I was walking through the streets in the pouring rain, making my way home from school.
I had my hood on, to keep my hair from getting wet and my jacket zipped all the way. My pants were stained dark blue and my sneakers and socks were soaked.
I was walking with my gaze locked on the ground, to keep my glasses from getting all stained from the rain.
I was sure my schoolbooks were soaked as well.
I felt one of those melancholic moods coming up. You know, when in the movies it rains, the characters always go philosophic? Well, yeah, that sorta thing. Only not that philosophic.
See, I had this crush on this guy. Sad thing was, I wasn't sure if he liked me. I mean, we talked sometimes, but that's it. And he really seemed to be liking this other girl.
Damn, I was hooked. Every time I saw him smile, my stomach went all fuzzy. I didn't blush or stutter or anything. Nah, I was cool. Or pretended to be anyway.
This guy had even made me lose my appetite. And you need a LOT to get me to lose my appetite. I love food.
I really didn't feel like going home, even though it was raining.
I felt miserable.
I knew he knew that I existed, but he didn't really notice me. Probably just thought of me as 'the weird girl'. Most knew me under that description.
I tell the truth, not what people want to hear. I'm also not gonna go all BFF when I don't like someone.
I wear the clothes I like, I have the haircut I like. I obsess with the stuff that not much people like.
I'm me.
And people just really like to hear what they want to hear, not the truth. Want everyone to be BFF with them, because it makes them feel popular.
They think different is bad.
Well, I'm different.
So, I guess I'm bad.

I turned the corner and entered my street. I paused, not wanting to return to the normal, boring routine of going to school, relaxing, sleeping, … I wanted … Something else.
I started walking again, entered my house and found nobody there. My dad was probably still at work, as would be my mom. So I dropped of my stuff, grabbed my purse and went out again. In the pouring rain.

I came at the park. I stood there for a moment.
I had always liked the park. The trees, the flowers, they calmed me.
I walked over to the huge willow and sat against its trunk.
Willows have always had something magical to me. Like they protected a passage to another world. A magical world.
I used to dream I'd go there and meet elves and little fairies and dwarves and all kinds of magical creatures.
But there wasn't any. No passage. No world. No magical creatures.
Just this mad world, destroying itself.

"Hey," someone said.
I looked up.
"Adan?" I said, surprised.
"Yeah, uh, can I join you over there? It's kinda raining very hard," he said.
I nodded and he sat next to me.
I could feel my heart hammering and I sincerely hope I wasn't blushing.
We just sat there for a while. I really calmed down.
"I should go, it's getting late, "I said and I stood up. I didn't really want to leave, but my parents would be worried.
He stood up as well and we walked from under the willow, into the rain. It felt like I had just left my imaginary world and had the cruel reality wash over me.
I shivered, it was really cold. I mentally cursed myself for not bringing a coat.
"Wanna share?" Adan smiled and opened his jacket, spreading it invitingly.
Okay, I was definitely blushing now.
"Um, sure," I said and stepped into his arms.
I must have been a tomato. Seriously.
And then…

Then, he kissed me. A soft, butterfly kiss on my lips. In the rain.
And although, people describe different as bad and , although there is no magical world with magical creatures and although I was completely soaked again, I didn't care. I felt right.
The world didn't seem so bad anymore.
I could be okay with living in a world without fairies.
A single kiss was enough.