A dark figure lurked in the darkness. Hidden behind the shadows, he had his eyes locked firmly onto his target.

Nearby, a young woman was casually walking around, coming back from work while enjoying a bit of coffee she had taken a striking likeness to. The air was cold and when she breathed onto the cup, you could see the steam floating up and solely, disappearing into the night sky.

But she stopped in her tracks when she realised that something had been thrown to her.

A sharp blade, sliced through the sky and made its way onto the ground just a few metres beside her. She looked alarmed, checked her surroundings and hurried along.

She barely escaped death and she wasn't going to risk it.

The intruder in the night, cursed under his breath for missing his target; now she wasn't going to make it harder than ever to hit. Nevertheless, he took a few deep breaths, locked himself onto the woman and fired a few more.

They all missed and the woman relieved, began slowing down….but just a bit. Instead she finished her coffee and held it tightly in her hands before she looked up in the sky for any stars, but they were out shone by the full moon.

That's when she saw it. Out of the corner of her eye, the same sharp blade was flying towards her, making no flaw that it would miss its target this time. This time it would get her for sure… and the blade flew closer; her eyes stared at it deeply; her legs refused to move and…. It hit.

It was a very painful moment when it pierced through and the world was dark.

Had she died?

Mitsuki Kouyama found herself wide awake. The pain had gone away and she found herself sweating and breathing heavily.

She only vaguely remembered her 'dream' or a better suiting word would be 'nightmare'. But she didn't want to remember. It was making her feel like a heavy lump was clogging up her throat and her head spinning like crazy, it was better off forgotten.

She dressed herself and went through her morning routine. Deciding that today was just not the day to go through; she left for groceries instead of work. Lazily, she texted her friends that she'd be coming over for lunch. She wanted some company, she was already a working woman and her parents had died already not to mention her grandma had long passed away, holding Mitsuki's hand while she struggling with her dreadful pains, awaiting her fate.

She walked past a coffee shop. It smelled sweet with rich chocolate and cocoa in the air whenever someone opened the door. Well it is a cold day and just one cup of coffee would do me good wouldn't it?

Mitsuki opened the door and not just the sweet aroma flew in, a fragment of her nightmare swept in and her head ached. She remembered herself carrying the coffee, that's right, it was a cold night too and it was very refreshing.

That alone, didn't seem very threatening but she made herself never to drink coffee while going home…that flashback could mean anything.

Mitsuki bought a cup of hot chocolate and went home. She had a party waiting for her in the evening. A party that would cost her life if she did not attend.

Takuto sighed.

His wardrobe was opened and all his clothes were strewn all over his bed. He had a hard time choosing what he should wear. Great. Now he was sounding like a girl.

He gave up. He dug for a tuxedo and put it on, tidying himself up. Picking up the invitation card, he drove off.

Mizuno Ami was rich. Very, very rich. Outside, by the gate, many fancy limos and golden jewellery flashed as the posh ladies escaped into the ballroom. Every few pillars that stood firmly, a security guard stood solemnly inspecting each invitation. Takuto shuddered at the look of the guard when he yelled at a few people who were found to be trespassing. The look on that victim's face was horrible, and it was obvious that he looked out of place with his leather jacket fully covering himself.

Takuto shrugged and was led inside. The ballroom had crystal chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, with beautiful columns with the rare roses circling them. Vases studded with diamond, rubies, emeralds and all the rare gems were everywhere.

"Kira-san! You made it!" Ami walked towards him, with a bright smile on her face.

"Hi, Mizuno-san. Congratulations for your 1st wedding anniversary," Takuto shook her hand. She blushed, laughing as Kyoya took her hand.

Takuto smiled and left, leaving the two lovebirds together.

But he was soon reminded of the incident that he was still investigating on, the married couple who weren't going to be able to ever celebrate their 1st anniversary together. It was going on for ages and he wanted to solve this case before things got a bit out of hand.


I've given you this case, it may seem like an easy murder but be warned, I suspect the couple are hiding some things for who knows why, but no matter how personal it may be, it's stopping us from solving this case. You must understand Takuto, you must go and find the woman, watch her every move.

'Yes, Goda,' he said as he looked at his plump head detective.

But he had no idea who she was, he could only subtly remember the woman crying next to the corpse, she had brownish-black hair, which was all he could make out. His memories were too vague, oh why didn't he make a note of that?

Takuto glanced at the full moon, something special was bound to happen that night. They always did. The music started, he spotted Ami and Kyouya, laughing away with some wine, he observed for anything, doubting that he would find that woman.

His brown eyes scanned the ballroom, a lady in black, contrasted with the bright and cheerful colours of others and he grabbed two glasses of wine then headed towards her in curiosity.

Mitsuki looked at her strapless corset style evening gown. It showed her curves and added a sense of fairy tale touch to it. It was the colour of midnight, which made her feel out of place. Everyone else was wearing bright happy colours, which was not what she felt. Well, she was happy that her best friend was married for a year now, but…

'Care for a drink, lady?' a voice asked from behind.

She looked over her shoulder and gasped at the sight of the guy in front of her.

'Kouta?' she asked.

'Aye, why must a fair lady know my name?' he replied.

Is he drunk? She thought.

He leaned over her, wrapping an arm around her shoulder, and offered her the wine.

Politely, Mistuki pushed Takuto away, who landed flat on the floor. She wasn't used to being with other men, oh Eichi, where are you?

'Ouch!' Takuto ruffled his hair and tried to adapt to his surroundings.

He had found himself next to the cold, tiled floor that was very comfortable to be sleeping upon. He pondered upon how he got there; he found a shattered cup next to him, wine spilling out.

The raven girl looked towards him sympathetically, offered a hand and held him up.

'Kouta!' she pouted. 'You back now?'

What? Did I know her? He studied her closely, ah the woman who tried to fall off a cliff.

'Wait, I'm Ta-' he pursed his lips before he finished his sentence. Yes, this was the woman who was trying to die, and I, mighty hero saved her. Why yes of course, that's why she remembers me. Mitsuki was the name wasn't it?

She didn't seem to notice the slight pause of his words. Instead, she was admiring the moon.

Why yes, the moon was pretty today wasn't it?

A sole tear dripped down her cheek. She was remembering things again, grieving about the past.

The moon was the thing that tied them together, a red string could tie bonds, but broken with a pair of scissors. Alas the moon could not hide from anything, not even the clouds which wandered across the night sky.

'You see the moon MIstuki?'


'It will always be in the sky, look at it and it will be as if you were looking at me, even if somehow I would leave your side.'

'Don't say that!'

'When we marry, let us be bound by the moon.

'And for eternity, we shall be together…'

But Eichi, you left me, murdered on the day of our wedding. Even if what you said was true, I desire your warmth and comfort. I live in hell, haunted by nightmares that would anticipate my coming death. Will the next target be me? And then, will I join you in the sky?

'Mitsuki, the moon is beautiful isn't it?' Takuto nodded at her respectfully.

Oh Kouta was here.. hey Eichi, you're not by my side…

Takuto looked at her, worried by the sorrowful look in her eyes and the paleness of her face, it felt like she was disappearing right there, in front of him.

'Hey, Mistuki are you ok-'


The ballroom was shook from the shock.

Guns were being fired, threats were mouthed and a gang of men walked straight into the room. The guests panicked, screaming and running for their lives. Ami held Kyouya's hand tightly, why was this happening? How had they gone past such good security?

A guy dressed in a leather jacket and black jeans made his way towards the married couple while a few of his companions ran around the room firing guns.

'This is bad, why is this happening?' Takuto cursed under his breath.

He grabbed a hold of the living statue, who refused to move from her place.

'If I may die, then let it be quick,' she prayed.

'What are you talking about? DIE? Quick? Why am I letting you die in a place like this?' he shouted.

He ducked a flying chair and a few gun shots.

'Come on! Let's go!' he shouted again.

'But Kouta, you don't understand-'

'Let's just get you out of here and I'll understand EVERYTHING,' he said, annoyed and sarcastic in with his tone.

Reluctantly, she ran out of the room with the rest of the crowd which was slowing disappearing. The only ones left where Ami and Kyouya who were cornered by the man in the leather jacket, and himself.


The man was holding a bomb, he could tell and was threatening Ami about her wealth and riches. Beside her, Kyouya was doing his best to defend her by shielding her behind his back. The man was giving them ten seconds, which was all Takuto could make out. Good, ten seconds his enough time.

While the man was focusing on counting his seconds, Takuto leapt straight onto the man and attempted to strangle him until he was unconscious.

'Wait don't kill him, Takuto!' cried Kyouya.

Takuto smiled, Kyouya was a softie though he was a fellow detective. He too, had no idea that someone was trying to break in, even with the tight security at the front wasn't working too well. But then again, Takuto wasn't very observant and let go of his victim.

Very soon, all the unwanted guests were caught, and the police brought them to the police station.

"We can interrogate them now," Kyouya sighed. "Time for work."

Takuto looked at him, confused.

"You didn't think that I did not want you to kill that idiot because I was soft hearted?" Kyouya rolled his eyes.

Shit. "No. Not really… Ha ha…" Takuto laughed awkwardly. He made sure that Mitsuki was safe with the police and left, his detective persona on.

Takuto and Kyouya sat in front of the criminal, their gaze cold and hard.

The criminal looked away, ignoring the two detectives' presence.

"John Doe aged 37. You have such a bright future ahead of you, so what made you walk down a sinful path?"

The criminal ignored Takuto.

"You can ignore us, because in the end, the truth will be unveiled," Kyouya snorted.

"John Doe, you are in a heavy debt and recently, it is shown that you are in close contact with a guy. He is the mastermind isn't he?" Takuto smiled, playing with his nails.

No reply.

"With your knowledge about bombs, you could easily be part of the murder a year ago, 14th October 2011." Kyouya shrugged.


"Still refuse to talk? Maybe this will evoke your memory." Takuto slid a picture to John.

"Do you still remember this tattoo of a deer and a snake? On the bomb attack on 10 October 2011, a photographer captured this from far, when he was touring the area. The owner of the tattoo is the man who created and plotted the bomb."

Kyouya walked to John and rolled up his left sleeve.

On the forearm of John Doe was the tattoo.

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