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The corridor was as silent as ever. Only the sound of people walking was heard. They were minding their own business as they were busy all day long. This kind of place is a certain person's ideal environment.

A blonde haired teen with bangs covering the half of his face was waiting in front of a brown gate. His face was plastered with an eerie grin. Although the people around here were busy, but they are still humans. They will have emotions such as love, jealousy and curiosity.

The blonde had been waiting there for 30 minutes. The neighbor of the 'brown gate' would have been curious and questioned the blonde immediately but as she saw his terrifying grin, her curiosity broke down immediately. It was the first time she ignored someone. This proves that the blonde's assassinate side was also shown on the outside of him and not only in the inside.

After a while, vibrations of grumpy footsteps were sent to the blonde's ear which passes through his ear canal and to his eardrum and so on. The blonde turned his head around and widen his grin when he saw the silverette.

"Ushishishishi~ You're slow, bomb-boy~" Belphagor complained.

Gokudera frowned and glared at the blonde with the mischievous grin. "What are you doing here, knife-freak?" The silverette asked in annoyance as he walked pass the blonde and got out his keys.

"Shishi~ Why?" Bel tilted his head and smirked widely. "Looking for you, that's what."

Gokudera ignored Bel as he rolled his eyes and unlocked the gate.

"Why?" He walked in the gate and took off his shoes. After that, he turned to the blonde. "Scratch that, I don't want to know." He went in the door and glanced at Bel whom was standing behind him. "Now get lost."

Gokudera intended to slam the door at Bel's face but Bel has quicker reflex and held the side of the door firmly.

"But I don't want to~" Bel purred slightly through the small gap that showed the widen eyes of Gokudera as he was shocked. Bel chuckled teasingly and swung the door open.

"W-What do you think you're doing?" Gokudera backed away slightly but that just gave Bel the opportunity to get in.

"Ushishishi~ What?" Bel kept moving towards Gokudera as he was backing away. Bel locked the door behind him when they were finally in the house.

"Shishishi~" Bel's grin widen when he saw how terrified Gokudera was. He loves it when his prey looked like that. Unfortunately, Gokudera was not his prey, he was the prince's "toy". And that made Bel excited.

Bel grabbed Gokudera's wrist to prevent him from escaping. He then leaned forward to shorten their distance. Gokudera blushed and half-lidded his eyes, savoring Bel's hot breath on his lips.

Their lips were just 3 millimeters away. Gokudera closed his eyes, hoping that the blonde in front of him would give him a kiss.

"Ushishishi~" Bel smirked wider and pulled away. "You're not honest at all, Hayato~" Bel flicked Gokudera's forehead before walking to his couch and sat on it, leaving a dumbstruck-ed Gokudera in the middle of the living room.

Gokudera's face turned crimson red and threw the currently grinning blonde a good old glare. Being as childish as ever, Gokudera stomped off to his bedroom and slammed the door shut. Bel can't help but burst into his signature laughter.

"I HATE YOU BELPHAGOR!" Gokudera shouted from his room and flopped down onto his bed. His face was pressed on the mattress to hide his tomato-colored cheeks. The honesty of Gokudera once again cracked the blonde up.

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