That first day that I let Bella go for her classes, I immediately started to think of retribution for James.


Someone who lies like this deserves to be marked, even if the whole world doesn't see the mark.

A quick phone call to my brother and a plan was hatched.

"Bella, I need to tell you something."

"What is it, Edward?"

The fear of what I might have to say to her is evident in her voice, the fear of falling apart again lingering.

She isn't the only one that has that lingering fear of heartache.

"Please don't be mad, but I took the liberty to enact some retribution."

The room is silent, her breathing even but the look on her face shows that she is thinking.


"A tattoo."

She sits up in bed, still naked from our lovemaking, her perky breasts moving causing my focus to be distracted.

"Of what?"

"Let's just say that he's going to have a hard time getting anyone to believe him anymore."

"Oh, my, God. What did you do?" Her mood has changed from concern and what could be interpreted as anger to excitement.

"Would you like to see a picture?" I offer.

Knowing what I did, what I arranged could be something to come back and bite me in the ass, I took the liberty to acquire some insurance.

During the few hours that James was so drunk that he passed out, I snuck into the tattoo parlor where my brother worked. His co-worker, Victoria was the one giving James his new ink and was all for me taking some pictures.

Grinning to myself as I remember the final picture, one I specifically posted online without James' face; I grab my phone and click on the favorite link to the website where it resides.

"Holy shit!" Bella gasps, covering her mouth, eyes bugged out of her head as she looks at the screen on my phone.

"So, are you mad?"



"How can I be? You told me the truth."

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