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With the battles against the Disciplinary Squad long passed, all the inhabitants of Maison Izumo were abnormally cheerful. It seemed that the lack of MBI in the air and the fact that everyone was alive gave everyone a boost in morale, one more so than anyone else. In the days passing Shigi's escape, Uzumaki Naruto had become a spreader of joy and fun. Someone could say Naruto was too happy; his personality simply didn't coincide with how he was acting. And, it would seem, that was absolutely correct.

Naruto happily lounged on the grass in the courtyard of Maison Izumo; he was currently donning a smile that could blind a thousand suns. A notebook, which looked as if it had seen better days, rested in his hands, its flap flipped open showing everything that it contained. Inscribed in the water bled paper were a series of plans, amusingly, they looked as if they were concocted by a drunkard. Truth was: they were. Naruto chuckled as he skimmed through the next page that had…schematics…to what appeared to be a new jutsu?

He really couldn't remember jack after he got hammered.

It was because of his notepad that he remembered a key problem he had with the MBI: Akitsu's dormant conscious. While that was a problem, there were many ways he could go about approaching it. The most preferable option would be to march up to Minaka's HQ, beat the living shit out of him for the answers, and/or kill him then just to save the trouble. Minaka was a very sleazy man, and with him gone he could end the whole entire Sekirei plan in one go. But there was another route he could choose to get his answers; a pleasantly-slightly less violent- and enjoyable approach

'Oh, option number-two it is.' Snapping the notepad to a close, Naruto stood up and snickered deviously. Placing the notebook into his back pocket, the blonde made his way into Maison Izumo, his mind already set on his objective. Rounding the stairs and opening the door into room 204, Naruto set his sights on the lone Sekirei in the room. Akitsu sat on her futon, just beginning to doze off, blissfully unaware of her Ashikabi. The door clicked to a shut as he prowled forward; just beginning to attract the attention of Akitsu.

With all the stealth of seasoned Shinobi, Naruto pounced on Akitsu causing them to roll a couple of times. Obviously caught completely off guard, Akitsu let out a couple quivering squeaks as the room spun and flipped around her. Positioning himself on top of his Sekirei, Naruto grinned playfully as his hair fell into his eyes. Akitsu opened her mouth to speak, but was again caught off guard when Naruto's lips softly pressed against hers. A single hand trailed down her stomach while another circled around the small of her back. Just barely, a couple stifled moans left the back of her throat, but nothing more.

Naruto pulled back and laughed quietly at the pout forming on Akitsu's lips. His laughter died as out he felt an added weight on the back of his shoulders. It was specifically two, round, soft weights. The devious gleam in Akitsu's eyes only confirmed his suspicion. With a strained tone, he asked "T-Tsukiumi?"

The weight on his shoulders inched closer to his face, just giving him enough to peek at the smooth bare skin caressing him. Feeling his heart pump out blood in overdrive, Naruto concluded the woman on his back was completely nude. Inexplicably, Akitsu was soon stripped bare revealing everything she had to offer. Tsukiumi's lithe arms moved under his shirt, while Akitsu rubbed up against his body. Feeling choked up, Naruto attempted to calm himself down. Both girls didn't mind as they continued teasing his body. With a final glance to the women throwing themselves at him, the Neo-Gama-Sennin warned half-heartedly "I have to warn you…I've been told I'm a cuddler…"

Good thing they were cuddlers too.

Halfway into the night, one Uzumaki stumbled out into the hallway; a mixture of exhaustion, bloody rage, and hollow-depression etched onto his face. His T-shirt was currently on backwards and inside out, while his shorts remained unbuttoned. Walking at a slow pace, he carefully made sure nobody was out and about. He sensed everyone's chakra was leveled out, so that meant they were sleeping. 'Good…' The blonde's features suddenly steeled. He glanced back to the door of his Sekirei and muttered in a somewhat strained tone "Sorry, but..."

The blonde twisted out of his T-shirt and dropped it to the ground. He continued walking down the hall, his pace a little brisker. Reaching the window, Naruto spared a few glances around before muttering "This is goodbye for a little while…"

With an almost gentle ease, Naruto took off out the window. Like a leaf caught in the wind, he steadily began to disappear from view. His thoughts raced as small houses and streets whizzed behind him. A growing sense of dread mixed with the remnants of his last meal causing a much undesired effect of nausea. For a moment, he wished he hadn't obtained his Shinobi skills before he squashed the notion completely. If he hadn't, he would still be blissfully unaware of a very disturbing truth.


Akitsu and Tsukiumi lay nude in a flurry of sheets, a thick gleam of sweat covering both of their bodies and pleased smiles set on their faces. That's how they've been for the past two hours; in a dreamless rest. Naruto, in nearly the same state of dress, stared down at them with a sad smile plastered onto his lips. He wished he didn't have to do it, but alas, what would his life be without all the tough shit? Unconsciously rubbing the back of his neck, Naruto kneeled down over Akitsu and reached out with his hand. Brushing a strand of hair out of the way, Naruto placed his index and middle fingers over her eyes and did the same over his own.

An interrogation technique, recalled after an outing of liquid encouragement, he had learnt from Jiraiya. It was meant to be used after or during intercourse-classifying it as a seduction technique-when the mind was at its weakest and most willing state. It was very simple; send a flare of chakra into the target's brain through their eyes to act as a medium, make a circuit or connection with your own eyes, and think about the information you want. It wasn't as effective as the Yamanaka's mind walks, but it was a very valuable technique nonetheless. Thinking about it, there wasn't much to question as to why Jiraiya had taught it to him. The guy was always attempting to corrupt him to the perverse ways…ironically, it seemed he had succeeded eventually.

Trickling his chakra into his fingers, he carefully 'pushed' it out of his body. With an odd falling sensation, Naruto gained access to Akitsu's memory bank. With a momentary pause, he muttered "Number 7: Akitsu." Like a punch to the face, memories slammed into him with the softness of a bulldozer. Staggering backwards, Naruto tripped and fell on his butt with an unceremonious "Oomph!"

Different memories played before his eyes as he began finding it hard to separate illusion from reality. He saw everything from Akitsu's point of view.

She looked down disappointingly as she failed another attempt at emerging; why couldn't she just be winged like the others? Dozens of men and woman in lab coats surrounded and ushered her into the room she had previously dubbed the 'dark room' and proceeded to throw her onto the ground. Shackles locked onto her hands and feet, they were as painfully tight as they were confining. Multiple men entered the room, this time they were garbed in black. She winced; it was never a good sign when they showed up. A booted foot met her stomach-

-Definitely not a good sign.

More feet slammed into her body with brutish force. They began stepping on her limbs in pairs, twisting and breaking her bones with ruthless precision. It would be shocking if they weren't precise, this had only happened dozens of times before, and they do say practice makes perfect, right? Her head snapped back as one of them men kicked her jaw like a soccer ball. Her mind became less clear, but it didn't matter. No matter how much they tortured and beat her she wouldn't die. No, she would heal painfully quickly and they would attempt another emerging before beating her again.

For what could've been hours, she was beaten senseless. Even to the point where the men were breathing heavy. Her skin was more purple and blue than her natural pale completion, and her clothes were soaked in her own blood. Sadly enough, all she could taste was the metallic flavored substance as it freely flowed down her throat. Maybe she could drown in her own blood; that could end it…her pitiful existence?

Lying crippled in a puddle of her own lifeblood, she heard the heavy iron door of the 'dark room' slam open. Her supposed-to-be Ashikabi was thrown next to her, landing in a disgruntled heap. He looked at her questioningly as footfalls echoed across the room. Her eyes widened; they were going to torture her again! The man opened his mouth to speak but was silenced as a long blade pierced through his heart and poked out towards her, coated in blood. Her eyes closed in horror; why did this happen every time!? Through the darkness of closed eyes, Minaka's voice could be heard "Ten Ashikabi. Ten! You're a failure, you've have no place in my plan as a Sekirei! I can only ignore so much, Akitsu. But don't worry…I've devised a special position for you…my little scrap."

Minaka chuckled as the memory broke apart like a piece of shattering glass, signaling the end of Akitsu's memory of the No. 7. Naruto forcefully ended the technique and jerked backwards, obviously disgruntled.

The number seven wasn't a suppressed conscious; no, she wasn't even a separate being. It was painfully obvious as to why Akitsu was she is now. Ridiculously reserved, forgetful, emotionally detached, brief moments of normalcy…she was insane.

He stared at the young woman cuddling Tsukiumi with a tearful gaze. She was extremely mentally unstable and he didn't even know it until know! It was so obvious now that he thought about it, and it sickened his stomach to realize how gullible he was to believe Minaka's bullshit story. And the worst part was that it wasn't even Akitsu's own fault. She wasn't born that way…she never hurt anyone…she didn't fail anybody…SO WHY?!

Naruto's perception of reality began to become clouded again. A lithe girl took his Sekirei's place, her hair the silkiest of indigo and eyes that of lavender. She stared at him with a cruel, loving smile and lipped three words that made his mind snap "I love you…"

It was her again. Naruto couldn't help but laugh at the irony of the situation. She loved him, he loved her. Akitsu loved him, he loved Akitsu. She suffered before him, as did he her. Akitsu suffered before him, and for a period, he did as well.

Love just seriously liked kicking his heart's ass, didn't it?

Naruto reached out to touch her, but like the figment of imagination she was, she disappeared in a wisp of memories. The Neo-Gama-Sennin stumbled through the now empty air and crashed onto Tsukiumi's slumbering form. The blonde haired Sekirei grumbled a bit but still remained asleep. Naruto stayed still as he failed to comprehend all the information and loose emotions bouncing around in his head. He slowly reached and pulled both Akitsu and Tsukiumi closer to him and closed his eyes tightly.

'This isn't a game anymore…' He concluded after moments of embrace. Letting go of his Sekirei, Naruto stood up and glared out the window. His eyes flashed a deathly scarlet, a twisted snarl tugged on his lips. They would pay, no; they would suffer for this! Swiftly turning to leave the room he was greeted by the sight of the violet haired girl smiling sweetly at him: blocking the door. Unflinchingly, Naruto locked gazes with her; malice red clashed with loving lavender. The girl's smile widened a fraction of an inch before she nodded and closed her eyes. She disappeared. He lurched out the door silently.

Uzumaki Naruto was back and he was out for blood. (1)

*End of flashback!*

Naruto's wrist flicked violently as he recalled the event, he felt his very blood boil! Swiftly propelling himself onto a roof of a convenience store, he flashed a single hand seal and muttered "Tajuu Kage Bunshin no jutsu."

In discrete puffs of hazy smoke, over four dozen Kage Bunshin appeared mutely concealed in the darkness. Each and every one sported a malicious grimace and narrowed eyes; exactly like that of their creator. The original barely nodded a fraction of an inch before they all disappeared in blurs of untraceable movement. He knew what their job was; after all, he did make them! However, it did nothing to cure his rage. In actuality, Naruto began to enjoy the feeling of his anger. In some twisted sense it felt as if it would make his revenge all the sweeter.

Donning a dark smirk, the blonde seated himself on the roof of a convenience store, folded his hands together in front of his face, and concocted an even larger plan. Every one of those fifty or so Kage Bunshin were to explode when an influx of chakra occurred in their reserves, this was set to happen when they positioned themselves around Teito Tower. Naruto wasn't foolish enough to believe that alone would kill Minaka, no, he would have at least a number Sekirei protecting him just in case this situation arouse. However, that number couldn't have been any more than three due to his twisted infatuation with his 'Sekirei Plan'; any more would simply hinder things too much.

The Disciplinary Squad would be there by default, but who else could be there? It didn't matter though; he could handle all three of those girls with less than minimal effort, and any extra Sekirei wouldn't be too much of a hassle.

Flipping through the necessary hand seals, he bit his thumb and slammed it onto the ground. In a puff of summoning smoke his Zanbato, a roll of metal wire, and a handful of smoke bombs appeared before him. Nodding in satisfaction, Naruto shouldered his large blade, and pocketed the wire and smoke bombs. Just as he was about to set off towards Teito Tower, Naruto sensed a presence drop in next to him. He bore his teethe; was somebody trying to delay his plans?! A laid back, almost lazy, feminine drawl met his ears "Oh, you're that Ashikabi…huh."

Naruto glared over his shoulder to see it was one of Karasuba's underlings. She stood at about five foot seven, although her shoulders sagged…or hunched lazily, and had shaggy grey hair and lidded eyes. Bandages covered her body under her tattered kimono giving her a rather grim and dark appearance. She looked at him with a rather neutral expression, a small bit of curiosity gleaming in her eyes. For some reason his rage dimmed seeing her, but it returned full force a second later. The Neo Gama Sennin snarled "Fucking great, another one of fag-boy's Sekirei…."

To his shock, the woman snickered upon hearing this. Her clawed hand rested against her bosom as she chuckled out a response "That's right, you figured out Natsuo was gay! Karasuba was pissed off for days, kehehe!"

Again, his rage dipped. Gripping the long handle of his Zanbato tightly, Naruto demanded threateningly "You've better give me a good reason for being here, or I swear to God, I'll rip your throat out!"

Her laughing ceased, but the relaxed expression stayed on her face. The grey haired Sekirei stared at him quizzically before shrugging carelessly and responding "Eh, I was just taking a walk..."

A chilly wind blew across the area as a group of clouds blocked out the moon causing the atmosphere to darken a pitch. Naruto ignored the shudder that refused to break across his body. 'Now is not the time to be weak!' he reprimanded himself. The blonde suddenly lashed his Zanbato towards the woman and violently stopped it a foot from her face. Twisting the blade slightly, Naruto growled "I'm gonna give you five seconds to leave before I kill you, woman."

Unflinchingly, the Sekirei retorted casually "My name's Haihane," She noticed his face twist into a scowl, and finished in a mutter "-just for your information…"

Naruto grunted as he glanced in the direction of Teito Tower; this woman was wasting his time! Whipping his blade back over his shoulder, he turned to leave but was again stopped by Haihane's voice "You seem angry…?"

Naruto's teethe clenched in annoyance as he glowered at Haihane. Cracking his hand menacingly, the ex-Shinobi spoke in a dangerously low tone "Do you not think I won't make good on my threat…Haihane?"

Haihane smirked and taunted playfully "Oh, so you did listen…uh, what was your name again?" She began to scratch her head in thought, unintentionally stabbing herself with her claws. She yelped in pain "Ah~!"

A huge explosion sounded in the distance, alerting Naruto that his Kage Bunshin had detonated. His anger fluctuated again, one moment it began to dismiss itself, and the next it was at an all-time high. His furious gaze landed on the still whining Haihane. She was wasting his time…she was delaying his revenge…she was going to pay! Naruto lurched towards the unsuspecting Haihane, his Zanbato disappearing in a puff of smoke, freeing his hands. A twisted grin formed on his lips; they forcefully attempted to wing Akitsu, didn't they? He believed it was time to give them a taste of their own medicine…

"How ironic…"

Haihane stopped her whining for a moment as she noticed Naruto was only a few feet away from her and approaching. She didn't like the look on his face; she questioned unsurely "What're you doing?"

With all the speed and power of a Shinobi befitting of his status, Naruto grabbed the shorter woman by the shoulders and steadily pushed her to the ground. Haihane struggled to no avail, his grip was like steel, and apparently his skin was the same, because her claws didn't leave the slightest of marks when she tried to stab him. Now crouched over top of the Sekirei, Naruto pinned her arms down predatorily. Haihane stopped struggling as the air left her lungs, too frightened to breathe.

Naruto's mind raced with adrenaline; he let go of Haihane's left arm and forcefully cupped her chin. His other arm found its way behind her neck on the Sekirei crest she was branded with and began assaulting it with a massive amount of chakra. The crest flashed a hot orange color before dissolving away into nothingness, leaving an unmarked neck. Naruto gleefully noted the look of pure shock on the usually reserved Sekirei's face.

Sirens rang out in the distance, scores of them, all heading towards the fiery form of Teito Tower.

Naruto took a single glance in the direction of his objective before turning his attention back to Haihane with an angered cackle. Growing lopsided grin threatening to split his face in two, the Uzumaki's lips slowly crept closer to Haihane's pair of clenched ones. He could feel her fear, and it thrilled him! A single pang of remorse rattled across his clouded mind just to be dismissed a moment later. No, MBI did much worse! This was nothing compared to what they actually deserved…they needed to know the feeling of having something taken away from them! Naruto suddenly stopped his advances.

He could…feel her…fear? Naruto's rage dimmed again due to his sudden realization. If he could feel her feelings, which meant that they had a connection. Looking down at the stunned Sekirei, Naruto questioned lowly "I'm your destined one…? Of all the damn times-err!"

Before Haihane could even mouth a word, Naruto's lips claimed hers in a rough manner. She was confused, and rightfully so. However, between the absolutely climatic feeling of her conscious fading and the sensation of real man's lips touching hers, she didn't care. The last thing she saw was her own grey colored energy before everything went black.

Naruto rolled his neck as he set the now unconscious Haihane to the ground. While a surely unexpected development, he didn't have time to deal with her. Jumping to his feet, Naruto kicked off the roof of the convenience store with Teito Tower in sights. With a flick of a wrist, the airborne Sennin brandished his Zanbato and donned a dark smirk. His eyes slowly bled back to red as the distance between him the flaming tower started to close. Despite his hazy set of mind, Naruto was sure of one thing entirely. He was going to kill Minaka in the most painful way possible…

Naruto's smirk stretched into a full blown grin as he declared in a tone that truly held bad intentions "That is…after I destroy your little game, KEHEHE!"



End of chapter 10…

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