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It took for him ten seconds to collect his belongings and then he was standing at the door impatiently waiting for some time to pass before he hurried outside and into his car, turning around the corner he couldn't resist a smile seeing the beauty stand and wait for him looking all impatient. He stopped the car watching Itachi get in with the cheeks still somewhat pinkish.

He started to drive for his house, trying not to speed, or at least not too much.

It wouldn't be wise to wait for Itachi to say something or start a conversation, the beauty was too shy for that, but that's why he was the older one and the perverted one. He glanced at Itachi letting his devilish grin appear on his features when he turned back to face the road, funny how Itachi was watching him all the time...watching him hungrily.

"Itachi-chan, I'm not flattering myself when I think that this is not how you usually act with your teachers or with another older man?"

He was being mean and he was being naughty, he heard Itachi gasp pretty much in a 'how dare you' way.

"No you're not, sensei..."

His grin grew, he tried to stop it in case Itachi would realise that he's a creep but couldn't, he felt too good.

"In case you're wondering Itachi-chan but you're simply shy to ask then, no I'm not acting the way I act with you with any other student..." with the corner of his eye he saw Itachi turn to face the road with that little smile on the plump lips.

When he pulled the car in his garage and got out Itachi followed in a heartbeat, he motioned for the raven haired beauty and they walked alongside for the house where he unlocked the door led Itachi inside.

He earned himself a squeak that he enjoyed a lot when he lifted the lean body on his hips to straddle him, the pale arms wrapped around his neck and Itachi's mouth stayed parted from surprise Itachi held eye contact with him even though their faces were terribly close, intimately close.

"Now Itachi-chan... I know what I want, but do you?"

"I know what I want Orochimaru-sama!"

He was already carrying the precious being for his bedroom managing to turn the light in his room somewhere around the semidarkness not too bright and not too dark, he wanted to see.

"What do you want Itachi-chan?" he asked huskily brushing his lips against the plump ones.


He seriously didn't deserve this adoration, he realised it, but god damn it how he liked it.

Itachi's big and in this light almost black eyes stayed on his yellow ones as the delicate back connected with the crimson coloured satin bed coverings, he was still between the slender legs as he laid on top shivering at the feeling.

His hand lied on Itachi's chest firmly as he stroked it feeling the soft skin, Itachi seemed to be quite responsive the lean body arched slightly under his touch and he loving it pressed his hungry mouth on Itachi's, just to make it so much better he showed his true-self, his tongue pushed and demanded, his moves confident and demanding, Itachi gave out the already familiar soft moan and then another louder one when he grinded his hips down and into Itachi's crotch firmly feeling it harden.

Itachi's hands entangled in his hair pulling him deeper and since it was exactly what he wanted he groaned and deepened the kiss exploring the hot and wet mouth fully before he pulled away observing the divinity on his bed, under him, breathing hard and looking at him with the dark eyes half lidded. His own breathing wasn't entirely steady either and his own crotch was becoming hard at the speed of light.

He was being impatient when his long fingers sneaked to Itachi's shirt buttons and he started to undo them one by one kissing each patch of pale skin his actions revealed for him, listening to his beauty's breathing change, get heavier and shallower, feeling each shiver and enjoying the way the perfect lean body arched into his touches. When he popped open the last button and his hot tongue traced the little cute belly button Itachi emitted the little soft whimper-like moan, he responded with an animalistic growl.

Itachi's skin was so soft and tender, smooth and flawless. He pulled the shirt to the sides moving back up to the chest feeling Itachi's fingers once more tangle in his hair when he closed his mouth around one of the rosy little nubs, he applied suction and the beauty arched and moaned louder than previously making him suck harder till the little nipple was hard in his mouth, that's when he played his teeth on it earning himself a shiver and a moan Itachi's fingers twitching in his hair.


He really loved how breathless Itachi sounded saying his name he moved for the twin nub treating that one the same way if only a bit rougher, the beauty though didn't mind, he groaned when Itachi at his rough sucking bucked the delicate hips up and he felt the beauty is hard for him and because of him, it was a damn good feeling. his mouth left the hard nub and he dived in the swan-like neck lavishing hot open mouthed kisses on the flawless skin, nipping and teasing, worrying it with his teeth time to time and whenever he did the pale body under him arched and Itachi emitted one of his sweet sounds, the sounds whatever they were, a moan, whimper, hitch in a breath, all of them went straight for his groin in the form of blood, there was too much blood by the time when he got back to the plump lips engaging them in another lip-lock this one harsher, more passionate with more need in it, coming both from him and Itachi.

Kneeling up and pushing his arms under Itachi's back he pulled the beauty to sit up, he pulled the little black shirt off of Itachi admiring the flawless body the beauty before him and comparing to him was delicate in the most perfect way that there was.

A grunt came from his throat when the perfection before him put the delicate hands on his jacket tugging on it, smirking he leaned behind himself while Itachi started to undo his shirt buttons rashly he was pulling Itachi's black sneakers off and throwing them off of the bed with the socks following.

when he had struggled his own shoes and socks off Itachi had managed to undo his shirt since he had never did up his jacket, he made no show to shrug out of his upper clothing his breath though hitched when the almost black eyes were scanning his chest, his arms, his trim stomach, he let the beauty watch, he after all did the same and then he groaned again when the pale hands started to roam his upper body starting with the biceps and ending with his 'v' at his hips that's where Itachi blushed hard and looked into his eyes as if asking is he allowed to go further.

He smiled and pushed on Itachi's chest making the beauty lay back down he nudged Itachi's slender legs wider apart pressing his mouth on Itachi's parted one he gave a firm stroke to the hard bulge in the tight jeans and when Itachi arched and bucked pushing the hardness against his hand roughly he stroked it roughly earning himself a loud needy moan, he swallowed that moan down growling and pushing his tongue on Itachi's demandingly he bit down on the lower lip hard enough to hear a soft yelp ,Itachi's bent legs pressed against his sides then parted wider, he loved every reaction he was able to coax out.

"Orochimaru-sama..." Itachi almost whined out when he parted from the sweet mouth, the beauty's hands behind his neck were pulling him closer and he looking down at his willing prey grinned, he got Itachi needy and lusty and he absolutely loved the sight under him, the flushed red cheeks the plump kiss swollen lips parted gasping for air hungrily and the stunning eyes lidded and anticipating.

He kneeled up once more smiling when Itachi whined loosing the body contact for a short while till he put his hands on Itachi's belt, his predator-like eyes watched Itachi's cheeks flare up and he also noticed Itachi's hands sort of jerk as if wanting to stop him, he was sure it was just the shyness nothing more.

"Don't be shy Itachi-chan I already told you and I'll keep saying it... you're beautiful... perfect... I mean it!" he had no problems to look in the beauty's eyes while he said it, it was all true and when Itachi smiled that little smile he moved his green eyes to Itachi's crotch and undid the belt with sure moves with the jean button and fly following, then he looked back up to Itachi's face as he yanked the clothing off of the perfect body along with the boxers, yes, he was impatient and Itachi of course emitted a cute squeak for being exposed so early, this time he didn't really pay attention his eyes were glued on Itachi's lower body, roaming the pale skin, the slender legs bent, parted for him, the black pubic hair with the proudly standing and leaking erection, the slightly curved hips the quivering abdomen as he traced it with his fingers gently, Itachi really was perfect and beautiful all through.

He laid back over the beauty having the lean body absolutely naked under him urged him to lose his own pants as soon as possible, when his lips were lightly brushing on Itachi's feeling the hot breaths he whispered huskily. "You really don't have a reason to be shy, you have a reason to be smug Itachi-chan..." for an answer Itachi moaned on his lips and bucked the hips up grinding the naked hardness against his clothed one and then his beauty growled not overly in a satisfied way, he even pushed himself up a bit to look into Itachi's flushed face.

"I-I want to feel you naked Orochimaru-sama..." it was said lowly and barely in a whisper as if Itachi would be afraid to ask, as if afraid that he might think badly of the request...

"Glad that you do, they're really uncomfortable by now..." he chuckled out getting out of the bed smoothly he used the moment to get the lube from the drawer noticing the obsidian lidded eyes watch his every move, when he threw the tube on the bed he standing by the bed put his hands on his leather belt undoing it while looking at Itachi who was chewing on the plump lower lip watching his hands intently, it almost made him feel shy.

He got out of his pants kicking them aside and then he froze when Itachi sat up and manoeuvred on the edge of the bed sitting there absolutely naked, putting the pale hands on his hips and pulling him closer till the flushed face was hair away from his brief covered erection which was forming a tent, a massive tent. He hissed pleasurably when Itachi stroked him up and down lightly Itachi was looking up at him the big eyes begging.

"Orochimaru-sama I want to please you, I want to make you feel good..."

His hips bucked forward harshly at the words betraying that he would very much like for Itachi to do just that. he growled lowly when Itachi still looking up at him waiting for his answer stroked harder and leaned in till the parted lips laid right on his erections tip and through his thin briefs he felt Itachi's hot wet tongue press on his tip, to put it nicely, he was crazed!

His betraying hips bucked again and he failed to keep in a throaty moan when the perfection averting the now lidded eyes on his crotch moaned softly curling the delicate fingers in the briefs and pulled them down to his knees freeing his thick arousal, it stood proudly at attention right before Itachi's flushed face and he couldn't even utter a word he could only watch Itachi as Itachi watched his man-pride the beauty literally grabbed it and he growled himself when the beauty growled squeezing his length firmly as if to feel its girth. His breathing came in explosive gasps as he looked down, his hips bucked again when Itachi looked up at him and licked the plump lips teasingly.

"It's really big Orochimaru-sama..."

Hearing that he put his hand into Itachi's hair curling his fingers in them, he felt his body start to shake.

"Orochimaru-sama, let me taste it..."

That's when he smirked openly, he and Itachi matched. He and Itachi matched perfectly.

"Yes Itachi-chan..." when Itachi leaned in he tightened his grip in the silky hair holding Itachi in place which caused the big almost black eyes to look up at him.

"Stick your tongue out!" he demanded huskily and shivered when Itachi moaning softly did as told poking the little pink and shining wet muscle out and then lapped at the head when he grabbing his cock at the base played it over that wet tongue and when the beauty popped the tongue back in the hot mouth seemingly rolling it around he rubbed the tip on the plump lips leaving his pre-come on them for it to be licked off by Itachi moments later.

"Like it Itachi-chan?" he breathed out wanting to confirm their match.

"Yes Orochimaru-sama, I want more!"

They were the perfect match... with him being the master and Itachi being the submissive willing slave.

Hissing in ecstasy he yanked on the silky hair not overly roughly but not gently either. "Open your mouth." When Itachi complied moaning at his treatment he pushed his shaft in the hot mouth, the tip only, he felt Itachi's tongue lap at him and roll around lively, he pulled out just to guide it back inside pushing it against the inside of Itachi's cheek watching his actions with hungry eyes and shivering at the feeling of the hot mouth.

Not able to resist he pushed himself deeper and deeper still, till he was in the hot mouth half way and Itachi moaned trying to lean forward to take him deeper.

"Suck..." he ordered and moaned lowly when the plump lips stretching wrapped around his length and Itachi's cheeks hollowed as the beauty started to suck him that's when he started to push and pull Itachi on his length at his own pace which got faster with each time and with each time he pushed Itachi farther on himself till he was buried in the amazing heat and sucked on roughly, till he couldn't stop his moans pouring out of his mouth and whenever he failed to keep a moan in Itachi moaned in return, he thought his beauty loved the reactions he was causing.

"That's good Itachi-chan... mh very good..." he breathed out looking down watching his big length disappear in the wet mouth almost all the way, watching the incredulously long and beautiful black eyelashes flutter on crimson hollowing cheeks as Itachi kept eating at him creating squishy sounds and sounds of sucking they only completed the already perfect scene and the perfect feeling.

His praise wasn't ignored, he felt the suction get harder and the beauty moaned loudly on his length causing him to squirm in pleasure and wish he had at least a wall behind himself on which to support his weight, growling he pulled the beauty away once more grabbing his cock at the base he rubbed the tip on the crimson cheeks never stopping his animalistic growl when his beauty looked up to him while he left shiny trails of his pre-come on the red cheeks and the parted lips, from the lips Itachi though licked it off swallowing it down hungrily and then Itachi stuck the pink tongue out asking for more he pressed the leaking tip on the pink tongue and then pushed his length deep into Itachi's mouth having to use force to keep Itachi's head in place. Itachi's hands on his hips twitched the fingernails digging in his skin and even though he realised that it probably was too far and too much, he kept Itachi down on his length not able to express how he liked the sight presented.

"Swallow!" he ordered and his knees bucked a bit when Itachi growling swallowed and then whined most probably begging for oxygen, he pulled Itachi away popping his big length out of the hot mouth watching the string of drool and his pre-come join the tip with Itachi's lips, the beauty opening the eyes half way licked the liquid away and when he didn't act and just kept watching the perfection Itachi looked up at him, he long since didn't know how to draw a proper breath, that only intensified when a hot tongue licked starting from the head of his leaking arousal, down to the base where the beauty sucked on it roughly and then the hot mouth moved for his sacks giving them light licks and then he moaned rather loudly when the perfect being popped one in the hot mouth playing the wet soft tongue on it. He could only observe with lust hazed eyes and he could only draw small circles on Itachi's scalp with his fingers as he watched Itachi worshiping his manhood.

"Itachi-chan, get up!" he mumbled out leaning down and pulling Itachi up ignoring the big eyes looking at him worriedly as if asking did he disliked something. He crushed his lips on the wet plump ones pushing his tongue in the mouth tasting a bit of himself and maybe trying to get himself away from the peak that almost took him over just few seconds ago.

He pushed Itachi back on the bed so Itachi was laying on the crimson pillows, pulling away from the kiss he shivered Itachi looked so sexy with the long black hair sprayed around the crimson bed and Itachi's pale skin stood out so perfectly, the red marks he had left on Itachi's collar bones and neck, they stood out on the otherwise unblemished skin so sexually perfect.

"Are you satisfied with me, Orochimaru-sama...?" Itachi mumbled out and he grinned pushing his bent leg between Itachi's slender ones, Itachi kept blushing... all through this the beauty never lost the redness on those lovely cheeks, the beauty gasped when his leg put a little pressure on Itachi's hardness and the soft sacks under it, the fact that the beauty was still rock hard just proved that there was no silly act in Itachi's behaviour.

"Yes, Itachi-chan very much so... but praising won't be enough, a reward might be..." he husked out giving his beauty a naughty look as he moved lower on the perfect body. Itachi of course understood where he's headed.


"Shh, all I want from you now is for you to relax and enjoy, nothing more!"

When he saw the beauty nod he settled comfortably between the slender bent legs by laying down and pushing his arms around Itachi's legs with his hands grabbing the slightly curved hips to hold his beauty in place.

He poked his own long tongue out and lapped at the tip smirking slightly at Itachi's shocked sharp moan which increased in volume as he rolled his tongue around the swollen head and then he himself growled when he rolled his tongue in his mouth to taste his Gorgeous. Yes, he liked everything about this lovely male being on his bed.

He engulfed the hard erection in his mouth deeply and then sucked loving the gasps and loud moans, loving the way the pale body arched and writhed, he bobbed his head up and down and when he was sure he won't gag he moved his hands under Itachi on the soft ass cheeks where he squeezed them and kneaded, as soon as his hands started that action the sweet moans turned into loud mewls and he knew his beauty isn't very far from the peak simply because he was sure Itachi had never been pleasured in this way, he was sure his lovely gorgeous beauty hadn't let anyone close enough to do these kind of things.

He growled pretty much like an animal when he swallowed on the length, Itachi emitting explosive gasps curled the long fingers in his hair, the slender legs lifted from the bed laying nicely on his shoulders with his beauty's heels pressing firmly on his back trying to push him further on the organ in his mouth even though he had engulfed it to the hilt with his tongue rubbing on the pulsating vein on the underside, he glanced up satisfied to see Itachi arch and squirm with the plump reddened lips parted letting out loud cries of pleasure the cheeks red as red can get, he pulled back and sucked just the tip in his mouth rolling his tongue around it vigorously, his hands squeezed the soft globes with his middle fingers sneaking between the lovely cheeks, he pressed his fingers firmly on the wrinkled hole he found there, that's when the beauty in his mercy jerked and the pale hands in his hair pushed him down.

"O-Orochi-maru-sa-ma... I'm...ahh... I..."

He knew what Itachi is trying to say, he could tell by the way he felt Itachi's body shaking and by the way the little opening which he was constantly massaging with his two fingers was twitching as Itachi's lower muscles tensed, he could tell by the way Itachi's abdomen flexed by the way the heels on his back dug in, by the way the perfect body went rigid when he sucked hard and bobbed his head fast taking Itachi's length as deep as it could go the perfect body went rigid he pulled back sucking the tip in his mouth while he observed his beauty's orgasm, the hot seed filling his mouth.

"Orochimaru... sama... ohhh..."

Itachi came beautifully and he made sure he had swallowed down every drop of the liquid youth and purity, claiming every perfect drop, his tongue gave strong cleaning licks and when the Itachi went somewhat limp on the bed he chuckled sweetly unhooking Itachi's legs from his shoulders and moved up to face level with the Perfection staying between the bent and now limp legs, he felt good there... almost too good.

His face was close to the red one, actually he was sure there was some red toned colouring on his own face by now, not that it mattered, when Itachi's beautiful eyes opened in slits watching him the beauty mumbled something he couldn't quite catch but he did catch a word 'good' so it was good... he smiled stroking the red cheek with his thumb.

"Kiss me now Itachi-chan... taste yourself." He husked out moaning out when Itachi lift the head from the pillow instantly and the plump lips pressed on his he opened his mouth waiting for Itachi's tongue and he could only praise his beauty with a soft growl when the wet tongue slid in his mouth lapping at his tongue softly he personally thought that they have to move on to the good part otherwise he might ruin it all by randomly spurting off... the fact that the beauty was getting hard rapidly again convinced him, he grinded his erection against Itachi's hard letting the beauty know exactly how hard hot thick big and damn needy he was right now, Itachi moaned lowly and loudly grabbing and clutching at his back pulling him as close as humanly possible.

Breathless he pulled away keeping their lips hair away.

"Itachi-chan, I want you on all fours with your lovely ass sticking up for me!"

The blush those husk words earned him was incredulous, the beauty gasped and the blackish eyes still half lidded locked with his own lidded yellow ones, he smirked his naughty smirk, but you know, if Itachi was about to carry on this bizarre and illegal relationship, he better get used to it, there was no denying that right now he was going nicely and easy on his lovely just because it was their first time and it was Itachi's first time as such, but... that would change with time...

Itachi made and interesting noise, he wasn't all that sure but he thought that's how human purring sounds and the luscious lips were curled into that little tiny smile, which absolutely made his heart flutter nervously in his chest, flutter with affection.

"However you want me Orochimaru-sama!" Itachi whispered pushing on his chest he pushed himself on his knees breathing heavily observing his Gorgeous turn around for him getting on all fours his green eyes for the first time actually saw the lovely backside and he liked it...a lot...

He growled scooting closer as his hands grabbing, squeezing, enjoying the tender flesh, god, it was perfect, just so squeezable and just fleshy enough for his fantasies to be fulfilled.

So delicate and so pure, two perfect ass cheeks and a little purely pink pucker in between those cheeks with two soft sacs hanging between the slender creamy legs and a hard angry pulsating erection presenting itself proudly, the sight made him drool and it made him want to just grab his cock and cum all over the little backside.

"Mh Itachi-chan... such a lovely perfect ass!" he groaned out spanking the soft cheeks with both hands grabbing on them afterwards and kneaded roughly watching the paleness turn red from his mild abuse, Itachi moaned at his words the delicate ass pushing back.

Okay, this was such an overload to his already too aroused mind, he couldn't control a single sound anymore he was grunting and growling lustfully at each touch and he simply was too impatient.

He moved closer and nudged on Itachi's arms making the beauty support himself on the elbows instead of hands.

"Now spread your legs wide for me..." Itachi complied spreading the silky legs wide till the hard leaking erection was rubbing on the sheets lightly.

Kneeling behind his beauty his eyes scanned the bed and when he located the lube his eyes fell back on the little pink pucker that twitched for him when he rubbed his thumb on it gently and then harder.

"Mhh Itachi-chan... so lovely." He husked out now rubbing both his thumbs on the pretty little hole, till the same thumbs moved and spread the ass cheeks roughly leaning down he pressed his wet tongue firmly on the opening, groaning when Itachi gasped and the little pucker twitched under his tongue.

A low throaty moan came from Itachi as he rubbed his tongue firmly on the pink skin wetting it and giving some forbidden pleasure, the tip of his tongue pressed on the centre and Itachi's breathing came in explosive gasps, smirking he closed his mouth over the wrinkled skin and sucked on it harshly, loving the shocked moans and the way Itachi writhed and the way the lovely backside pushed back.

He pulled away slightly watching the pretty hole now wet and shining and maybe a bit reddened from his sucking, he moaned sticking his tongue out again and playing it over the pucker pressing on the centre again, smirking his devils smirk when Itachi pushed back on his tongue, well, Itachi's body surely was responsive to pleasure and he himself took great pleasure of that fact.

"Mh Itachi-chan... you're so delicious all through..." he commented giving a harsh spank to Itachi's backside.

"It feels good Orochimaru-sama... everything you do... so good..."

He smiled truthfully, for a bit longer than a millisecond there he wished his beauty wouldn't be an innocent, for selfish reasons really, it was simple, if the beauty would have been with another male he would understand that other man wouldn't be as half as good as he was, wouldn't worship the perfect body like it deserved to be worshipped, and besides age after all comes with experience, no snotty teenager could ever pleasure Itachi properly. Yes, he was that arrogant.

"That's just the beginning baby..." he cooed out feeling Itachi shiver, he used the moment to lean down and plunge his tongue in the pink pucker groaning at the tightness and his hands grabbed Itachi's hips in a steel grip, the beauty kind of yelped and then moaned in an unbelieving way as he wriggled his hot wet tongue in the little taint lapping at the tight walls wetting them and loving the way Itachi seemingly couldn't stop shivering, moans of 'ohh' starting to pour from Itachi's mouth as he started to thrust his tongue in the forbidden hole roughly and all the way till his nose pressed into the ass crack where he nuzzled his face wriggling his tongue further inside. Itachi's backside pushed back on him and then Itachi moaned in a whiny way wriggling on his face.

"Ohh Orochimaru-s-sama... ahhh...mmh"

He loved his baby sounding so needy and wanting, it made him pull Itachi's backside on his face with force ravishing the perfect ass with his tongue roughly till he heard the beauty mewl and choke on the moans, pulling back and gasping for air he watched the little taint twitch needy for his attention Itachi whimpered and squirmed the backside wriggling for him suggestively.

It wasn't like he was able to hold back for much longer either... he grabbed the tube of lube rashly opening it and squirting it on his fingers just to spread it out evenly and throughout while Itachi was peaking over the pale shoulder with lidded eyes.

"Here might come some uncomfortable feelings Itachi-chan... you're ready?" he asked maybe a bit too breathlessly than he would like, but there was no helping, he was so hard and so needy.

"Yes Orochimaru-sama... I'm so hard, I want it so badly!"

He smiled, it would be a disappointment if that wouldn't be so, Itachi saying it only made it so much better, he slid the first finger into the pink opening easily with the help of lube and his previous activities and with the help of his thin but long fingers, he however didn't stop till his finger was buried to his knuckle, that's when he wriggled it around shivering at the snug channel constricting around his digit, his other hand was stroking Itachi's flawless back and the hips as he added the second digit shortly watching his fingers as he did, the pink opening stretching around his fingers were such a turn on for him, his breathing coming shallowly and raggedly, Itachi's turning the same when his two fingers started the quest of stretching, scissoring gently and then rougher when Itachi moaned softly and pushed back on his fingers urging him on and since his beauty didn't seem in pain he leaned down scrapping his teeth on the soft and red globes moaning when he closed his eyes and concentrated on his fingers, feeling the heat around them and the tightness.

"Itachi-chan... so tight, so hot, I'm going to feel so good in you..." he murmured barely controlling his words, he added the last finger having to push hard to get it inside along with the other two, thrusting his fingers getting just a bit deeper with each time.

he pulled his face away from the lovely cheek he was sucking and biting on for the last minute and he watched his three fingers, the pink pucker stretching around them shining wet and so welcoming for more, when he had stretched the tightness enough to push his three fingers in and pull them out rhythmically he leaned over the lovely sight and let his drool slide out of his mouth and unto his fingers working the saliva into the pretty hole wetting it further for more sounds to be born.

he started to push his fingers rougher, listening intently to Itachi's reactions. The reactions were lovely his beauty started to moan sweetly and once started the moans only got louder and more demanding with each move he finally allowed himself to push his fingers in the still tight hole with force and roughly, he shivered when Itachi whined and mewled.

"Orochimaru-sama... ahhh..." the need in Itachi's voice was making him smirk ,self satisfied he grabbed on Itachi's hip roughly starting to show his digits into the beauty roughly fast and deep, finger-fucking the delicious little hole .

Itachi mewling loudly or more like growling crushed with the chest on the sheets leaving the ass in the air, he watched Itachi's fingers clench on the sheets and he watched Itachi push himself back on his fingers roughly never stopping the loud cries of pleasure.

"Orochimaru! Orochimaru-sama... oh god..." Itachi's lovely voice shook when he pumped his fingers fiercely and with force loving the wet squishy sounds, loving the way Itachi writhed and moaned desperately.

"Please... please, Orochimaru-sama..."

Smiling an ecstatic smile he spanked Itachi hard earning himself a louder mewl, he thought he stretched his beauty enough for his engorged man-flesh, and since Itachi so nicely asked he pulled his fingers out using the same wet digits to cover his erection with the liquid, his body long since shaking with need and anticipation.

"Mh Itachi-chan, baby you're begging so well... and I'm so ready to claim your perfect body..." he murmured as Itachi kept moaning softly and once more was looking over the pale shoulder, the blackish eyes on his arousal.

"Turn to me Itachi-chan, I'll be watching your face while fucking you!" he announced loving how after all their actions Itachi still managed a hot blush turning around and spreading the smooth pale legs for him, he didn't hesitate, he got between those legs and leaned over his beauty diving in a flaming kiss where he pushed with his tongue roughly and growled in the hot mouth.

His hand sneaked between their sweat slickened bodies and he aligned his tip with the twitching entrance breathing heavily unto Itachi's parted lips.

"Tell me you want me Itachi..." he husked out with no hint of an order in his breathless words Itachi's arms wrapped around his neck tightly and Itachi's big black eyes sparkled up with crimson flickers.

"I do, Orochimaru-sama... I want you... I want to be yours!"

And he so wanted Itachi to be his.

His hips pushed forward he moaned loudly not caring how he sounded when the big tip pressed and pushed till the thigh muscles gave in letting him into the snug channel, that's when he stopped clenching his jaw not to push deeper straight away, Itachi shaking under him dug the nails in his back furiously and Itachi's head fell back on the pillow with the mouth parted Itachi's eyes half lidded focused to nothing the slender legs pulling him inside, he presumed that Itachi was alright, he did prepare quite well after all so he started to push his hips forward again, he grabbed on Itachi's delicate hip not able to stop now.

"Itachi..." he moaned out his hips jerking forward roughly sheathing himself inside of his beauty, Itachiyelped loudly and lift the head off the pillows, he felt teeth dig into his shoulder but it was fine, he welcomed the pain as he stilled completely pressing his forehead on Itachi's shoulder breathing hard and trying to shut up the voice in his head that yelled at him to pound in hard and fast.

"O-Orochimaru-sama... so big... it's so...too big..."

He groaned in the crook of Itachi's neck, the beauty shouldn't say such flattering things in moments when he had to chew his tongue to stop himself from moving. He though felt Itachi is relaxing slowly, the fingers weren't digging in his skin anymore and Itachi's legs relaxed and the gentle fingers now played with his hair, he pushed himself up to look in the pretty face. oh dear, Itachi's cheeks were crimson and Itachi was looking back at him with the blackish eyes shining, Itachi was looking at him with adoration and he was ready to bet that he was mirroring the look with his own eyes.

His hands stroked all the way down from Itachi's chest over the quivering abdomen and unto the delicate hip then he grabbed on it as he pulled himself out few inches just to push back inside slowly never breaking the eye contact. Itachi didn't show or didn't feel pain, Itachi was simply watching him as he started to move in and out.

He was ready to repeat the shallow slow thrusts as long as necessary ignoring his own needs. That's why he let the satisfied smirk out when Itachi's lips parted in a pleasured way after some while, Itachi's hands on his back were stroking his muscles and Itachi's legs were now pulling him inside on each thrust. And when his beauty let out the first low and soft moan he dived down clashing their parted mouths together, coaxing a louder moan from Itachi as he pushed his long tongue into Itachi's mouth, his hips moving harder and faster. Itachi broke the kiss throwing the head back on the pillow moaning, the slender legs pulled him inside roughly making him growl.

"Oh Orochimaru-sama... it feels good... you feel good..." Itachi moaned out praising him for a change and yes, he liked it very much.

He loved everything of Itachi even the low whiny whimper he earned when he kneeled up and his hips stopped for a moment while he perched Itachi's lean legs on his arms and grabbed on slim hips lifting the little backside up pulling it on his length as he shoved himself inside hard at the same time.

Itachi's mouth let out a loud shocked moan-like scream, the thin fingers grabbed on sheets pulling them mercilessly as the little delicate backside tried to wriggle on his length. he knew he hit the sweet spot inside Itachi and he loved the reaction, the surprised reaction.

"Oh, oh Orochimaru-sama... ahhh... that's... ahh... move... please move... do it again!" Itachi moaned out pleadingly with the big blackish eyes begging and Itachi's lean perfect body writhing and squirming in his mercy.

He did as told, smiling his ecstatic smile when he once more kept Itachi's hips on himself firmly observing the pale body convulsing at the pleasure, enjoying the way Itachi tried his best to wriggle on his huge length which was buried completely. Most of all he enjoyed the loud almost scream-like moans coming from the Divinity when he started to bang in hard hitting the prostate with each thrust, pulling Itachi on himself with force till his thighs slapped on Itachi's ass with sounds. Till he heard the lovely squishy sounds his length produced penetrating the delicious tightness. Till he heard Itachi moan and mewl nonstop.

"Feels good Itachi-chan... you like it rough baby?"

"Yes, yes... ahh yess, I do... l-love it...Orochimaru-sama!"

Good, because he loved it too.

he shifted their positions grabbing on Itachi's legs closing them and bending them pressing the knees against Itachi's chest, the little backside lifted into the air for him, his hips snapping forward hard his lusty eyes watching his length disappear in the pink hole watching the little backside visibly stretch each time when his thick length was impaled deeply. Watching Itachi's little perfect toes curl at each deep shove and then he watched Itachi's dazed face. with the lean body jerking with his rough moves, the pretty face was flushed red and sweaty, the big eyes lidded and hazed, unfocused, a nice shiny string of drool sliding down Itachi's cheek as the beauty kept moaning and kept pulling on the sheets.

His possessive nature kicked in, he be damned if anyone else ever sees this sight!

His moves only roughened and his growling increased in volume as he supporting the bent legs with one hand spanked the red ass cheek earning a louder mewl from the beauty.

"So good... so good... Orochimaru-sama!" Itachi chanted as he kept beating the perfect ass all through and damn, he enjoyed this sex like he had never enjoyed sex before. Itachi's dazed eyes focused on him hungrily, affectionately, admiringly.

"Orochimaru-sa-ma... I'm so close... please..."

And since he was 'so close' from the very beginning he grunted an agreement instantly and spread the slender legs getting back between them and lied over Itachi wrapping his long fingers around Itachi's hard wet erection starting to pump it roughly. His mouth collided with Itachi's even if the kiss he managed was sloppy and all tongue filled with moans and growls.

"Itachi-chan..." he breathed or growled out when he pulled away from the sweet mouth never stopping his hips from slamming into Itachi hard rocking both their bodies, he wasn't all that sure Itachi heard or pay attention, the legs around him were pulling him inside hard, the hands clutching at his shoulders for the dear life it would seem.

"You're mine Itachi... all mine!" he wasn't all that sure Itachi heard him because Itachi choose that exact moment cum.

"I-I'm yours... yours Orochimaru-sama!" the beauty mewled out when the hot liquid started to spurt between them on his stomach and his hand some getting on Itachi's chest as well, the lithe body convulsing with the hips bucking madly into his hand and back on his arousal. And only when he was sure that the jets of Itachi's juices have stopped he moved the arms under Itachi's back kind of hugging the beauty, and only then he let himself go, growling Itachi's name possessively and pleasurably, his heart beating furiously as his own hot essence filled Itachi.

he felt Itachi's hands stroke his back as he watching the blackish big satisfied eyes rode out his orgasm fully, feeling his seed gush out while he was still moving in there now lazily till his movements died down and he went limp crushing on the delicate chest below pressing his face into the swan-like neck breathing harshly, not even trying to move a muscle, waiting for his vision to turn back to normal again and waiting for his breathing to calm a bit.

Itachi under him was breathing just as heavily as himself and he could hear the beauty moan softly and faintly in the back of the throat, it made him smile weakly and kiss the soft sweaty neck.

When his breathing calmed and he felt like maybe he could manage few simple movements he pushed up on his arms and pulled his softened length out of Itachi wincing at the wet cold feeling outside, the beauty though seemed uncaring only closed the beautiful legs when he moved unto Itachi's side laying down on his back and pulled the divinity close by the arm till Itachi got the hint and scooted to him turning to lay on the side, the sweaty cheek laid on his sweaty chest.



He grinned about the tired sound and the careless way Itachi forgot to add his name and the 'sama' like Itachi usually would.

"Do you feel alright?"

Itachi hummed. "I feel better than that... couldn't come up with the right word right now, Orochimaru-sama..."

"Would you be sorely missed at home tonight? Or say... the weekend?"

Itachi pushed up turning the pretty face to him the black eyes looked into his green ones kind of surprised, he didn't even understand why Itachi would feel surprised... it was so natural that he wanted Itachi... for god's sake he had stated already that Itachi was his!

"You really want to, Orochimaru-sama?"

Silly Itachi... did the beauty really thought he's going to fuck him once and then discard... what kind of fool could ever discard someone like Itachi?

"Itachi-chan... yes I do want that... for this weekend and the next and so on... and maybe when you're finished with your studies I could show you what it feels like to have someone like me as your boyfriend..."

Oh he would totally spoil Itachi that's for sure, he would be a real sugar-daddy no doubt about it... anything for Itachi, really.

The crimson flickers in the black eyes sparkled hearing his words and Itachi's plump lips pressed on his for a short moment just to form the little smile after the kiss.

"I want that Orochimaru-sama!"

Yes, he wanted it too...


AN: .. dunno what to say... this story was written long ago and it took me long to edit this...I swear I tried to take some parts out to make it...less boring...less lengthy... obviously I failed.

I like this pairing though and I wasn't very pleased to see stories where Orochimaru was...uke...my brain just wouldn't accept it... and since my brain doesn't accept angst either...

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