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Chapter 6: What Kind of Meat is That?


Day 2 07:28:21

Cpl. Gary "Bug" Sanderson

Dean Winchester

Sam Winchester

Forests of Idaho


Gary cursed under his breath as he once more had to fight his way through the ocean of bugs. The brothers didn't seem to care about the insects though. On the contrary they seemed to enjoy their presence. Gary knew that was only because they found his irritated behavior hilarious.

"Weren't you a soldier of a special force?" Dean asked with a big grin on his face.

Gary didn't really want to answer because he knew what was coming next. "Mhm," he just simply answered without opening him mouth in fear of bugs flying into in.

"How come you can't handle a few flies then?" Dean chuckled and punched Gary on the shoulder.

Shut up Gary, don't say anything. You just have to find Ghost and then you don't have to see those jerks anymore, the young Corporal thought and tried to focus on where he put his feet. It was strange but he would do anything to be alone with the Lieutenant instead of these guys. Suddenly Ghost's bitching, arrogant and purely mean behavior didn't seem to bother him at all.

"Just so you know. I don't believe in this crazy shit you guys have told me. I know vampires and such don't exist. I'm only asking for your help because there's no one else to ask okay?" he said and spit out a few flies that had flown into his mouth. He made a mental note to wash his mouth when he gets the chance.

"Whatever. I'm gonna love the look on your face when you get eye to eye with the wendigo," Dean said and laughed at the thought.

Gary shook his head. "Well I'm gonna love the look on your face when you get eye to eye with Makarov."

"Shut it you two. We're getting close now. We need to be quiet," Sam said with traces of irritation in his voice.

"Sam. The wendigo can hear us breathing and smell our blood from miles away. It doesn't matter if we're quiet or if we scream. Bitch," Dean said in his husky voice. Gary wondered if the man's voice really was that deep or if he faked it. After seeing how badly the man tried to be butch he was prepared to bet on the latter one.

"Jerk," Sam muttered back.

"Well Sam has a point. I don't know about any wendigo but terrorist surely can't smell our blood or hear us breathing. We probably should be quiet," the Corporal said and was paid with an angry look from the older Winchester brother.

"For the last time, there is no freaking terrorist. Get that into your head you douchebag!"

Gary rolled his eyes. Yes, he was definitely preferring his superiors remarks.

"Dean stop calling…" Sam started but was interrupted by Gary who raised his hand as a symbol for them to stop.

"Tango at twelve o'clock," Gary whispered and crouched down to hide himself from the stranger's sight. Dean and Sam followed his move and stayed silent.

The young Corporal studied the man's move with focused eyes. His finger was ready on the trigger in case he was spotted.

"You sure he's a bad guy?" Sam asked. He was used to ghosts and werewolves not normal humans. He could see if a person was a vampire easily but to see if a normal human being was good or bad, that he just simply couldn't.

"Positive, he's got a fucking holster if you haven't noticed," Gary answered, getting really annoyed at the brothers.

"So? He could be a normal park ranger?" Dean said and shrugged his shoulders.

Gary shook his head and sighed. "Listen, I've seen enough terrorists to recognize one when I see one. And he, he's a fucking terrorist!" he whispered out with a harsh tone in his voice.

The guard seemed to have heard them though because he turned around quickly and pulled up his hand gun. But Gary was just a bit faster and shot the man right between the eyes. The Corporal was glad that he'd chosen to put a silencer on his FAL.

"What the hell is a terrorist doing here? What if he just was a guard to the factory?" Sam asked getting worried that they might just have killed a normal guard.

"Sammy, he was going to shoot us," Dean said and rose.

"Have you been inside the factory?" Gary asked as his falcon eyes searched for others in the area.

"No, but I guess it's time now isn't it?"

The three of them walked over to the dead guard. Gary searched through his pockets. There was nothing on him that could tie him to Makarov. He didn't even have a name tag.

"If Ghost still is alive I bet there is where he is. Let's go! Hoorah!" the Corporal said as he rose.


Day: Unknown

Time: Unknown

Lt. Simon "Ghost" Riley


Lieutenant Riley stared down at the plate in his knee. It was raw meat drenched in blood. He knew he was supposed to eat it but he just couldn't. Partly because of the fact that it was raw and bloody but mostly because it was Makarov who'd given him it. Simon didn't even want to imagine what the Russian had stuffed inside it.

He raised his glance from the food to Makarov who stood in front of him with a wide grin upon his face. "What? You're too good for raw food?" the terrorist asked and tipped his head to the side.

Ghost rolled his eyes. "What is it?" he asked and looked down at the plate again. It didn't look like pork and it didn't look like cow so what was it?

"Meat," Makarov simply answered and shrugged his shoulders.

Ghost rolled his eyes once more. "I can see that! But what kind of meat?"

"Human," the Russian said simply.

"What?" Simon asked, surely he must have misheard.

"You know that annoying spy the US government sent to investigate what was happening? Well that's him." Makarov's voice was so calm you might have thought he talked about the weather.

Ghost felt sick, he just wanted to turn his head and throw up. But he wasn't going to give that freak that pleasure. "You are one sick bugger," he just said trying to sound stable.

Makarov laughed at the younger man's remark and then he nodded towards the two guards behind Ghost.

Simon opened his mouth to ask what was happening when suddenly the guards gripped hold of his arms. Ghost tried to fight himself free but the guards were just too strong for him.

Makarov started walking towards him with that big grin upon his face. "Well we'll see just how sick you are in a few weeks."

Ghost didn't understand what the man meant and he'd quickly forgotten all about that sentence because in the next second Makarov had shoved a hand full of human meat and blood into his mouth.

Simon tried desperately to spit it out but Makarov's strong hand forced his jaws shut.

The metallic taste of death on his tongue made him want to throw up but he couldn't. He did one more try to break loose but he was like glued to his position.

He had no other choice than to swallow.

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