Have you ever run? I mean really run. Head up, feet pounding, arms swinging kind of running. Running not just to get somewhere, but running because you can and you want to get there first! That kind of running. It's a real thrill, ain't it? The wind tearing up your eyes and singing its siren song in your ears as you whip through its force. The feeling of your heart thundering and blood roaring through your veins, pushing you ever onwards. The sheer, unadulterated rush! There really is nothing like it.

But, it gets better, so much better, when you race. Then its two people, hearts in unison, pushing each other to be better, go faster, try harder, push further. Because no matter how many might be out there on the track, it all comes down to just you and your opponent. A glorious struggle between two souls to come out triumphant. Nothing could possibly surpass that, right?

Then you find that one person who challenges you more than any other. That single, shining individual who makes you want to be a better person, a better athlete, not because she tries to make you want it, but just because she is there. Simply by existing, she changes your whole world, your entire life. Then, miracle of miracles, you get the chance to compete against her, to run against the one that challenges you above and beyond all others, and it simply blows you away. Not so much by what she is, but as what she has the sheer potential to be! It's breathtaking, but you just know she's going to leave you behind. She can't help it, her destiny is out there amongst the stars, and you can only hope to catch a ride on her comet when it swings back around. You can't help but cry out as you stumble and fall in her wake.

But then, miracles blossom into being, for she stops, turns about, and returns to your side. She, with her own soft hands, helps you to your feet and shows you a second path, with one of those wonderful, beautiful smiles of hers, so innocent and happy, that they light up her entire being.

My person's destiny may be among the stars, but I'll be damned if I let her face it without me by her side! I love her, and I will never abandon her again! Akari Kanzaki, I am honoured to be able to call you my friend, and I will do anything if it means that I can run by your side.


Author's Notes: Okay, my first official Battle Athletes fan fiction! Now the question is, who is speaking, and is it from BA or BAV? I know, but I'm not telling. I want to know who you think it is, so read and review, all right?! ;D