Frith, it seemed, at deserted the world. Grey clouds blanketed the sky, and from them water poured down into the earth. The rabbits of Watership Down were miserable. It was the third day since the rain had first come, and still it showed no sign of letting up. Silflay was completed as quickly as possible before the rabbits retreated back down the hole to dry off. All the rabbits were high strung and many scrabbles broke out, causing several to be hunching in corners nursing bruises and scratches.

Bigwig stayed just inside the warren, looking forlornly out into the rain, hoping that it would end. The cap of fur on the top of his head was blown back by the wind. His front and hind feet were tucked under him for warmth, and even his drooping ears showed how miserable he was. The only good thing he could think of at the moment was that the warren, high on the hills, would not be flooded. Bigwig could just imagine the terror of rabbits down below as the rivers overflowed.

"It's terrible, isn't it," a voice interrupted his thoughts. Bigwig recognized it as Fiver without turning to see him.

"I feel wet," was Bigwig's grumbling reply. Fiver chuckled.

"The rain will stop soon." Fiver went back down to join the others in the warm honeycomb. Bigwig remained where he was, feeling to damp and rejected for company. Down below, however, spirits were lifting as Dandelion began the story of Frith's promise about rain.

Bigwig caught bits and pieces of the story, but he refused to give in and join the rest. Instead, he wandered out into the wet for some grass.