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In the shade...

He sighed popping back in the chair facing the classroom and the students that filled it, god damn morons. Bunch of retarded screaming morons unwilling to do their homework, and why was he even here, being a teacher was the most ungrateful thing to be.

He glanced at his wrist watch, five minutes till the period would start and he would try to get some knowledge in the stupid brain of stupid apes. There really were very few he liked as his students, very few. Two actually. One was a cute looking blonde named Deidara, seventeen years old, except the fact that the guy was totally crazed by art and other subjects considered a waste of time and since he was a master of anatomy, physics, chemistry and math he really was one of the most hated teachers in the university, nonetheless the blonde did good in all his subjects even though unwillingly, but anyway the little cute blonde was the only one from all the students that ever dared to talk with him about work unrelated stuff... and that was saying a lot because even his fellow teachers didn't...

Then there was Hidan, a guy who was a total dumbass but Hidan at least lightened up the classroom. So yeah he maybe didn't praise the guy's brain and he didn't openly praise the guy for being loud during the class but secretly he welcomed it... Hidan also seventeen and he was damn sure that the guy is head over heels into the same blonde Deidara.

Orochimaru snickered to himself hiding his perverted expression with a book. Yeah, Deidara and Hidan would make a lovely match, he wouldn't mind to watch... not at all.

"Orochimaru-sama, you're holding your book upside down, un!" came Deidara's voice from across his desk, he grinned still holding the book over his face, he erased his grin before he put the book down, the blonde was leaning over his table supporting the elbows on it and had cupped the pretty face in the thin hands, lovely sight really.

He was about to replay that he is aware of it when a widely grinning Hidan sneaked behind the blonde and grabbed the fragile creature with the strong arms around the slim waist, the blonde squeaked and flinched and he had to try hard not to let his smirk out, nice squeak Blondie.

"Dei-chan, don't flirt with a teacher, its fucking illegal, no matter how fucking hot you think he is!"

Orochimaru then snickered having to put the book back over his face, you see that's why he liked Hidan around, always lifted his mood, he listened the blonde splutter that he wasn't flirting, actually Orochimaru agreed with Hidan, the blonde was flirting with him, but then again the blonde flirted with quite a few males including Hidan... and Orochimaru maybe was a pervert and he did like younger guys but he didn't have it for Hidan or Deidara... they were just not his taste... nobody was his taste, his standards were too high to like a human being. Oh don't get him wrong, he was getting younger guys in his bed regularly, but that didn't necessarily mean he liked them all through, he just liked sex, that was all.

The bell rung and he sighed getting up from the chair throwing the book he was 'reading' on his table and went for the black board in front of the class.

"I want your homework piled on my desk right now!" he hissed out and smirked when the chit-chatter stopped instantly the students flowed for his table leaving their homework on it in a neat pile.

Yes, he maybe wasn't an overly loved teacher but he was respected by everyone. He never raised his voice, and as the cute blonde Deidara had once said to him, he didn't have to raise his voice, the hissing he did worked better than any shouting might, he agreed with the blonde angel.

When everyone was seated again he went back for his desk motioning his pale long finger at Hidan.

" Hidan Get over here!" he said in his usual voice watching the silver haired and violet eyed guy stand up from beside the blonde and walk over to him calmly, Hidan was one of few who acted calmly around him. He passed the guy a pile of sheets.

"Pass these to everyone..." he said and then added louder, that today he has a test for them, meaning loads of groans and moans were heard around the class.

"Silence!" he hissed out satisfied when the only thing now heard was Hidan moving around passing the paper to each moron in the class. His head snapped to the side when there was a knock on the door. Annoyed he watched the door open and the principle Tsunade peaked in, when the sharp eyes found him the big breasted woman opened the door wide open, Orochimaru's yellowish eyes narrowed when Tsunade revealed what she was hiding behind her back... a guy...

Orochimaru felt his heart pound looking at the said guy, Black hair made in a low ponytail that reached to the guys lower back with shorter neat bangs hovering around the pale flawless face… the pale skin looked so soft and almost inhuman… black perfect eyebrows and…he stared at the eyes, they were actually gleaming onyx….fire… dressed in black jeans tight as sin, black sneakers and a black shirt with crimson laces on the shoulders… to make it worse for Orochimaru's mental state the shirt was with short sleeves revealing pale arms… the body looked all neat… a delicate body, comparing with his athletic built the guy was really delicate and a head shorter than him too...

He didn't move from his spot when Tsunade came over to him dragging the divinity along.

"Orochimaru-sama... this is Itachi Uchiha he's new and he requested all subjects you're teaching so I decided to bring him to you straight ahead, you might be pleased to hear that his grades in the previous university were perfect in all subjects!" Tsunade turned to Itachi smiling. "This is Orochimaru-sama, he will be your teacher in Math, Physics, Chemistry and Anatomy!"

Itachi nodded at him quietly saying that it was a pleasure to meet him, he nodded in return not smiling, noticing that the beauty's voice was damn sexy, kind of low and satin-like.

His expression didn't change or soften, he watched Itachi's pale face standing maybe two steps away from the... beauty, oh yes, the guy was a beauty!

"Alright..." he averted his yellowish eyes back at Tsunade. "Is that all?" he asked noticing with the corner of his eye that Itachi shivered, he smirked inwardly, must be because of his voice, he usually got it from everyone new he met. He simply had a creepy hissing voice.

"Yes, I'll leave you to it..." the big bosomed woman left, leaving him standing there with Itachi ... oh and the other student, he kind of forgot about them for a while. Itachi however was looking at him expressionlessly which made him narrow his eyes only slightly. His tongue itched to ask Itachi's age but he of course had a better self control than that. He knew Itachi must be at least seventeen but the guy really looked so young...so pure...

He motioned Itachi for a desk right across from his own desk, where no one of course willingly wanted to sit and he didn't want anyone to sit there either, right before his eyes, whenever someone did he hissed them away, he knew the students are aware of that and he was sure that's why he heard few surprised gasps when Itachi sat down gracefully motioned by Orochimaru's pale hand.

He went behind his lovely new student and leaned down till his mouth was maybe a bit closer than necessary to the delicate looking ear, Itachi's soft scent hit his nose and he held back a shiver, the guy actually smelled like chocolate and cinnamon.

"We're doing a test today, means you have to do it as well, unless you require briefing, if no then do the test and don't expect me to go easy on you just because you're new and because the principle said your grades were perfect... so, do you require briefing Itachi-kun?" He whispered.

"No I do not, Orochimaru –sama, thank you!"

Aw, so polite and saying his name so expressionlessly, almost coldly... okay so the beauty wasn't affected by his voice or anything. He straightened up doing a quick motion with his hand to brush his long dark hair behind his shoulder, he went for his desk and sat down.

"Start the test, no stupid questions, no peaking in the books and no cursing loudly when you don't understand something, yes I'm pointing at you Hidan, start!" when that was said he glanced at the onyx eyed beauty, Itachi had taken out a pen and already was scribbling something on the sheet.

He settled down starting to check some homework time to time scanning the classroom with his eyes carefully, ending up looking at his new student right before him, he could even hear the creature breathing calmly and he could see that Itachi's hand script was damn neat.

"Ten minutes to finish up." He hissed when the period was coming to its end.

It was unnerving because the beauty was long since finished and just sat there with the test sheet turned the other way, the gleaming eyes looking and meeting with his occasionally, when they did Itachi looked down, not shamefully no, just looked down as if bored.

He stood up quietly and stalked over the beauty's chair standing right next to Itachi. He picked up the sheet and turned it over his sharp eyes scanning the answers and the neat hand-script, the answers were not only correct but perfectly correct and the beauty didn't even turn to look at him or anything just kept sitting with the back straight and the pretty face averted forward, surprised Orochimaru noticed that Itachi Didn't fidget around as everyone else did in his presence...except Hidan of course. It allured him.

And god damn him he couldn't find the slightest mistake... all the calculations were correct! He had hoped there would be mistakes, then he could ask Itachi to stay after lessons for personal... education... yes, let's call it education. Well, he could only hope Itachi won't be perfect in all his subjects. His green eyes sparkled up when he was at the very bottom of the sheet there it stood. 'Ps. A seven year old could do it.'

Was that a challenge?

He allowed himself a low chuckle as he leaned down like he had done at the beginning of the period. "Itachi-kun I suggest you to not get too cocky, this really was an easy test, no reason to be overly proud of yourself!" he hissed out but not quite in his usual manner, he made his voice a bit husk maybe. He saw Itachi shiver and he was about to straighten up when the beauty whispered.

"Then give me a harder one Orochimaru-sama."

"That would mean I'm treating you special, unless you're asking for private lesson, to which I wouldn't agree to anyway."

"Why not?"

"Because it's not the way it works here Itachi-kun, someone gets a private lesson only when being bad at something, and that is called a detention..."

"But what if someone is better than others and is being bored doing the stuff they do?"

"Then you go to a private school for geniuses, now I of course loved chatting with you Itachi-kun but I have matters to attend to..." with that said he straightened and walked for the black board scribbling down the page numbers for home work in his own neat hand-script.

"Times over... tests on my desk then you all are free to go wherever, Deidara-kun do you mind to blow your kisses at Hidan more discretely?"

"Yes Orochimaru-sama, un!" the blonde squeaked out blushing, turning red and smiling a small smile while Hidan openly scanned the blondes lithe body from a side with a lusty look In the violet eyes.

Orochimaru held back his own smile, he had just made the blondes affections public and the blonde failed to get angry at him, oh well, everyone knew it anyway so no damage was done. He was wondering would Hidan and Deidara need some 'push' from him to finally get together. Hm, he might even talk with Deidara about this.

He watched Itachi put the black bag loosely on the delicate shoulder and walk for the door passing him coldly, he snickered inwardly, Itachi looked almost pouting, did the beauty really wanted that private lesson? Or Itachi simply wanted for him to admit straight away that Itachi was a genius. He had a hunch that Itachi was used to being treated special and expected the same from him.

Arrogance... he really didn't mind arrogance as a quality as long as that arrogance was there for a reason he himself was a rather arrogant and self satisfied creature but still Itachi's sheer beauty left him awestruck.

Itachi seemed so pure and then not... so innocent and then not...

When the horde was out of his classroom he sighed walking out and locking it behind himself, he needed coffee, the fact that he had a free period next was a blessing.


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