How many other people could she asked to do this? Sakura was procrastinating; she was slowly packing her things into a her cute pink and red carry on. In just a few minutes, she'd be in the Akatsuki's base. No questions asked. She'd be their little helper—and it severely pissed her off. How did this happen, why was it happening? It was still a bit fuzzy to her.


Sakura walked into Tsunade's office from just returning from a mission with Naruto and Sai. She was in a pretty good mood. The mission went smoothly, and she actually enjoyed it this time. On bad days, she'd end up giving Naruto about ten punches to the face. Kakashi had gotten so used to it that he never really bothered stopping it from happening.

Sakura smiled, sitting on the chair in front of Tsunade's desk. Tsunade took a sip from a little tea cup—most likely it was Saki—and leveled her eyes with Sakura.

"You needed me?" Sakura asked. Tsunade took a calming breath and tried to think of a way to tell Sakura. The fact that Tsunade was debating about something made Sakura nervous now.

"Yes, it's about a mission. I need you to keep calm about this because I already know you're not going to like it. But it involves a medic ninja and you're the only one I trust for this. The Akatsuki need medically trained nin. I told them I'd send someone over to stay for a while until they get a more permanent one, so I need you to stay with them until further notice."

Sakura's eye twitched.

"Don't they already have a medic ninja?" Sakura asked in a clipped tone. Tsunade shrugged slightly, folding her hands on her desk.

"It's giving us a chance to form some kind of alliance with them, Sakura. I promise you, if anything goes wrong we'll pull you out and deal with it properly. Now, stop whining and start packing. They'll be expecting you in a few hours."

Sakura narrowed her eyes. "What if I get raped?"

Tsunade laughed slightly. "They might have better things to do then focus on raping you, Sakura. You're only there to help. You don't need to interact with them in any other way other than healing."

Sakura held back a groan and stood up. "Yes, ma'am…"

End flashback

"Kami, why me?" Sakura muttered to herself. She pulled her carry on over her shoulder. She locked the door to her apartment, taking her time as she walked to the entrance of the village. She even wondered if she should stop by to get some ramen, but instead continued on walking. She needed to get this done and no matter how much she tried to put it off, it was going to happen anyway.

She arrived about an hour later. An hour late, she was. The door was cracked open. The base was usually hidden by a gen jutsu, but she guessed they'd took off the veil for her arrival. It was nice on the outside—in a scary dark way. She slowly stepped in, closing the door behind her. She stood in the corridor, looking at the long twisted stair case that must have led to their rooms.

She shuddered at the thought of being the in the same base as a few psychotic criminals. She walked a bit further in, looking around, eating it in with her eyes.

"Wow," she whispered to herself. It was beautiful, much less painful looking then she thought it'd be like. Normal looking. No screams of pain, or blood on the walls. Just a seemingly empty base.

"Hello!" Sakura called out. "I'm here!" She walked down three steps further in that led to the sitting room she believed it was. It was spacious, open and the couches looked so comfortable. As if sensing it, her legs reminded her of the soreness she'd had from walking all the way here. She dropped her bag on the floor next to a velvety black couch. She sat down on it, running her hand over the softness.


Sakura was in with a quickness, snatching up her bag and looked at the pretty blue haired girl with strange colored eyes. She wore a beautiful blue and red kimono, her hair tied up in a bun with a flower clip at the side.

"I'm Konan." She smiled pleasantly, holding her hand out. Sakura was in a bit of shock, slowly grasping the girls hand and shook it once.

"Hi." Sakura tried to smile. Konan. Sakura prayed all of them were as nice as her—but highly doubted it.

"Follow me, I'll show you to your room," Konan said softly as she turned and walked toward the staircase. Sakura followed her, walking up the hardwood stairs and holding onto the marble railing.

"Where is everyone else?" Sakura asked quietly. Both she and Konan reached the top of the staircase, Sakura was amazing by how big this place was. The rooms reached down a hall so long she could run at full speed down it and it would still take a few seconds to get to the end. The doors were all dark wood with golden knobs, and each had a letter on them. They represented the name of each member that occupied it.

"Most of them are still sleeping. It's only about ten in the morning and they don't get up until maybe around twelve." She walked to the door with no letter and unlocked it. Sakura walked in and smiled. It was a master bedroom, complete with a full bath and even her own vanity.

"Are all the rooms like this?" Sakura asked, a bit breathless. This whole mission was turning out to be less painful them she'd anticipated.

"Yes. Not as clean though. Living with men can get…gross," Konan laughed softly. "I'll let you settle in. if you need me, I'm down the hall."

She left Sakura alone and Sakura proceeded with unpacking and putting her things away. She laid on the bed, smiling. This was so bad—everything was great. Too good to be true, actually. She laid in silence…for about five minutes.

"Did that little bitch get here yet?" She heard a man holler. She frowned, sitting up. If she wasn't in such a good mood, she would've gone right out there and showed him how much of a "bitch" she could be. Another door, the one next to her room, opened.

"Hidan, shut the hell up, un," another yawned. "It's too early for this."

Hidan huffed, slamming his door shut. Two more doors opened.

"Deidara, where's Konan?" a deep voice asked.

"Uh, probably her room?"

"Where's Itachi?" a new voice asked.

"Eating fish, Kisame…I think it was your brother," Itachi murmured.

"You bastard…"

Sakura slowly stood up walking over to her door. She was about to turn the knob and open up when a loud pounding stopped her. She yelped, jumping back.

"Wake up, bitch!" Hidan yelled. Sakura pulled the door open, fuming with rage.

"Who are you calling a bitch, you psychotic manic!" Sakura yelled back.

"Hidan, leave her alone, un," Deidara muttered. He looked sleepy, his hair slightly messed up and shirtless with only pajama flannels on. He looked…pretty hot to Sakura.

"Shut up, blondie," Hidan walked downstairs. All the members, except for Hidan of course, were in the hall and looking at Sakura.

"Er, hey…"

"Oi, Pein! You didn't say she'd be cute!" Kazuku laughed. Pein rolled his eyes, walking downstairs.

"Guys, be nice to her," Konan said.

"Yeah. We'll be very nice to her," Deidara purred. The others laughed, except Itachi of course. He acted too cool for her presence and walked back into his room. The others walked off, getting dressed. She noticed one who looked different from the rest, more calm maybe.

"Hey, who are you?" she asked just as he was going to his room. He looked back at her. His eyes were a strange honey color, his skin slightly tanned. He was handsome, brown haired and almost innocent looking.


Her eyes grew wide. "What the hell happened to you?" She couldn't help it, it just slipped out. Wasn't he the cannibal one? The one that looked like a plant? When'd he get so…well cute?

"I wasn't born like that…that'd be painful." He shrugged and walked into his room. She blinked, walking downstairs.

"Bitch, make me a sand witch," Hidan said to her.

"I'm not your maid," Sakura growled, her hands on her small hips. He chuckled, muttering something she'd rather not repeat. Nevertheless, it pissed her off enough to grab a sauce pan from the kitchen, and slammed it over his head.

"WHAT THE FUCK!" He grabbed her small wrist in a fierce hold, slamming her against the wall.

"Hidan! Let her go!" Pein yelled. Hidan glared coldly at her, releasing her and left, slamming the door behind him.

"Is he always like that?" Sakura sighed, rubbing her wrist. Pein shook his head.

"Don't mind him—try to avoid him actually."

"Tobi!" Konan yelled, sounded surprisingly pissed off. She turned as a man with a orange mask ran down the stairs, Konan on his heels. He stopped in front of Sakura.


Sakura smirked. "Hello…"

"Tobi's gotta go, Konan's gonna kill Tobi!" He ran, Konan's face was red with anger. She clenched her hands into fist, shaking her head but didn't bother chasing him anymore.

"I'm going to kill—what are you doing, Tobi?" Konan gasped. Sakura turned to see him peeing in the fish tank. It was a huge fish tank with exotic looking fish.

"Kisame is going to strangle you, stop that!"

Pein, choosing not to be a part of this, sneaking into another room, closing the door behind him. Kisame ran downstairs.

"You son of a bitch!"

Sakura slowly walked back upstairs, went to her room and closed the door.

"…I'm not going to enjoy this…"

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