him and probably weighted trice his weight... he had never seen someone so...manly. He received a shove in his ribs from his father.

His hand jerked forward laying into Grimmjow's, Byakuya's eyes darted down where his fragile hand was being crushed in a big strong hand a bit rough and callused, he nearly winced, was this Grimmjow character trying to scare him? It kind of worked.

"N-nice to meet you!"

"Ah, pleasures all mine kid..." the man said and Byakuya was lost... firstly he was just called kid, while he was sure that a man at eighteen was not a kid anymore...furthermore, his father did not object with this man's free speech which came as a shock for him. Secondly...the strangers, Grimmjow's voice did something to him...something odd, his mouth went dry and he had to swallow hard even if there was nothing to swallow. He couldn't describe that voice, it matched the man, it was kind of rough and... destructive... for his brain cells at least yet at the same time he wanted Grimmjow to say something more so he could hear it again. And thirdly Byakuya was rather sure it was very impolite to grin like that while being introduced with someone...come to think of it he was sure it should be even illegal, that's right the man was surely a criminal! Had to be, judging from the sheer insanity in those blue eyes.

It was one thing when he was a noble and a savage... arrogant and disrespectful and spoiled, but this stranger was no noble and how dare the man call him like that? He could understand when he's getting called a kid by old gramps but Grimmjow didn't look much older than him.

"Sit down Byakuya, Grimmjow you too..." Byakuya's father motioned for the couch and seated across from his son.

Byakuya did obey his father even though he sat on the farthest edge of the couch since the blue haired stranger sat at the same couch, he kept his eyes on his father stubbornly, just as stubbornly as his eyes wanted to look at Grimmjow.

"Grimmjow is a friend of mine..." his father started and Byakuya just nodded listening intently feeling blue eyed gaze on himself, why he felt so self conscious was beyond him. "He travelled far to get here on time, you see Byakuya... I have to leave for two months.


"Listen to what I have to say! I have to leave for two months it's important that I do, but of course I didn't want to leave you here."

"So I'm going with you!" Byakuya butted in but pulled back in the couch when his father gave him a hard glare.

"Not possible, I'll be on the road for weeks and it would be too much of a hassle to provide safety for you while travelling. That is why I turned to Grimmjow, you are going to stay here Byakuya and Grimmjow is going to guarantee your safety while I'm gone."



No, no, no!

Impossible! Grimmjow could not guarantee his safety while Byakuya was scared of the man! He stood up or more like jumped up. "No... I will go with you! I can guarantee my own safety on the road, you said it yourself I've mastered my sword skills!"

His father stood up too. "You're staying Byakuya..."

"No!" he said losing his cool, he even as much as stomped his foot on the ground rather childishly and heard Grimmjow chuckle behind his back. Stubbornly he snapped his head to the stranger glaring his cold Kuchiki glare... oddly enough the grin on the man's face never faltered if only turned bigger, showing off a set of perfect teeth.

"Yes you will, its only two months and I really do trust Grimmjow to take care of you... besides it's the perfect chance for you to get to know each other!"

"I already have two bodyguards following me everywhere! I don't need another one and I don't need this man ...'taking care' of me, I'm eighteen!"

Another chuckle behind his back, Byakuya gritted his teeth, that man was frustrating him and he only knew him for ten minutes or so.

His father nicely ignored his words. "And since I won't be here and won't be able to contact you or Grimmjow..." Byakuya gulped when his father stepped closer to him and leaned down jabbing a finger in his chest, his cheeks flared up, why was his father so...free around this stranger? "You my boy better behave and listen to Grimmjow, if not... I already gave him freedom to punish you as he pleases...it is time for you to grow up and stop acting like a wild animal!"

Byakuya wanted to jump up and shout 'what' but he couldn't... he couldn't even get his lungs full of air, he just stared at his father with his jaw hanging low.

This man...this stranger... that grinning big...brute was allowed to...

But how could that be... he was Byakuya Kuchiki. He was... a noble... a bit stubborn maybe, a bit disobeying for his father and maybe a bit moody to the staff and otter personnel... a bit spoiled maybe...but...surely his father didn't leave this man to... put him in his place?

The smirk on his father's face told him that was exactly the case, Grimmjow was summoned to put him in his place.

Byakuya was sure this day would come... all those times when his father had warned him to behave or else... so this was that else.

He snapped his jaw shut and shook his head firmly putting his hands on his hips and stubbornly looking in his father's eyes. "I refuse!" his father surprised him again by chuckling almost endearingly. Byakuya confused watched his father look at Grimmjow.


Byakuya looked from his father to the stranger who was still grinning and now nodding in approval.

"I sure do..." Grimmjow agreed and Byakuya shivered slightly hearing the voice, he furrowed his slight black brows though, it seemed his father's mind was made up and it seemed his father had warned this stranger about his behaviour...well... this Grimmjow character was in for surprise, he would make him run off after the day one, Byakuya almost smiled about his thoughts and sat down on the couch calmly. He knew if his father had decided there was nothing he could do.

"Since Grimmjow will be taking care of your safety I dismissed your bodyguards for these two months."

"I thought you said I needed more bodyguards since everyone craves my death so much!" he huffed grudgingly slumping in the couch.

"And I though you said you could guarantee your own safety!" his father bit back, Byakuya chose not to answer crossing his arms on his chest and biting his tongue when Grimmjow beside him chuckled that little hellish chuckle of the Satan!

"Besides, if its Grimmjow I'm sure you'll be alright, you're even allowed to leave Kuchiki territory if he's with you..."

He made a snorting sound as if he wouldn't care or something, though he did. Grimmjow must be very strong if his father was so sure...

"If you have no questions you can leave, I'm leaving tomorrow before dawn... you'll be sleeping still so I'm going to say my goodbyes later today, for now I have to help Grimmjow settle in and show him around."

Byakuya left without saying his farewell to Grimmjow surprised when his father didn't call him back and scold him for it, usually he wasn't allowed to show his disrespect.

Byakuya spent the rest of the day running off of his bodyguards and hiding in the huge garden enjoying his solitude, when he stalked for the lake the body guards spotted him and scolded him because they were allowed to do so, he of course being the stubborn-headed youth that he was got undressed leaving only his undergarments before they could reach him and jumped in the lake which he wasn't allowed to do, his father said the lake is not clean enough, he himself deemed it clean enough, he after all wasn't drinking the water.

After an hour he was forced to leave, the stupid bodyguard said he would call his father if he wouldn't get out and go straight for a bath...another bath...

He skipped dinner, hiding in the garden... in the tree... he had to, otherwise the maids would drag him to the house and force food down his throat.

At supper time he was literally dragged down a tree he had climbed once more, and the guards didn't even think it was funny, no, they were mad...angry if you will, they pulled him down by his ankle and he fell on the other guard which wasn't a good experience since the man was covered in steel.

Oh he was a savage and he knew it, and he liked it. The guards after all wasn't allowed to hurt him that's why he pulled off the guards headgear and pulled on brown hair while he was carried In the dining hall where his father was sitting and waiting for him with Grimmjow present.

The men handling him huffed and puffed and the one which's hair he was pulling was growling at him.

"Byakuya!" came his father's scolding voice and with the corner of his eye he saw his father sigh in defeat. "I've spoiled him!"

Sure as hell his father had spoiled him...

The guards let him go but caught him by his arms when he tried to run off again, oh no, he wouldn't stay and eat with Grimmjow in the same room he officially decided to defy the stranger with all he had!

"For god's sake Byakuya you look like a savage, what have you done all day? And why are you half naked?"

"he was Hiding in the trees and as we pulled him out of the tree master Byakuya thought it's a nice idea to go swimming for the second time today, so he tried to undress himself while we carried him here!" the guard answered before he could say anything, the very same who's hair he had pulled, he figured it was revenge... his father shook head while Grimmjow was flat out laughing rocking the table.

In the end he had no choice but to eat with his father blabbing how it is awful of him to behave like that and that he would never be able to find a wife and blah, blah, blah...

And it went on and on...

"...and you're a noble, act it Byakuya, you're almost at the age where you need to find a nice lady and..." he cut his father voice off stuffing a sausage in his face.

"You never had a wife, why should I get one? " he blurted out looking at his father, oddly enough his father blushed. It was the truth though, he was his father's son no doubt but he had never even seen his mother.

"Exactly, now you wouldn't want your son to be a savage like you are..."

"Saying I'm like this because I had no mother?"

"Well, your mother definitely wouldn't let you have supper with leaves in your hair and dressed only in your shirt and pants, your shirt by the way is missing buttons..."

He looked down at his chest, yeah his father was right. "Not my fault, the guards are treating me rough! And you let them...!"

"Of course I do, since I'm an old fool that has spoiled you and can't punish you like a father should, the hell you should get a good whipping for this!"

Byakuya grinned hiding behind his tea mug, that was exactly why he was the way he was, his father was way too soft with him.

After another bath he was left in his bedroom to sleep, which Byakuya did, recalling the day. his father had came to his room after his bath and said the goodbyes, also had reprimanded him to behave which he said he would, knowing that he wouldn't.


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