Alright guys, it's been a while and I've been a real douchebag, not uploading for the past five months. But then again, I'm a lazy motherfucker who's the definition of tact, so let's get this started shall we?

Even though I haven't been uploading any, I have been making new stories; just some of them don't seem like something I would put my name on. Basically I've been just making huge outlines of whole crossovers, like 10,000 words a piece and it will basically summarize what is going to be in the story, IF I decide to write it completely. Now, I will never upload any of those due to the fact that they aren't in the format I like to write in. Mutilating a twelve episode series in eight to ten thousand words is not something pretty.

So what am I going to write right now?


Let's just see where this goes, and maybe I can create a proper story!

Uzumaki Naruto: age sixteen, Konohagakure Genin, Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi no Yoko, and lover of ramen. You see, this boy, Naruto, he never had a prosperous life. Nay, you could say it was the stark opposite. Being a Jinchuuriki-demon container- came with many problems and challenges, which one had to deal with.

One being the mass majority of the world's population not understanding the prospects of Fūinjutsu. Two, the massive influx of chakra-combination of spiritual and physical energy-the Jinchuuriki possessed, which made their control over it next to none. Finally, three: all the crazy shit that only seems to happen to them. Many things that don't seem physically or even rationally possible happen to Jinchuuriki on a daily basis. While most of these 'things' aren't all too dangerous, some can just plain out defy all laws of logic.

Such as random people screaming death threats at you, while you haven't met them prior to their appearance. Even some spontaneous catalyst which causes a rip in the 'dimensional fabric', and could suck the Jinchuuriki in… Well maybe that last one doesn't happen-that much-however it was happening to the Jinchuuriki of subject: Uzumaki Naruto.

The blonde Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi no Yoko has grown throughout the years and that much can be said with confidence. Starting as a greenhorn Genin four years ago, Naruto had little to no skills, besides his massive amount of stamina, chakra, and impressive stealth.

In the four years that have passed since his introduction of the Shinobi program, Naruto had accomplished many things.

Aiding in the defeat of Zabuza Momochi, one of the former seven swordsmen of Kiri,

Defeating Gaara, the Jinchuuriki of the Shukaku, halting the invasion of Suna and Oto on Konoha.

Learning the infamous technique of the Yondaime Hokage- the Rasengan,

Becoming the apprentice of the Gama Sennin: Jiraiya.

Injuring the Hebi Sennin Orochimaru, on multiple occasions.

Defeating Nagato-or Pein-when he attempted to destroy Konoha.

Obtaining the title of Sage.

Gaining control of the Kyuubi's chakra on multiple different levels, and so much more.

However, despite all of his accomplishments, Uzumaki Naruto was no different than anyone else in his situation. It turns out; Naruto had improved his own chakra level by leaps in bounds since his whole career started. If anything, the blonde Uzumaki had more chakra than the Hachibi and its Jinchuuriki-which already is massive-put together.

Most people would just think 'Well, Okayyy, he just has a shit load of chakra, no big deal.' No, it turns out the combined amount of chakra between Naruto and Kyuubi, had already surpassed the amount the original tailed being had. Breaking it down into simple analogy, having that much chakra, is like surpassing the speed of light. It is a level that is not meant to be surpassed. It is the max limit that can't be matched, period. However, when this happens, incalculable events are basically given the right to happen.

Which brings us back to the whole 'dimensional fabric' matter. Once Uzumaki Naruto reached this level-roughly when he achieved the nine tails mode-his bare presence was ripping a hole in the 'fabric'. He was a ticking time bomb waiting to explode, per se.

So when Uzumaki Naruto was finally confronted with a fight he had to give his all, the hole was basically turned into a dimensional fold and sucked the blonde in. When the boy was completely gone, the departure of such a massive amount of energy from the dimension caused it to collapse.

Unintentionally, Uzumaki Naruto became the only survivor of his home dimension… and the catalyst to its demise.

Oh god, I like it!

I didn't even know I had this in me. About two days ago, I was sitting in my American History class, and I was thinking about how people started Crossover stories. It's the same shit over and over, either it has something to do with death, Doujutsu, some higher being, or is just plain out unexplained!

I myself like the idea of the dimensional 'border hopping' idea. As explained in my prologue, it's basically just a massive influx-or removal-of energy/chakra/Yoki/etc. which causes a rip in the matter separating the different dimensions. Now, the first chapter won't be out for a few days because I really need to get my head back into Sekirei.

I believe you must have equal knowledge or experience in both areas if you're combining something…or I could just have Wiki open? Oh wait, I already do. :D

Maelstrom - Claymore out.

Time started: 4/19/12 7:30 p.m.-8:15 pm

Time finished: 4/20/12 4:20 a.m.-5:05 am

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