Forever. What an awful word; a cruel word; used too often and meaning too little. Everyone promises "forever" and they are all lying. No-one lives forever; no-one can love a single person forever. People change and feelings change. What once was could change in a heartbeat; the man who promised to stand by your side "forever" could disappear as if he never was.

Mimi Force stared at the book in her hand but she didn't see it. She was staring at a place far away; far beyond the room she was seated in. But the place she saw was not ahead. It was behind. The past; a time that is no more. Jack had left her months ago and yet she still missed him. The anger she had felt was gone; it had ebbed away a long time ago and was now replaced by a yearning for the man who had so cruelly rejected her. Who would ever have thought that Abbadon would leave his Azrael and claim he had never loved her? Who would ever have thought that her Abbadon would hurt her so badly? He had done many terrible things to her in the past; some might say unforgiveable things but this was a step too far.

Azrael had reached her limit. And yet, she found she still loved him, no matter how much she wanted to hate him. And that was why she was so sad; she loved him and he no longer felt the same way about her. He had shattered her heart and crushed her soul. Maybe forever. Upon realising this she had locked herself in her room for three days. And for three days she had sobbed in private. She would never let anyone see her weakness; never let anyone witness her tearstained cheeks and puffy eyes for she was Mimi Force; she was Azrael, Angel of Death. And she was not weak.

On the fourth day she had left her room leaving her heartache behind her. And she hadn't cried since. She would battle her grief in silence; she would mask her true feelings of hurt and confusion and most importantly she would carry on her life as though none of this had affected her. On the outside she was cool, calm and collected but on the inside she was screaming. Because for the first time in her spoiled, pampered life Madeleine Alexis Force had to think of someone other than herself. The Committee needed her; they needed her guidance and she had to be a good Regent for them in the absence of their Regis, her father, Charles Force. But the truth was she herself needed guidance and the one person in the world she trusted enough to give it was gone; the one person to whom she could admit she needed guidance was gone. She fell asleep at night with a heaviness in her heart and an unrealistic hope that tomorrow would be better. She awoke in the morning and instinctively felt for Jack but he wasn't there and he never would be again.