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Chapter 1

"In a minute" Morgan yelled, "I mean.. Spen- Reid, please give me a minute to collect my thoughts."

Reid nodded nervously his considerable brain beginning to work furiously. Scanning over every word, intonation, connotation real or implied that may have given his secret away. The jig is up. Quickly schooling his face into what he hoped was not a mask of sheer terror he waited for the words that would seal his fate.

Morgan paced in front of him still muttering to himself. His scuffed boots wore a path in the gray carpet, the noise they made unnaturally loud in the pressing silence. Reid fought the urge to fidget, the desire to fall to his knees in contrition almost impossible to ignore. He knows, He knows, He knows. I can't even think it just in case telepathy became a real thing while I was working on my thesis for a real science. But just in case don't even think it, God; I've been spending too much time with Garcia. There's no such thing as psychics just a bunch of con artists with a reasonable grasp of statistics cold reading their unsuspecting victims.

"….th me."

What did he say? Reid had been thinking too hard rambling on to himself and missed what Morgan was trying to say. Just read his face. Okaay he's giving nothing away either. Damn profilers! Just nod. His head bobbed along with his thoughts, but what if it was something he didn't want to hear…take it back, take it back. He quickly turned the head bob into a sideways shake.

Morgan's face dropped just a little before settling back into his usual affable conviviality. A movement so minute only a handful of people on the planet would have caught it.

Oh god he knows. Deny, deny, deny, you aren't going to lose him over an unproven lifestyle choice. A few dreams and musings late at night in the privacy of your apartment aren't indicative of sexual preference and if he'd provoked many a torrid fantasy that led to violent emissions that was his private business.

"So you don't – uh think that over time maybe it would work out?" Morgan asked his voice a low rasp.

Oh my God what is happening? He's disappointed. Now he's turning away, "get out of your head", Reid scolded himself as he rushed after the darker man slamming into him when he stopped abruptly. Reid flinched away before he clung to the heat of Morgan's back like a crazed spider monkey. He backed up even further when Morgan turned around.

"I know it's a lot to take in and I know that to you it seems kind of sudden and out of the freaking left field but I have been thinking about us for awhile. Longer than I'm willing to admit. I know that I'm not a good bet. Between the history and all the women I'm a fucking mess – I know that. " The break in his voice was heartbreaking to hear. "You are good Reid, so good and I'm covered in so much crap. But I love you and I promise you it will be enough."

This is a dream. It has to be.

"Reid please say something – in words. Come on. You're good at those. Statistics about gay couples in law enforcement making it or crashing and burning? Say anything."

"I – us, huh?" he squeaked, fumbling to stand up straight and look his best friend in the eye despite the fact that his spine had just turned to jello.

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