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Part two takes place after the end of episode 5.

Mako tossed and turned in his small bed. He couldn't sleep. The past several days had been something else. The Fire Ferrets' first match in the tournament couldn't have gone more smoothly. It had been such a great match, and the three of them had worked so well together. It had been fantastic to have Korra around for practices, and to see her smiling face each day...

With an audible groan Mako rolled over and pushed his sheets onto the floor with his feet. He couldn't believe that he still couldn't get Korra out of his mind, and he felt that he never would. Korra had been amazing, and that didn't even cover it all.

When Bolin had gone missing Korra had insisted on helping him. It had surprised Mako at first, but then he had realized that as the Avatar it was sort of Korra's duty to do things like rescue people. Plus, they were a team, after all. He doubted Korra had wanted to lose the chance at being a pro-bender. Mako had enjoyed his time with Korra searching for his little brother, as stressful as the situation had been.

He had been nervous when the two of them had woken up so close together during their search, but it had also felt nice to be close to her. Korra had been amazing in rescuing Bolin, even though Mako had been a tad impatient. He had been worried about his brother's safety, after all. But like she always seemed to, Korra had pulled through.

Mako reached for his scarf that hung over the chair next to his bed. He held it up over his face and sighed. He had leant it to Korra the night they rescued Bolin to help hide her identity at the rally. Mako hadn't told Korra it was the only thing he had left of his father, he hadn't told her how much it meant to him, and he hadn't told her that he didn't allow just anyone to touch it. For a few days afterwards it had smelled like her. That powerful smell of fresh rain mixed with earth and smoke. Mako knew he couldn't really deny that he had been a tad disappointed when the smell faded.

He gently placed the scarf back on the chair and leaned his head back on his pillow and held his head in his hands. Mako was upset with himself. He was dating Asami. He liked Asami. She was sweet, gentle and kind. Asami was special, and not because she was rich or beautiful. He admitted to himself those last two were very true, but there was more to her that he liked. It frustrated Mako to no end that he had what was most likely the perfect girlfriend and he couldn't stop thinking about another girl!

But Korra wasn't just another girl. She was his teammate, his friend, and the Avatar. Mako knew dating a teammate was a bad idea; he had even told Bolin that just the other day. Even with that knowledge Mako knew that Korra being the Avatar was one of the larger reasons he had tried to keep himself away from her emotionally. That, and Bolin's feelings for her, of course.

Being the Avatar was so different than being rich like Asami. Asami didn't belong to Tarrlok's task force. Asami didn't have to attend "yuan-bending" practice. Other than the fact that Asami could afford to take Mako to nice places on dates and help out the Fire Ferrets, she was a normal girl. Korra was anything but normal. How would the Avatar have time for someone like him? She'd barely been able to make time for the team! As the Avatar, Korra could never really be his. She belonged to the world, and had duties to its people.

Mako grunted, fully annoyed at himself. Korra liked him. She liked him. By the spirits she thought they were meant for each other! How was a guy supposed to ignore that? Mako could still barely believe that Korra returned his feelings for her, let alone that she might even like him more than he liked her. He had been such a jerk, a total idiot, when they had met. He thought he'd made every mistake possible, sure she'd resent him. What in the four nations had he done right to get the Avatar to like him?

Had he given up on the possibility that Korra might actually like him too early? Mako knew that wasn't true. Bolin deserved a chance with her first, and how could Mako say no to a wonderful girl like Asami to just wait around and hope Korra liked him and not his brother.

Asami. Mako needed to think about Asami. She was his girlfriend and he liked spending time with her. Asami had such beautiful and delicate features. The way her long black hair moved with her and in the wind was amazing. Asami was always cheerful, always smiling. She was like a breath of fresh air to Mako. And the way she smelled. Mako sighed. He enjoyed being close to Asami, to breathe in her scent and not feel like a creep for doing so. Asami smelled liked freshly washed linen that had been dried out in the sun, with a little engine grease layered underneath from being around her father's factory. It was such a light, airy and sunny scent, with subtle strength. It fit Asami perfectly.

She had a fantastic figure that all of her clothes, even the heavier ones she wore when Asami rode her moped, couldn't possibly hide. And the dress Asami had worn to the gala? Wow. Just, wow.

Mako was starting to relax now, and he grinned like a goofball at the ceiling. She was gorgeous in red. It was the perfect color for her. He delighted in the way it made her green eyes stand out. Asami was simply beautiful, stunning even.

Mako felt himself begin to grow hard. Asami was a classy dresser, and he adored that about her, but as a guy Mako still wanted to see more of her. He had been a little disappointed that Asami's gala dress had covered her shoulders. The dress Asami had worn on their first date had shown off her shoulders, and Mako thought they looked amazing. He had wanted to wrap his arm around her shoulders, to touch her bare skin, but that would have been too forward for a first date.

Mako began to touch himself through his shorts as he let his mind drift about thoughts regarding the gala. It had been a lot of fun that night, especially since Mako had really been able to introduce Asami to Bolin and Korra. Like Asami, Korra had looked fantastic that night. Mako loved seeing Korra's bare shoulders, and it seemed like Korra loved showing them off just as much. As simple as the dress Korra had worn to the gala was, it was a perfect fit for her. She made such a contrast to Asami .

Shit. Mako had hoped that he could keep his thoughts on Asami tonight. Of all nights Mako needed to stay focused on Asami. On his girlfriend. But as usual, Korra kept barging into his life. His thoughts rushed back to the night Korra confessed her feelings to him. His heart had skipped a beat when she had told him. And then he had lied. Mako had told Korra he didn't feel the same way about her.

He groaned in frustration as he went limp. All Mako had wanted to do was enjoy himself while thinking about Asami. But now all he could think about was Korra and why everything with her always went wrong. Everything he did with Asami was perfect. He didn't constantly slip up around her; he had even managed to prevent himself from being a total jerk to Asami when they first met. They didn't argue, and they didn't butt heads and try to one up each other like he and Korra did. Being with Asami was so much easier. He never had to fumble for lies and compliments to Asami.

Korra was as frustrating as she was beautiful. She challenged his self control so much. It had irritated him to no end when, that very night, Bolin asked Korra out. And she accepted! Just moments before, she had confessed to him, and she had the audacity to go out with his brother? And why, of all nights, had Bolin choosen right then to ask Korra out?

Mako flipped over on his stomach and punched his pillow with his fist. Bolin had so many previous chances to ask Korra out, but his brother had to choose that night. Why couldn't he have asked Korra out sooner? Then maybe Korra would be dating Bolin and Mako wouldn't be thinking about a woman he wasn't dating. It pissed Mako off even more that Korra would just confess, and then immediately accept an offer to go out with another guy when she had been turned down. The last thing Mako had wanted was for Bolin to get tangled into this mess Korra seemed determined to make. As much as it irritated Mako that his brother had asked out a girl that he liked too, he was still concerned with Bolin's feelings.

Mako had always been there to protect his little brother, and it turned out that love wasn't something Mako would be able to protect him from. The following night Mako had confronted Korra about her messing with Bolin's feelings just to get back at him for turning her down. And of course Korra just had to hit a nerve and accuse him of being jealous. So he had been a bit jealous, but he had been seriously concerned about Bolin.

Then Korra punched Mako in the gut. She had accused Mako of thinking about her whenever he was with Asami. And she had been right. Every date, anywhere they went together, Korra had always been in the back of Mako's mind. The night he and Asami went on a carriage ride through the park Mako had wished that it was Korra saying she felt safe with him. Just how did Korra know? Just how did she see through him and his lies?

Their game following that confrontation had been abysmal. Mako had not been able to concentrate because he was so mad, and clearly Korra couldn't concentrate either. This was why it was bad to date a teammate. Thankfully, Bolin had come through to save the day and the Fire Ferrets had won their match. Everything would have been fine if Mako had been able to let things go. But no, Mako had to follow Korra out of the arena after they had changed out of their uniforms.

Mako rolled onto his back and sighed heavily. He just hadn't been able to live with his lie to Korra about liking her. And he just had to be stupid and tell Korra he really did like her. He had gone and confessed that while she drove him wolfbat-shit crazy he found her positively amazing.

Korra's reaction had been beyond Mako's expectations. He had tried to explain to the beautiful Avatar that even though he returned her feelings, he was confused about the feelings he had for her and Asami. Instead of letting him finish, Korra had kissed him. She kissed him. Korra had made the first move and had literally thrown herself at him.

Now Mako knew Asami had no chance of being the focus of his thoughts for the remainder of the night. His kiss with Korra was something Mako would never forget. He had been completely stunned at first, but his basic instincts gave in. Though their kiss had lasted only a few seconds, it had felt like an eternity. A blissful, heavenly eternity.

Korra's lips tasted like leechi juice. Mako hadn't been expecting Korra to taste so sweet, and it had thrilled him. His world could have ended right then and there and Mako would have been fine with that. Korra's kiss had been intense, passionate, and forceful. Exactly how she was on a daily basis. It had been wonderful and Mako hadn't wanted it to end.

Of course, it had ended, and things had only gotten worse. Mako was determined to not let his thoughts derail any further. He and Bolin had already dealt with the aftermath of his kissing Korra and Mako didn't need to rehash it tonight. What Mako wanted right now was to enjoy himself while thinking about the most amazing girl in all of Republic City and to get a restful night's sleep. The Fire Ferrets had made their way to the finals, and again it had been thanks to Korra.

Everything in Mako's world seemed to end up at Korra. Already he longed for another chance to kiss her. To be the one that made the first move in another kiss. To do to her what she had done to him. How surprised, how happy would Korra be if Mako cut her off and kissed her passionately?

Mako could see it in his mind. They would be back on the balcony at the arena where they shared their first kiss. It would be after they had trounced the Wolfbats in the final and won the championship. Korra would be talking excitedly, dancing around in sheer happiness. Mako would then grab Korra by the shoulders, gently shove her against one of the golden pillars of the balcony and kiss her. He would kiss her hard.

He groaned, now completely lost in his thoughts of Korra. Passion and lust filled his mind, and sent his blood rushing. Mako was becoming hard again.

In his thoughts Mako kept Korra pinned to the pillar. Not that she would be resisting him, of course. No, Korra would throw her arms around him and hold him tight. He grabbed onto her left leg and wrapped it around his hips. Mako thrust his hips against her, letting Korra feel how hard he was. He wanted her so badly, and he wanted her to know it.

Korra moaned against his lips when they pulled away to take a breath. She had that cute and adorable blush of hers written all over her face. Seeing Korra looking so sweet, so vulnerable and beautiful just made Mako want her even more. He wanted to hold her, to touch her, to never let Korra go ever again.

Korra looked up at him, her gorgeous blue eyes shimmering. She wanted him just as much. Knowing that made Mako's heart pound through his chest. There was a soft whisper of "Please," and Mako didn't know which of them had said it.

Mako's imagination skipped forward and he and Korra were in his bed. Mako rubbed his erection through the cloth of his shorts as he imagined that it was Korra touching him. In his mind they continued to kiss as they lay on the bed while Korra's hand ran up and down his covered member. Korra was wearing only her blue shirt and panties. Her parka and pants were in a messy pile on the floor, tangled with Mako's own clothing. He was more undressed than Korra, being only in his shorts, but he intended to change that little detail soon.

Korra was partially on top of Mako and in a swift motion he pushed her over so that now he was on top. He grinned confidently at her and Korra responded with that lovely blush of hers. Mako loved how strong and confident Korra was, but he loved even more that underneath all that she was still a woman. Her blush only increased his desire for her and Mako showed Korra by pressing his erection against her inner thigh.

Mako moaned softly as he touched himself in bed. He wished that Korra was actually in bed with him, but the beautiful figment of his imagination would have to do for now. Mako freed his aching erection from his shorts, and his hand glided up and down his shaft with increasing speed.

He returned to the dream that his body longed to be real. Mako tugged at the hem of Korra's shirt and slowly began to expose her abdomen. As much as he wanted to tear every piece of fabric off of the panting Avatar, Mako also wanted to make her feel good. He wanted Korra to never think of any man but him whenever her thoughts became erotic. He wanted Korra to know that Mako could satisfy her every need.

When enough of her skin had been exposed Mako bent his head down and began to leave soft kisses on Korra's lower abdomen. Korra let out a sweet moan as her breath hitched in her throat. The thought that Mako was the only one to touch Korra like this thrilled him. Inch by slow inch Mako pushed her shirt upwards with his mouth not far behind. Soon he reached the underside of her breasts which were still covered by her wrappings.

Mako went ahead and tugged her shirt the rest of the way off. Korra raised her arms to accommodate his wishes without objection. With his hands no longer occupied with her shirt they moved to Korra's covered breasts. He began to gently fondle her as Mako brought his lips to Korra's and kissed her tenderly. Korra moaned into his kiss and arched her back off of the bed. Mako took advantage of the opportunity and he began to free her breasts from their bondage.

He tossed the fabric onto the floor with the rest of their clothes. Korra turned her eyes away from Mako as her blush crept down to her chest. Without any hesitation Mako brought a nipple into his mouth while one of his hands caressed her other breast. The sound that came from Korra's throat sent shivers down his spine. Korra's hands were soon in his hair as Mako continued to tease her nipples with his tongue and fingers.

It was getting harder for Mako to control himself, both in his dream world and reality. His body needed Korra. Mako pulled away from worshipping her breasts and was pleased that Korra groaned in disappointment. She wouldn't feel let down for long; Mako wasn't finished. He moved down her body, kissing her abdomen again along the way. Then, finally, he reached her panties.

Mako gently kissed the inside of both her thighs before he tucked his fingers into the waistband of her panties. The moment he had been waiting for grew ever closer as Mako teased Korra by slowly taking her panties off of her lovely body. As her panties floated to the floor after being tossed away, Mako took the time to drink in every last inch of Korra's body. She was fit, gorgeous and beautiful. The definition of her muscles seemed to only add to her femininity; softness and strength in perfect balance.

Not inclined to keep Korra waiting, Mako delicately slipped a single finger between her folds. By the spirits, she was so wet. He smiled to himself and the grin grew as he heard Korra whimper in pleasure. Mako began to rub her clit with his finger. Korra writhed underneath him and her moans grew louder.

"Mako. I need you." Korra's voice was husky, her need was plain. Mako let out his own groan of desire. Who was he to deny the Avatar what she wanted? He wasted no time in removing his shorts and Mako didn't care where they ended up.

In his dream world Mako entered her warmth slowly. The thought alone nearly made Mako reach his orgasm. His hand pumped his hard throbbing member furiously now. Mako craved release but he also wanted to spend a few more moments with his fantasy.

Korra wrapped her arms tightly around him and held him to her. Her mouth was open and she was panting. With no word from Korra that she wanted him to wait, Mako began to thrust in and out of her. Korra gasped audibly. She felt so wonderful. She was warm, wet, and tight. So blessedly tight around his member. His pace quickened and the two benders were moaning in unison.

He kissed Korra passionately as they made love. She drove him crazy but it only made Mako want her more.

Mako felt the beginning of his orgasm peak. He could hold back no longer. Mako bit down on his lower lip to prevent himself from crying out loud as he came. As the last ripples of pleasure washed over him, Mako's mind was nothing but haze. He felt content for the first time in days. Now Mako could sleep, and Korra would be a welcomed sight in his dreams.