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So came the evening Byakuya was laying on his bed with a book in his hands and a steaming mug of tea on the table next to his bed, the first day on feet after the incident had worn him out and he was already half sleeping, the book was long forgotten he was more observed in his thoughts.

Funny though the book he was trying to read was named 'Signs of attraction' but who could blame him. So far he had read that if a man liked a woman the man usually took the first step... Byakuya was scowling and trying to figure out who made the first step when it came to two men.

"You're sleeping princess?" Grimmjow's voice startled him and he snapped his head to the side to watch Grimmjow entering his room like he owned it, Byakuya blushing slid his eyes over Grimmjow, sure enough the all taut and strong body was dressed in only grey pyjama pants with the broad chest naked and tanned and... shaking himself mentally he shoved the book to his side hoping it didn't look suspicious, he guessed it did though because the blue eyes narrowed and then a grin split the handsome face.

"What are you reading there princess...?"

"Nothing!" smooth, real smooth of him, that kind of answer just proved the opposite, Grimmjow was chuckling and standing by his bed trying to fetch the book out of his hand, Byakuya swallowed hard but let the man take it, if he would make a fuss and then Grimmjow would see the book anyway he would only feel like a complete idiot.

"Signs of attraction? Sounds like crap... what for you're reading this? You got me right here!" Grimmjow poked his own chest somewhat importantly. "Ask me if you have any questions!"

Blushing madly Byakuya remained frozen Grimmjow settled on the bed facing him with the legs dangling over the edge of the bed.

"Alright... how do you tell if someone likes you... you know... romantically..?" he asked playing with a stray bang of his loose black hair, he noticed Grimmjow's eyes follow the action for a while till they focused on his steel grey eyes.

"It's usually those little things Byakuya..."


"Well if someone likes you that way its noticeable unless he or she hides it well... the looks, the smiles, blushes, touches... all that."

"Why it has to be so complicated?" Byakuya huffed out sticking his lower lip outwards in a pout. Grimmjow surely was chuckling about his antics.

"It doesn't have to be complicated."

"But it is..."

"No it's not, princess..." Grimmjow said and then smiled at him, not one of the lip tearing grins but a smile. Byakuya's heart did a little flip flop.

Grimmjow was moving and he could only watch the well built body crawl on the bed, a sharp yelp came from his mouth as his blanket was thrown aside leaving him there half naked with only his pyjama bottoms, his jaw was hanging open and his cheeks heated terribly when Grimmjow took hold of his ankle and moved his leg so the man was kneeling between his slender limbs.

"G-Grimm-nyah!" he yelped again, the man had moved one hand on his hip and the other on his shoulder pulling him upwards and forwards quickly and easily, he gasped and remained frozen looking into blue orbs straddling the man, his brain refused to work properly as his hands grabbed on Grimmjow's shoulders his eyes went the size of dinner plates.

"Like I said princess, its noticeable..." Grimmjow whispered and then there was a palm cradling his cheek and a thumb landing under his lower lip pushing down till his mouth parted some more, a too fast heartbeat later Grimmjow's parted lips were on his, when he realised Grimmjow was kissing him he made a choking sound.

And this was Not one of those pecks on the lips he had seen people doing, this was a full blown kiss, he felt a hot tongue in his mouth exploring and sliding against his own tongue, he didn't know what to do but he felt good, he felt thrilled. He started to move his own tongue deciding it was the right thing to do since Grimmjow growled approvingly as soon as he did.

The tongue in his mouth did incredible things, well maybe not incredible but for Byakuya it felt... intense, the kiss was intense, Grimmjow's lips moulding with his, before he knew any better a pleasured little sound escaped and then displeasured because Grimmjow pulled back a hair, leaving their lips brushing together, Byakuya didn't open his eyes, just then he realised he was gasping for air, he had forgotten that it was possible to breathe through the nose too, more like he had forgotten about breathing as such.

He definitely liked his first kiss.

"And then there's the sign of the person kissing you back and not pushing you away." Grimmjow breathed on his lips and even if he would figure out what to say he wouldn't be able, Grimmjow's lips were on his once more kissing his breath away.

When they parted he noticed that Grimmjow's breathing wasn't all that even either though his was worse, he felt the betraying blush on his cheeks and he felt his own eyes go half lidded, he also felt his pyjama pants get tighter at the front, he was growing hard from those kisses and his hands on Grimmjow's shoulders clamped pulling the perfect body closer, he fidgeted and gasped feeling a hardness against his own.

"Grimmjow..." he mumbled watching the wet lips from close up, he wasn't completely aware of anything else than the body he was straddling, and those blue eyes looking at him with such... intensity.

"Yes princess?"

"You feel that way?" he asked sheepishly having enough courage to slide one of his hands into the shocking blue hair entangling his fingers in them surprised about how soft they were.

"Well obviously princess, I mean... from the very beginning, since I saw you rushing in your father's office all flustered wet and wearing that bathrobe..." Grimmjow finished and grinned at him, Byakuya didn't know what to think but Grimmjow didn't let him think anyway there was two strong hands on his hips rocking him into the hips below, he gasped and shivered his eyes fluttering shut and open meeting blue bright eyes watching him intently.

"Seems like you're returning my affections princess..."

Of all things he could have said he just nodded and mumbled something that even he didn't understand since Grimmjow's hands rocked him again rubbing their crotches together in a sweet friction. He felt so...small and vulnerable in the safest possible way in Grimmjow's arms... as if his vulnerability was cherished...

Not wanting to get lost in his own musing about how and when and why he parted his lips slightly and pressed his plump lips on Grimmjow's letting out a faint pleased sound when the man didn't hesitate and pushed a hot tongue into his mouth exploring and urging his own tongue to join in the friction.

He was scared of course, these touches and caresses, it was all unfamiliar territory for him. The way Grimmjow's hands slid over his sides, his back and his thighs sneaking slightly inwards scared him but it also felt nice, more than just nice. He shivered gasping into their locked lips when the hands were on his thighs with the thumbs rubbing circles on his inner thighs both of his own hands were now in the blue locks pulling the hot mouth closer to his and asking for more without words.

Grimmjow pulled back slightly nipping his parted lips while he gasped for air. "Damn princess... you feel so good... so responsive..." there was another nip on his lower lip as Grimmjow's hands slid from his hips to his sides brushing over his ribs just to move on his back and downwards stopping at his lower back and then slid down. He yelped and flinched on the man's lap as his ass cheeks were grabbed and squeezed gently.

Spluttering he put his delicate hands on Grimmjow's shoulders pushing away so he could look into the blue eyes hoping that the dim light of the room will hide his incredulous blush.

Grimmjow of course was smirking though the alluring blue eyes were half lidded and watching him hungrily, Byakuya had to admit the man was too good looking and he was sure Grimmjow realised it.

"You're scared Byakuya, am I too forward?"

Byakuya blushed harder. "I don't know it depends on what you're planning to do with me..."

Grimmjow then smiled at him one large hand entangled in his black long hair while the other remained on his ass cheek squeezing it making him feel tingly, his head was tilted to the side, he licked his lips his grey eyes averted on the lips in front of him, Byakuya was getting hot and that hotness coming from inside of him was something new too he had never felt this way even when he was pleasuring himself.

"Just relax princess, don't think about it too much, just...enjoy it and stop me whenever you're feeling off."

He nodded dumbly wanting nothing more than to feel those lips on his again, to feel the hand on his butt move harder... and it did, Grimmjow's lips collided with his and he was pulled even closer.

It really didn't take long for Grimmjow to kiss him and caress him, his arms his legs his back and chest, that he found himself trembling and gasping for air with his cheeks hot and his heart racing madly, he didn't know what to ask or how to let Grimmjow know that something was definitely wrong with him and he was about to die, surely! His groin was literally hurting him and the only way out of that pain seemed to be rubbing himself against Grimmjow. Whining noises came from him and his hands found home in blue tresses fisting them, he was clutching on for his dear life.

"Grimm-jow... I... " his back arched backwards as Grimmjow's mouth closed around one of his pink nipples sucking on it increasing the shivers rocking Byakuya's lean body, when the other hard nub was played with into Grimmjow's mouth he was sure he was going to die, it was too much but somehow he felt like he needed more, his hand jerked, he wanted to reach down and stroke himself the tension was too much for him.


The man pulled back and looked at him, the blue eyes dark and piercing, he bit his lower lip to stop himself from saying stupid things since he didn't know what to say in the first place.

"Lay back, princess..." Grimmjow said in a low raspy voice and moved them till his back connected with the silky sheets and even that sensation made him gasp and arch he whimpered when his chest met Grimmjow's muscled one.

"I'm... I don't know... I need something."

The blue haired man smirked at him. "Right now you need me... Don't worry you'll understand."

But he really did seem to need Grimmjow because his hands without his consent were pulling the man closer desperately and his hips lifted up seeking contact.

He didn't object when he felt Grimmjow's hands grasp his pyjama bottoms and pull them down, he was shy and maybe embarrassed but he couldn't object. He did however choke out a shameful sound when he saw the blue eyes sliding over his heated body stopping on his erection, Byakuya looked at it too his cheeks nearly melting off when he realised he's dripping wet down there.

His hands reached to cover himself but they were stopped by Grimmjow who pushed them into the sheets by his sides."Don't, I assure you you're the most beautiful person I have seen...I don't want you to feel embarrassed or... whatever, trust me..." after the husk words followed a deep kiss, Byakuya relaxed while in it even though his body was still burning him from inside.

Grimmjow moved to his neck right after their kiss and his soft skin was lavished with hot open mouthed kisses, steadily the man was moving downwards and before Byakuya could realise where to Grimmjow was moving, he arched off them bed with a jerk of his hips, crazed he pushed himself on his elbows shaking as he watched Grimmjow's tongue on his painful erection, it swirled around the reddened head and Byakuya could only moan and blush, he couldn't bring himself to ask Grimmjow to stop, it felt heavenly.

It felt amazing when Grimmjow slid the hot mouth over his length, Byakuya promised himself he would return the favour later, he wanted to be able to make Grimmjow feel just as great as he was feeling at the moment. He was aware he was moaning loudly when Grimmjow was taking him deep and moving the head up and down on him sucking his hardness harshly, he was squirming and trashing his arms gave out under him and his back met the sheets just to arch off of it the next moment.

"Mhh haa... G-Grimm... nyahh... I'm gonna... nuu stop..." he was amazed about the sounds he was emitting, too.

Grimmjow pulled back and his hips bucked up as if the air could provide him with the heat and suction Grimmjow's mouth had offered.

The blue eyes met his. "No princess, I want you to relax and finish..."

Stunned Byakuya's eyes watched the man dive back down engulfing his dripping sex to the hilt, he shook his head desperately and grabbed the blue hair trying to pull the hot mouth off of him, he had no clue how ones seed might taste but he was sure it wasn't proper to...release into someone's mouth.

He didn't have a choice though, Grimmjow didn't budge just sucked him harder and deeper, his body refused to obey his brain that said it was wrong. With a scream he convulsed, his hips jerking up and up some more, pushing his shaft deeper in the sinful mouth, he heard Grimmjow swallow but he didn't think on it much right now, his body went limp afterwards including his hands that were fisting the fantastic blue hair all through his orgasm.

This had been the greatest and strongest climax he had ever reached, his hand seemed useless comparing to Grimmjow's mouth, panting he dared to look down his body whimpering faintly when he saw the man licking his softened rod swirling the hot tongue around the tip, dipping into the little slit there, he jerked gasping and his length twitched. Blood seemed to fill his lower regions again or didn't leave them he didn't know, he realised that his body appreciated every single movement and touch coming from the blue haired man.

"It felt...so good..." he mumbled completely sure that it was normal to say it out loud, why shouldn't he? And it did earn him a smile from Grimmjow, when Grimmjow connected their lips again Byakuya opened his mouth wincing when he realised that the strange salty taste must be him.

When they parted Byakuya was already gasping again, hard again, not painfully so but still...

"S-should I... do the same to you?" he asked surprised when after his innocent question Grimmjow growled and dived into the nook of his neck breathing hard in there and stroking the large strong hands down his chest to his abdomen just to sneak it around and beneath him gripping his ass cheek again.

"Some other time princess..." the man growled out lowly and then pushed up and moved removing the pants. Byakuya was staring, he couldn't help it, the body before him was perfect, all muscle and still lean and ... and Grimmjow's... erection was big and... dripping, the tip angry red, Byakuya wanted to touch it, just to wrap his fingers around it and squeeze to feel how hard it was, it looked painfully hard.

Grimmjow was watching him and Byakuya through his daze noticed that the blue orbs looked as if Grimmjow was trying to figure something out. he was about to ask what was wrong but then the perfect body lied over him spreading his legs and settling between them, he felt the hardness press against his own as Grimmjow's soft lips caressed his ear and the manly calloused hand went around him once more cupping his ass just to rub the middle finger on the wrinkled skin between his round globes, Byakuya gasped and squirmed grabbing the broad shoulders. The man growled by his ear and he could only squirm helplessly as he felt the finger breach him slipping inside slightly.

"I want you Byakuya...fuck, I want you so badly..." the man breathed out sounding nearly in pain, the finger pushed deeper and wriggled inside of him while Byakuya was still trying to figure out how it felt. The finger left him and rubbed in circles around the little hole, he was hyperventilating now and squirming till he lift his head slightly finding Grimmjow's ear licking on it lightly just to gather his courage.

His delicate hand moved downwards till he found and grasped Grimmjow length it twitched in his hand and the man above him growled biting gently into his soft neck.

"Ahh... I t-trust you..." was all he managed to get out sliding his nimble fingers over the hot flesh enjoying fully how it caused for Grimmjow to emit low grunts in the back of the throat.

The man pushed himself up on the strong arms making the muscles ripple beautifully under the tanned skin, Byakuya was left breathing heavily and watching his own fingers dance over the large shaft while Grimmjow was sucking on two fingers, Byakuya didn't ask why, he had a hunch.

And he was right, Grimmjow guided the hand with the wetted fingers between his legs nudging on his knee making him spread himself widely, he fidgeted but stayed open widely with his cheeks hot and his breathing ragged, the slick fingers pushed into him at once and Grimmjow took the fleshy part of his ear into the hot mouth suckling it.

It didn't hurt, it felt weird and strange, the stretching of such a place, he was gasping with each move that made the digits sink deeper into his flesh and he shuddered when he felt the last knuckles press against the rim of his opening.

It did burn and he started to wonder will he enjoy it. "K-kiss... me... or get them out!"

Surprisingly Grimmjow chuckled because of his words and then there was hot mouth unto his distracting him while the fingers were pushing into him and out of him in a rhythm he couldn't figure out, then slow then fast, then deep, then shallow, to the sides... he wondered should he ask what was Grimmjow trying to do down there.

They brushed something... he didn't care what exactly, he broke away from the lovely lips on his and arched his body up towards the ceiling pretty much mewling, the pleasure was so intense and burningly amazing, he had to feel more, his hips went wild wriggling and pushing down on the digits into him his nails on Grimmjow's wide shoulders were surely breaking skin, but that was all irrelevant because Grimmjow pressed on that spot again and his shaking body jerked, his jaw fell slack and his eyes closed just to roll back into his head.

Grimmjow was breathing in his face hotly, growling in a satisfied way. Byakuya however whined loudly uncaring if any maids were still around.

"More of that!" he demanded because god damn it, it felt too good!

"Your wish is my command!" the man chuckled out but the fingers did not return, Byakuya blushed when he realised what was going on, Grimmjow was kneeling up spreading his legs widely and aligning the hard rod at his now stretched hole, rubbing the dripping juices all over the length it all made sense to him now and he realised how sex between two males worked.

He...wanted it. He truly wanted the man above him.

Grimmjow was pausing, looking at him questioningly, as if asking does he realise what he's about to do, as if asking can he really do it, the grip of Grimmjow's hands on his delicate hips said that even though Grimmjow was pausing he man really was impatient.

"I want you too..." he said gulping for air when the tip of Grimmjow's erection was rubbed against his twitching pucker somewhat teasingly, but not really since the pressure changed and he tensed feeling his muscles ready to part forcefully.

"Relax, don't tense your body, it will hurt princess, bare with me..."

Byakuya nodded trying to relax, trying to please the man however he could but nonetheless a pained scream-like sob escaped his mouth as he was breached, slowly but steadily till all of Grimmjow was inside of him, stretching him beyond his limits.

His head was moving from side to side and he was crying now, piercing his fingernails through the sheets, Grimmjow's hold on his hips were steely and no matter how hard he tried to wiggle himself out of this he couldn't, he heard Grimmjow trying to shush him, saying some calming nonsense, he couldn't see how this was enjoyable at the moment. The only enjoyable thing about all this was to realise that it was Grimmjow inside of him and that Grimmjow apparently liked it since the man was shaking and looking like he was half in heaven.

He was however thankful when the perfect body above him stilled once seated into his flesh, Byakuya stopped squirming not wanting to feel more pain.

A rough hand gently wiped the tears away from his cheeks and the blue eyes looked at him sympathetically before the blue haired man laid over him supporting the weight above him on the hands pressed into the sheets, the kiss made it better, he accepted and welcomed it sobbing just slightly into it.

"It will get better princess, I'm sorry... it's so painful only the first time..."

"Y-you didn't...warn me.." he choked out accusingly but his hands found themselves tangling into blue hair affectionately while Grimmjow was planting soft kisses over his cheeks and jaw line. The soothing touches made him relax his body, the pain went away, Grimmjow must have felt it too because the man moved pulling out just a tiny bit just to push right back in even deeper it seemed.

"Ah...G-Grimm... it's so...w-weird..." he gasped out.

Grimmjow was chuckling in a somewhat choking kind of way. "You're p-pleasingly talkative, princess..." the man finished his speech with a harder thrust into him and he gasped loudly, surprised when his hips bucked up to get more even though it wasn't all that painless, it somehow felt... good. And just for the record he loved the strained voice of Grimmjow, the man sounded so pleasured and the low groans made him ecstatic.

He found himself moaning and bucking up with each slow thrust, he wanted to ask Grimmjow to go faster but he figured it wasn't entirely... proper behaviour, although he had never read anything about proper behaviour while having sex, he figured there wasn't any... he wasn't that dumb he figured people were what they were in these kind of situations, there was no pretending... and he seemed to be... demanding.

"Do it faster..." embarrassed but demanding nonetheless.

"Ah princess, like it now?" Grimmjow was teasing him he was sure but still Grimmjow's moves got faster and suddenly Grimmjow was kneeling up all the way grabbing hold of his hips lifting his backside off the sheets entirely, his eyes bulged when his slender legs were perched on Grimmjow's muscled arms keeping him wide open, he was ready to die of shame when the blue eyes were looking down between them, he could only imagine the sight... before he could protest Grimmjow snapped the hips forward harder than he anticipated and it got only harder as he was pulled towards the man by the strong hands... the sudden feeling surprised him, he screamed towards the ceiling.

"Grimmjow!" his body convulsed and he felt his hips roll trying to feel more, it worked he could feel the tip of Grimmjow's hardness rub on something that simply sent him to heaven making his own erection leak out his juices he could feel them slide down his sacks and wet the shaft now gliding and pushing into him hard and relentlessly while he was mewling and moaning with Grimmjow growling out his name every so often.

"Oh my... I'm dying...so good... too good...G-Grimm-jow..." he was sure this was bliss, he was feeling Grimmjow so deep and it made him ecstatic, the hard and almost brutal slamming into his tightness was mind-blowing and he felt his drool slide down his cheeks, he thought about wiping it but that was a passing thought. He was busier trying to concentrate on the feelings in his lower regions and on the sight of Grimmjow moving into him, the hard abdominal muscles rippling under the mildly golden skin, the shiny drops of sweat rolling down Grimmjow's face and the broad chest...

Grimmjow was his new god...

The sounds of their skin slapping together drove him crazy, the sound of Grimmjow's and his own ragged breaths, his screams, Grimmjow's growls... the squishy sounds coming from their joining point... it was all too much and not enough...yet just... too much for him...

He yelped and then screamed hitting the highest spot of his pleasure, his milky substance spurted out of him landing on his stomach and chest as he writhed and jerked, his slender legs twitching and spreading even wider his hands tearing the sheets mercilessly his back arching upwards... just one word.


"Mhh Byaku-ya... beautiful..." Grimmjow breathed out smearing his creamy seed onto his abdomen with a palm as the thrusts got slower yet deeper, Byakuya felt the hotness filling him and he could see Grimmjow's eyes shut the handsome face scrunched up in pleasure.

Their movements died down and his backside met the sheets again as Grimmjow shifted and fell on his side putting the hand that wasn't covered in his juices on his cheek lightly.

"You're amazing princess...and you're kind of mine now..."

Byakuya laying on his back tried to regain normal breathing listening to Grimmjow's ragged breaths, he found the energy to roll on his side and put his sweaty head on a tanned shoulder loving their mixed scent.

He knew he loved the man, he was sure of it and he also knew that this was his greatest experience so far... and it made him sad... it pained him...

Because he knew it was not meant to be.


The next day he was sitting by the huge dinner table nibbling on his lunch, he had woken up still snuggled up in strong arms... he had had a bath together with Grimmjow... but he was still somewhat sad, and he suspected that Grimmjow had noticed, at least the worried and almost scared glances he received from the man said him so...

The maids were looking at him funnily, but he ignored it... the blue eyes looking at him worried and hungry at the same time, he couldn't ignore...

He excused himself wanting to disappear in his room to mull things over once more but he was caught in the hallway and Grimmjow's body was pressed against his while his back was pressed against a wall, Grimmjow kissed him, strongly and demandingly as if to see if he's going to push him away, as if Byakuya could even think about it. The blue eyes scrutinized him when the kiss ended.

"You have regrets, don't you?"

Instantly he shook his head in denial, he definitely didn't have regrets.

"No! It was...amazing and... and I..." tears were forming in his eyes but he ignored them diving into Grimmjow's neck, pressing his face in the safe haven and grabbed on Grimmjow's shoulders. "I think I'm falling in love and... I mean... you will leave and... its... my father would never understand, he would never let me..."

"Shush princess, stop for a while and take a deep breath..." Grimmjow whispered stroking his arms up and down and then brushed his black hair lovingly. "First of all... I want you to know that I'm damn sure I'm in love with you..." he was pulled back and his lips were kissed softly, Grimmjow's hands cupped his cheeks making him look into the bright blue eyes with his teary ones.

"I will leave here but I will take you with me, sure you want to visit my homeland don't you princess?" Grimmjow asked with a smile and Byakuya gasped unbelieving but then he shook his head.

"My father will never ever allow anything of the sort and he will definitely kill me for... loving a man." this time Grimmjow was shaking the head in denial and Byakuya wondered how the man can smirk at the time like this. "He wont Byakuya, he will understand... trust me... what kind of connection you think you're father has with mine..."

Byakuya's jaw dropped nearly hitting the floor..."No...way!"


"Oh...my god..."


"Terribly so..."

"That's why you were kept out... you're father was scared of the same reasons you are now, he was scared you might think bad of him, even hate him for it... he has always been close to my father and they always kept visiting each other, when I stumbled on them the last time you're father visited they had to come clean before me and they did... my father too was scared of me hating him, they are old fools like that."

Byakuya was still gapping his mouth in mild horror. "I can't believe it..."

"Ah you better believe it... so what do you say, will you come with me to my future kingdom when your father will return, we can stay there for like two months and then come back here again while your father goes to visit mine again... everyone would be pleased."

Byakuya blushed because of the thought to constantly be with Grimmjow sounded like some kind of dream. "Why can't you and you're father just move to here..." he asked quietly moving his index finger over Grimmjow's bluish eyebrow feathery. His new found soul mate grinned.

"You're not listening, princess...I can't move to here... you can move to me but I can't move to here... I have a kingdom to take care of someday..."

Byakuya was staring dumbly. "Y-Y...you..."

"Yeah I'm a prince why else I would call you princess, you're my princess..." Grimmjow finished with a cute chuckle nuzzling into his neck.

"Why didn't you tell me? And you know I am a man!"

"What does it matter... and I know you're a man... I mean... I know!"

"I don't even realise half of what you're trying to say right now..."

"All I'm saying is that you're mine and whatever happens I'm yours and there is no way I will let you go even if it causes war... I don't care..."


"Yes princess?"

"When you become a king... please don't call me 'queen'!"


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