Enos entered the Hospital's Hall in a rush, heading to the elevator and getting restless in front of the closed door, his eyes fixed on the numbers above the doors

5… 4… 3… 2… 1…

The doors opened and he stormed inside the elevator's little car, fortunately empty 'cause he wasn't in the mood for waiting other people exit. He frantically pushed the "5" button and he waited the doors closed, his hands sweaty and his breathe heavy.

… 1… 2… 3… 4

The doors opened, and he saw nurse Mary in front of him. He saw her for the last time exactly a year before, when he was in that Hospital as a patient (a patient in a pretty bad condition, especially the last time, the third, he stayed there).

Nurse Mary opened her eyes wide, "You? Again?"

He smiled gently, and he pointed his finger up at the car's ceiling, meaning he was goin' to the 5th floor; his throat was too much dry even to speak.

Nurse Mary smiled, and the doors closed.

5… He ran out the elevator along the long corridor in front of him, 'till he reached her room. He stopped in front of the door and he had a deep sigh before to enter.

She was there, sitting on the bed, beautiful as always, but obviously exhausted.


He came closer her bed and the little baby in her arms moaned.

"Shhh, he's sleeping"

"Uncle Jesse called me… I didn't think… it wasn't expected… now"

She laughed, "It seems little Andy is a bit impatient. Stubborn and impatient. He reminds me someone"

"Stubborn and impatient. Yeah, he reminds me someone", he chuckled and the child moaned again.

"Shhh, Enos", but she was laughing.

He bent over her and he kissed her deeply, then he sat near her, his sparkling eyes on his son. His… son.

Daisy looked at him, the uniformed man near her, the man she nearly lost for three times the previous year, her husband. She remembered their first year as husband and wife, their slow knowing each other (Enos' pride and defense finally gone) and their sharing their deep feelings and fears as never before. It's been a difficult year for them, Enos' nightmares still alive inside him, but this time he didn't push Daisy away, and he let her comfort him.

"Our son. Is he beautiful, isn't he?", Daisy gently kissed their son's head, tears of joy in her eyes.

No, she didn't hate that Hospital any more. A circle was finally closed behind them, and a new path was showing itself in front of them, a bright path of parenthood; she knew that path could become dangerous and sometimes painful (her husband was a cop, and in that last year she learned what bein' a cop's wife could be), but nothing could scare her now, their son in her arms and Enos by her side protecting them.

A short and sweet epilogue to end this long and angst story. I hope you enjoyed it.

Thank to everyone who reviewed, and who "only" read it. ;-)