Chapter one

It's funny, how quickly your life can change; from one day being completely in your comfort zone living a normal life, to the next living a life you thought only exsisted in the realm of fantasy - Fighting to stay alive. As I type here, on this datapad; inside the SSV Normandy, I write the story of the life changing event that descended upon me and the ripples it created in a universe I never thought I'd see as I have.

My name is Thomas Hall, I was pretty much just your average 17 year old British teenager; medium build, short dark brown hair... and a passion for the Mass Effect video game series. I would play for hours on my Xbox 360; creating Commander Shepards and building the stories of legends, making choices that affected the game universe in so many ways; each as dynamic and creative as the last. I found solice in the amazing story, the beautiful worlds and the interesting and vibrant characters; compared to that, my life was like a blank piece of paper covered in stick men. So this world which I could escape to and become whoever I wanted quickly became a passion of mine.

However, one night changed it all. One night, just like any other, altered my life in amazing and almost impossible ways.
It was a Sunday night, I had just finnished my meal of cheese pasta bake and headed up to my room to settle down for the night and play some Mass effect before the tedium of the week began again.

I switched on my Xbox and booted up the game. The soothing synthetic sound of the title music played and the faces of the characters that had grown on me dramatically since I first starting playing the games played. After a few seconds of pressing and moving the selector over my current Commander Shepard; the classic "John Shepard" - A good solider through and through;
when I remembered I had completed the game on this save.

"Duh, Tom, you seriously didn't remember kicking sovreign's, the Geths and Saren's asses?" I mentally said to myself, walking over to my silver shelves which were lined with assorted DVDs, games and CDs; I picked up my copy of "Mass Effect 2" the cover displaying Shepard, Miranda and Thane - Looking badass as usual, their faces showing the seriousness required on the battlefield.

I put the Mass Effect 2 disc into the xbox disc tray, placing the original disc in it's case. Booting up the game and, for the second time that day, settle in for the night. The title played as usual, the bioware logo flashing up on screen in crimson.

"Thanks for making these awesome games, Bioware" I muttered to myself as the game options popped up, along side the cerberus network which hadn't displayed anything new for some time now. Selecting the "New Game" option on screen, I started to import my Commander Shepard from the original. Keep the legend alive, so to speak. After the import was complete the game started up, the overly-long cinematic played as I sat back and watched events unravel.

Watching the collector vessel destroy the orignal SSV Normandy was almost painful to watch; such good memories had been created aboard that ship and now it was being blown apart by the collectors. As Liara ran up to Shepard, her voice almost faltering under the stress and dispear of the horrible event that was unfolding the ship continued to explode at random intervals and flames were spreading around the ship like a horrible growth.

The cinemtatic drew to a close shortly after, the Normandy destroyed, most of the crew dead or injured and Shepard being drawn to a planet via its gravitational pull,in sub-zero temperatures and with breaks in his suits oxygen system; the outlook was grim for poor old Commander Shepard.

Within the next half an hour I as Commander Shepard had successfully escaped from the hacked mechs in the Cerberus faucility in which Shepard had been successfully rebuilt thanks to project "Lazarus", boarding the shuttle with Miranda Lawson and Jacob Taylor and heading to the next space station in which Shepard would be briefed by the Illusive man and told about "Freedoms Progress". In brief, the mission was a success,
obviously, and Shepard was reunited the Tali'Zorah vas Neema. The reunion was short lived however and the two parted ways after Tali left Freedoms progress with Veetor.

"It's always nice to see Tali... even when her friends are pointing guns in my face" I thought to myself as I told the Illusive man of what happened. My opinion of the Illusive man hasn't really changed much since the first time I saw him "he's still an evil,
power-hungry pain in the ass in my opinion. However he did build the "SR2 SSV Normandy" so atleast he has good taste in ships" I said internally as the cut-scene of the Joker reunion and the SR2 Normandy unveiling played, the ship flew out of the hangar bay and the game really began.

As I sat there in my bedroom playing Mass Effect 2, I noticed something odd about my xbox, instead of the usual florecent green lighting that usually illuminated both the console and the controller the lighting itself was a light blue and it wasn't just a solid light either; the light pulsed almost getting lighter and darker. I sat there in bewilderment for a few seconds before I actually took into account the randomness of the change in light colour, the same shade of blue and the pulsing pattern of it were shared oddly enough by the Mass Relays.

"What the...?" I said aloud, my voice reflecting the confusion shown on my face and that was running through my mind, perfectly.
I sat up from my bed shifted over to the end, moving closer to the xbox. I looked around the room quickly yet with a very analytical eye; making sure that nothing else in my room had changed colour from before. Everything else was as usual, just my xbox had changed to Mass Relay blue, as I have adopted to calling it. I gazed back at my xbox now, the look of confusion still etched into my face like stone.

I held up a hand to the xbox to rest my hand on it, see if anything felt odd about it, to check if anyone had cracked open my xbox and just decided to change the light filter. As I rested my hand on the console however, it began to vibrate rapdidly and the light grew brighter and brigher. My other hand flew up to my face to sheild by eyes from the light of the xbox - which was now filling the room as far as I could tell.

My other hand still rested on the console, my heart pounding in my chest I daren't move at all, at the risk of the xbox exploding in my face.
I knelt there, heart racing, breathing rapidly when a pulse of energy fired from the console which sent me realing back off my bed to the floor.
The light still filling the room, I hit my head hard on the floor as I was thrown back.

The room swrilled, losing grip of where I was; what was up and what was down. My ears buzzed; all I could hear was a high-pitched buzzing in my head, the light flickered, everything went black. I lost conciousness.