Finding Your Spirit

By: Light-Eco-Sage

Rated: Teen for safety.

Summary: Korra has really screwed up now. Amon is one step closer to his goal of destroying all Bending and if Korra cannot get in contact with her spiritual side and Avatar Aang soon, she may never Bend again.

Disclaimer: The Legend of Korra is owned by Mike, Bryan, and Nickelodeon.

Spoilers: This story contains more speculation then spoilers.

LES: This story was originally going to be written for the current Kataang Forever Avatar writing contest. The theme is "Legend of Korra." But I didn't get it finished in time. So it's just a regular story now. But still a great idea.

Chapter I: The Screw Up

Sitting up and waiting on a late teenager: it was a feeling that Katara was very familiar with. Her sons and daughter had all inherited her late husband's sense of adventure and would often disappear for days at a time. During those times, she would worry as all mothers would, but they'd always returned in the end, with tales of the things they'd done or the people they met.

Tenzin, however, was not used to the feeling. His own children were not old enough to desire an escape from their parents, so he had no idea what to do with himself now that Korra had been missing for over a day.

"Completely irresponsible." Tenzin muttered to himself as he paced. "Does she not understand how important her Airbending training is? I should have known better than to let her go gallivanting with those… Probending boys."

Katara sighed. Tenzin had most certainly inherited her temper and it was often directed at the teenage Avatar. "Tenzin, this is just what teenagers do. Don't you remember how you and your siblings would leave the island for days on end? Nothing bad ever happened to you."

"This is… different, Mother." Tenzin sighed. "Times are different now. "When we left the island, we were always safe. When we were teenagers, there was no anti-Bending revolution slowly swallowing the city. Korra could be anywhere. Anything could have happened."

"Lin has her people looking for Korra, doesn't she?" Katara asked.

Tenzin nodded. "She may not like that the Avatar is in Republic City, but even she would not risk her getting hurt."

"We just need to calm down and wait." Katara said. "Pema would tell you the same thing if she could."

Pema, Tenzin's pregnant wife, was now very close to term with her fourth pregnancy and had taken to laying down most of the day. She was currently having a nap right now, and Tenzin didn't dare disturb her, even for something as important as a missing Avatar.

He was just glad that his mother was here. She had come to visit Air Temple Island from the South Pole yesterday, to check on Korra's progress with Airbending. However, she had not returned at the usual time, which led to them standing around and waiting one day later.

A loud noise sounded out of the darkness and both Tenzin and Katara glanced around at the source. They could both see a strange, lopsided creature moving closer to them. Tenzin calmly shifted his stance, ready to Airbend at a moment's notice. This would not be the first time that the Equalist Chi-Blockers had attacked the island home of the new Air Nation. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw his mother's hand find the stopper on her water bloat. Two masters: they were a match for anything the Chi-blockers could dish out.

However, they both froze when the thing moved into the light and they saw what it was. It was Korra, Mako, and Bolin. Mako had a noticeable limp, while Bolin's right arm hung uselessly at his side. Both of the boys were struggling to support the weight of their third member. Korra appeared to be completely prone, unable to walk or stand on her own.

"We're here." Mako grunted.

Korra lifted her head and met Tenzin's eyes. "Hey, Tenzin. I think I really screwed up this time." She said before her head drooped again.

Both Tenzin and Katara moved forward to help the three move towards the Temple. As they got closer to the building, the Air Acolytes noticed and rushed over to help. They relieved Mako and Bolin of their burden and assisted them in following the group.

While they settled Korra down on a bed, Katara turned her attention to the brothers. "Chi-blockers?" She asked.

"Yeah." Bolin said. "They got us pretty good."

Katara moved over to them. She could tell from the flow of their energy that they had, indeed, run afoul of the Equalist Chi-blockers. Back when she had fought against Ty Lee during the war, the only way to help the blocked chi was to either let it heal on its own or help the process with her Waterbending. But Katara knew better ways to help now. Ty Lee had taught her how to reverse the block using the same pressure points that were used to cause it.

She took Bolin's arm, studying the block. "This is going to hurt, but you'll feel better when it's done." Without giving Bolin time to protest, she manipulated the pressure points as quickly as she could. Bolin gasped in pain, but a few seconds later, he could feel his arm again.

He pumped his hand into a fist a few times, checking to see that everything worked again. "Thanks, um…"

"Katara." The old Waterbender supplied her name as she worked her magic on Mako's side, returning feeling to his leg.

"Katara? The Master Katara? Avatar Aang's widow?" Mako asked, massaging his leg to get feeling to it again.

"Yes, she is my mother." Tenzin interjected. "Mother, I think you should come look at Korra." As Katara took his place at Korra's side, Tenzin moved over to the Bending brothers. "You'll have to wait outside."

"What?" Bolin protested. "Do you know what we had to do? She was captured by Amon, and we busted her out of there without any help from anyone else!"

"And I thank you for it." Tenzin said. "But we need to find out what is wrong with her. "This isn't just a Chi-block."

"How do you know?" Mako asked. "I've seen the Chi-blockers completely immobilize someone before."

"Because it should have worn off by now." Tenzin said seriously, leading them towards the door and closing it behind them.

Over at the bed, Katara was carefully examining Korra. "Can you tell me what happened?" She asked.

"Yeah." Korra said. "I had just left the Probending arena for training, and I was ambushed by some of the Equalists. At first, I didn't have a problem holding them off, but Amon showed up." Korra shuttered. "He did something to me while I was distracted with the others. It must've been some weird Chi-blocking technique because the next thing I knew I couldn't bend or move. They dragged me back to their hideout. I'm not sure how long I was in there, but Mako and Bolin were able to break me out."

"Korra, this is very important." Katara began. "When Amon grabbed you, do you remember how he grabbed you?"

"Yeah…" Korra said thoughtfully after some hesitation. "That's the weird part. He was behind me… he reached around and grabbed by forehead and my, um… chest. That's when I couldn't remember anything else."

Korra knew instantly that something was serious. Katara let out a heavy sigh and lowered her head. Tenzin watched his mother. "Mother, is this a type of Chi-blocking that you've encountered before?"

"I have encountered it, but this is not Chi-blocking. This is worse than that. Much worse." Katara said. "This sounds like Energybending to me."

"Energybending?" Korra asked, confused. She'd never heard of it, and yet the phrase awakened something in the deepest pits of her memory. It meant something to her, but she couldn't figure out what. "What's that?"

"Energybending was a lost form of Bending until seventy years ago, when it was rediscovered by Aang." Katara said.

"You mean…?" Tenzin began, horror dawning on his face. He'd obviously started to understand what had Katara so worried.

"Yes." Katara said.

"Well, I still don't understand. What's going on?" Korra said.

"I'm sure that the White Lotus must've told you stories about how Aang defeated Firelord Ozai."

"Yes, but they were never very clear." Korra said. "They just said that he made the Firelord incapable of bending, but they never explained how."

"That was deliberate." Katara said. "Aang did not what Energybending to become common knowledge. He didn't even talk to me about it, except for a few occasions. It was Energybending that he used to take away Firelord Ozai's Bending many years ago."

"But… you can fix it, right?" Korra asked hopefully. "Like you fixed Bolin and Mako, you can fix it, right?"

Katara sighed again. "Korra… I'm afraid that it's permanent."

For a long while, no one spoke. And then Korra growled. "No way! That's wrong! I'm the Avatar! There's no way a two-bit thug like Amon could take away my Bending with some dead Bending art!"

"I've always suspected that Amon was more dangerous than he appeared." Tenzin said softly. "But a man like that… having the ability to take people's Bending away… especially the Avatar's Bending?"

"No, that can't be true! There has to be a way to get my Bending back!" Korra yelled. "Master Katara, please!"

Katara gazed at the young Avatar with true pity in her eyes. "I do not know very much about Energybending, or if there is a way to reverse it. I can think of only one person who could help you: Aang."

"Um… Avatar Aang has been dead for seventeen years." Korra said. "How is he supposed to help me?"

"Then the answer is obvious." Tenzin said. "Korra must become in touch with her spiritual side and learn to cross over into the Spirit World. She can seek the guidance of my father there."

"You mean… if I don't manage to get to the Spirit World, I'll never be able to Bend again?" Korra gasped.

"It seems that way." Tenzin said.