The cold rain lashed the soil around Enos and it mixed with his blood soaking his blue shirt and making it adhering to his body like a parasite. The deputy lied nearly motionless, his eyes half-open to the gray sky, only his heavy breathe showing he was still alive; an excruciating and burning pain radiated from his belly up to his chest and down to his legs, but he was too much weak even to moan, all his strength left only for struggling for air.

The rain's roar and its drumming on the patrol cars muffled Sheriff Little's shouting in the CB and Sheriff Rosco's crying by his deputy's side.

Two hours after, the phone rang at the farm.

Daisy, Bo and Luke entered the farm just in time to see their uncle, deadly pale, sitting on the couch near the phone, his voice like a whisper in the receiver.

"When did it happen?"

Uncle Jesse's fingers seized the receiver desperately as the young Dukes froze in the living room, looking in shock at their uncle.

"And how…", uncle Jesse's voice cracked as he swallowed against the lump in his throat, his knuckles turning pale as he gripped the receiver even more strongly, listening silently at the voice on the other side.

"To Tri-County Hospital", he repeated to himself after a long pause.

Tri-County Hospital: the three cousins looked each other, wondering who's at Tri-County Hospital as a cold grasp raised from their foot to their hearts knowing, from their uncle's features and voice, for sure he was someone Dukes were fond of, maybe a Duke himself (Coy?, Vance?, some of their several relatives away from Hazzard? But why Tri-County Hospital?).

"And, did Rosco tell you if he's…", a deep breathe before to go on, "if he's still … alive?"

Daisy felt the urgency to sit down: someone (he, not she) was at Tri-County Hospital, maybe already dead, he wasn't Rosco but someone whom Rosco knew what's happened to, something probably happened in Hazzard; he could be anyone, but Daisy, somehow, felt suddenly scared to the point she could barely stand on her foot. What if…? She tried to erase the terrible thought that was slowly piercing her mind.

"Ok, thanks Lulu".

So, that was Lulu calling uncle Jesse, another piece in the puzzle Daisy, Bo and Luke were trying to make up in their minds. Was Lulu talking 'bout Boss? Did something happen to Boss? Bein' Lulu both Boss's wife and Rosco's sister, Boss could reasonably be the subject of Lulu's calling Dukes (Boss' friends and foes) and of Rosco's previously calling Lulu. With a sense of guilty, Daisy caught that possibility (Boss' being dead or injured/ill: a sad new but not the worst one) as someone shipwrecked catches a log in the middle of the ocean.

Uncle Jesse slowly put the receiver down and he looked up at his nephews, his eyes moist with tears lingering a bit over his niece, then only one word from him, "Enos".

And the log slipped from Daisy's hands.

I thought I was goin' to take a pause from fanfiction, feeling I had no good or new idea, so avoiding to become repetitive. But... I decided to start this story 'cause:

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3) I feel the urgency of writing, I can't help but writing something. I started a lot of stories like that, following the urgency of writing, starting from an image, a scene or an idea but without a developed plot in my mind, and usually my muse doesn't fail, so I hope I'm goin' to write a good story.

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