This one is for Linde. Late birthday gift. I sincerily apologize for my tardiness. Happy Birthday :)

"Hi Liam!" I yelled, then blushed. Why did I always just blurt out every thought? He must think I'm crazy or something.
"Hi [Insert Name Here]," He said and smiled.
I automatically grinned back. Omg. He said hi! I was completely fangirling on the inside, but keeping it cool on the outside of course.
"So, you have any plans tonight?" A voice said in my ear. I made a little jump of surprise and noticed Liam standing next to me. I hadn't seen him come my way.
"Gods, Liam, don't creep up on me like that!" I said. As my brain caught up, the nearly faded blush intruded on my cheeks again.
He looked at me with a sarcastic look on his face.
"You must be both blind and deaf then," He said, grinning.
"You'll just have to fix me then," I retorted.
Damn. I seriously need to stop doing that.
He just smiled and said: "Sure, I'll fix you, no worries. How about tonight?"
"Uh, yeah, sure. It's not like I have any plans, so yeah." I stuttered.
"I'll pick you up at seven," and he walked over to his friends.
I had a date with Liam.
I rushed home and immediately started getting ready.

It was nearly seven when a thought came up.
He said he'd pick me up at seven. At my place? But how could he even know where I lived? I'd never told him.
I started worrying. Hoping the date wouldn't be cancelled.
Minutes passed with me worrying, waiting.
Then, at last, the bell rang.
I stormed to the door and opened it.
"Hey," He said and grinned.
"Hey," I said. "Give me a sec."
I grabbed my purse and then we left.

"Hey, uhm, I've got a question," I said while we were walking. We were just walking around a bit, talking and laughing a lot.
"Then ask," he smiled.
"How do you know where I live?"
"Eh," He was actually blushing.
"Well, I know this might seem like I'm a stalker or something, but I'm not. I thought you were pretty cool, so I asked your friend Luna some stuff and she was all too willing to tell me-"
I just kissed him.
He bowed his head a little, because he was the taller one.
As the kiss was about to end, I stood on my tiptoes to make it last just the tiniest bit longer.
"Seems like you're the one that needs the curing," I said.
He just kissed me again.