Location: New Mombasa, Kenya, East Africa, EARTH.
Timestamp: October 23
rd 2552. 17:12hours.
Unit ID: Shay'est (Female, 6'1") Sangheili, Domo recruit.

"Heads up, friendlies coming in!" the familiar voice called from the back door; the same door Courtney and Thel'Watamee had just recently emerged from. David and Martin wandered into the room, observing their surroundings. David walked straight to Jacob and asked for an update on the rest of the plan.

Shay'est was concerned about Thel'Watamee. The elite warrior was reduced to almost a cripple. Their Sangheili species had much better regenerative powers than human beings, so their wounds healed up much quicker. Shay'est felt the scar on her side from the wound she had sustained days ago. At this point in time she couldn't quite remember what she had received it from, but it didn't matter.

Thel'Watamee's wound had come from a brute spiker. These weapons were brutal and their wounds did not heal up easily. They were designed as a piercing projectile weapon that caused as much traumatic damage as possible. Thel was lucky to have survived one that pierced his lung, and luckier still that his lung had not collapsed as a result, or else he would have died a long time ago.

"You'll never guess what we found back there." Martin said, somewhat shaken up, still catching his breath from their daring escape.

"What was it?" Jacob asked, still conversing with David, but only just turning his attention to Martin.

"Bodies." David said, grimly. He looked over to Shay'est and Thel, before returning his gaze to Jacob. "Sangheili. Many. They were all tossed together under a catwalk." He looked down.

Shay'est's heart sank. She probably knew some of the elites they were speaking about; just as Thel probably knew some too. As a swordsman like him, he would be expected to know many other swordsmen and warriors. Still, she had never heard of anything like it happening before in combat.

"Two guesses who." David said.

"Cerberus…" Jacob suggested, looking back toward the window, of which they were out of view. "I wonder if he's reached the tower by now looking for us…" He kept staring at the window, off in his own little world.

Cerberus… That giant, terrifying brute. Shay'est was rattled to her core when he attacked them. He caught them completely off guard, and he was unlike any brute she had ever seen before.

"So what's the plan then?" David asked, ready to get a move on again. The sooner he could get his hands on Cerberus, the better.

"Well like I said, we need a distraction to make this easy…" Jacob said.

"I do not mind staying behind."

The group all stopped and looked at each other, then all turned their attention to Thel, it was he who spoke.

"What?" Jacob said, astounded. "What did you say?"

"I do not-"

"No. Idiot." Jacob said. "That's not how we work. We aren't leaving you behind. If you stay behind here then all that we worked for to bring your heavy ass with us was for nothing." He leaned down toward him, holding his hand up to hide his next whisper from the others. "And, if you made Courtney carry you down here for you to stay behind, she'll be really pissed."

They both looked at Courtney, who had her arms crossed, tapping her left foot. Thel'Watamee gulped.

"No," Jacob repeated. "We aren't leaving you – or anyone – behind." He observed each member of their team, looking them up and down, assessing their ability to fight. A forward push is likely their best approach at this point.

"Shay'est." Jacob said, nodding at her.

His authoritative words almost startled her. "Yes."

"You're a good shot? Then I want you to bring down the snipers up top as we move up, so that we don't get picked off in our charge. You hang at the back of the party."

"I understand. I will do my best." She psyched herself up. Time to really show her usefulness to Jacob.

"Thel, you're in no real condition to fight…" He started, cocking his head to one side, examining him, his hands on his hips.

Thel scoffed and waved a hand at him. "Silence. Do not insult me. I will fight as well as any of you." He grumpily said.

"Well, that's good to hear; because you're heading the charge." He said.

Thel looked up, concerned. "Leading the charge?"

"Yes. I need you to take down the first two jackals walking past. The Kig-Yar. They have shields that will deflect all of our bullets. I need you to bring their shields down with your plasma weapons so that we can do some damage and waste that patrol."

Thel'Watamee looked down at his plasma rifle, then looked back to Jacob and gave a confirming nod.

"Good. David and Martin, we're the artillery. Keep an eye on your ammo, and take down as many as you can without running dry. We don't know how many will be inside that tower, and we need to get through to the top, so let's not screw ourselves here." Jacob thought about what was still to come.

"Gotcha, sounds like a plan to me. You painted the enemies out there?" Martin asked.

"Yep, I'll send you the info now." Jacob nodded, touching the side of his helmet, and messing with the in-built dial on the side.

The other two marines did the same, touching the side of their helmet. "Check." Each of them said, confirming they received the info, and then looked out toward the enemies. Their heads-up-displays showed the glowing red outlines of enemies that were behind walls and other cover after they had been tagged.

"What about those two guards? They're holding spears, and I doubt they'd just let us stroll past." David joked.

"Well, that's the plan. When we get to them, we feed them a grenade each, and then simply waltz past." Jacob said. Shay'est could feel his grin from behind his helmet.

The group looked at each other and made sure they all knew their roles, then began to all check their weapons and ensure they were all ready to go. If they were going to do this, they had to do it right. A head on charge against a covenant barricade was one thing, but one managed by brutes will be a much more dangerous challenge.

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