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The crickets chirped happily in the night sky. The grasses danced along as the wind blew. A blonde was seen sleeping on a couch. His lips parted slightly as his chest rose and fell along with his breathing pace.

The doorknob twisted slightly as the door creaked. Gokudera came out of his room after he had cooled down his heart. He saw the blonde resting peacefully on his couch as he felt the heat on his cheeks. He turned away and went straight into the kitchen.

Gokudera was thirsty for cursing at the blonde the whole time in his room. He used up all his saliva so he decided to moisten his mouth again by drinking some water. Gokudera then walked out the kitchen with a cold beverage on his hand.

Gokudera took a sip of it and glanced at the blonde through the corner of his eyes. Bel was sleeping soundly on his black leather-ed couch. He fidgeted as he moved towards him.

"Cute..." Gokudera can't help but spoke out what his mind was thinking. Bel's usual grin had disappeared as it was replaced by an innocent and adorable posture. Gokudera sat down beside the prince and tilted his head to get a better look at his figure.

Although the half of his face was covered by his bangs, but the bomber liked that unique hairstyle of his. Gokudera gently caressed his face as his fingers trailed off to his lips. Bel's face was smooth and fair as his lips were soft and sexy. Gokudera stroked the blonde's bangs and leaned closer to have a taste of Bel's soft lips. But by the time their lips were just millimeters apart. Bel's eerie grin too over his face.

"A-Aren't you asleep?" Gokudera's eye widen and backed away from Bel's face.

"Ushishishishi~ Yes I am~" Bel leaned closer and grabbed Gokudera's arm to pull them nearer. "Till I felt your needy pants on my lips." Bel whispered into Gokudera's ear as his hand trailed off to his waist.

"That's..." Gokudera's face flushed as he pretended to take a sip of water to hide his reddish cheeks.

Bel smirked and licked his earlobe hungrily. Gokudera's moans was music to the prince's ears.

"Ne Hayato~ I'm thirsty~" Bel purred in a sexy voice and bit Gokudera's ear harshly before nibbling it.

"Nn... S-So..?" Gokudera panted softly and eyed the blonde suspiciously. Knowing Bel for quite a time, Gokudera knew that he's planning something bad.

"So? Feed me~" Bel rested on Gokudera's shoulder and behaved like a child would.

Gokudera felt embarrassed and turned away. "Ne~ Come one~ Ha~ya~to~" Bel pouted and whined softly. The pianist could not resist the blonde's cuteness and gave in.

"Fine..." Gokudera sighed in defeat and took a sip of water in his mouth, not swallowing it. Bel smirked and waited for the silverette to take his action. Gokudera hesitated for a while before tilting Bel's chin slightly. He half-lidded his eyes and leaned down to give the older man in front of him a kiss.

Bel smirked into the kiss and presses the back of Gokudera's head to deepen the kiss. Gokudera tilted his head to have a better access into Bel's mouth. Bel took the chance to slip his tongue into Gokudera's and explored every inch of it. Gokudera moaned as he fought back. Their tongue soon started a battle of dominance.

After a few minutes of tongue battling, they parted for oxygen. Both of them panted hardly as Bel's hand started to slid under Gokudera's shirt. The half Italian jolted slightly and shivered.

"Ushishishi~" Bel smirked wider when he saw Gokudera's pants tightens. "It's only a kiss and you're hard~" Bel leaned in and whispered on Gokudera's lips as he rocked his hips against the other's, earning a very sexy moan from his partner. "You're so greedy~" Bel teased and pinched his nipple softly.

Gokudera realized what they had done as he felt embarrassed about it. He quickly stood up and decided to escape into his room but Bel got ahead of him. He grabbed Gokudera's arm and turned him around.

"Where do you think you're going?~" Bel tilted his head and seduced the silverette with a deep and husky voice which seemed to work like a charm. "You're still hard you know?" He chuckled and eyed the bulge on Gokudera's pants.

Gokudera's cheeks turned red and scowled at the blonde. "I hate you." Gokudera said it calmly but with a growl in his tune. But since Belphagor, a self-proclaimed prince, never takes people seriously.

"Ushishishi~" Bel pulled Gokudera forcefully and due to the force, Gokudera was now resting on the prince's chest. Bel tilted Gokudera's chin to look at him. "I love you too bomb-boy~" Bel leaned in and gave Gokudera a once in a life time kiss that was filled with love and care.

This kiss showed that,

If Gokudera Hayato was caught hanging out with someone and they were very close, he would get jealous.

If Gokudera Hayato, by any chance, barged into the Varia meeting room to just take a look at him, he would be very happy.

If Gokudera Hayato got hurt or dies, he would torture the one who did that to his beloved Hayato. Not with the sadistic face of his but with a serious and hurt expression.

Even though Gokudera doesn't know what Bel was thinking when he kissed him but he felt that this kiss is a determined and confirmed one. Not the ones that Bel gave him at the first time, sloppy and it's just for pure entertainment. Gokudera wrapped his arms around the blonde's neck and tangled his fingers into the soft hair of Bel.

Both of them can't help but decided to savor this kiss.

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