When the bell rang for first period to be over, Tweek was still in a shocked state of mind. The overwhelming power of the news bestowed upon the coffee fiend tied him down to his chair like heavy duty duct tape.

He was well beyond disturbed at the test scores given to him by Mrs. Peterson.

He usually studies his ass off every single test and yet for some diabolical twist of fate, he only managed to barely pass it. For most students, it would be considered a miracle. But for a meticulous student such as Tweek Tweak, that demonic woman might as well stomp on an adorable puppy right in front of him.

AP students simply do not ever get a "C" on a simple five-paragraph essay exam.

He knew he had to get to his 2nd period class right away. That crazy French teacher is so unpredictable, he would never know if she would simply brush aside his tardiness or force him to stand outside for the rest of the period. But since that class was literally right next door, the thought of being late was far from his top list of concerns.

Tweek quickly gathered his writing materials into his backpack and walked to Mrs. Paterson, who was busying herself by rewriting the complex notes on a Shakespearian play on the dry erase board.

"Erk, Mrs. Peterson?"

She turned around with a slightly worried expression. "What is it, Tweek?"

"Is it possible for me to retake the exam or something? Urk!"

"Tweek, we both know I don't allow that privilege for AP students", she said sympathetically.

"But is there some way to make up for those points?" The teacher had a fucked up grading system so it would take Tweek to pass at least five tests with straights A's in order to bring his grade back up again. Grades were closing soon for the first term; he simply wouldn't have enough time to do that.

"Well", Mrs. Peterson pondered out loud as she sat on her desk and looked through the random sheets of paper scattered around.

She abruptly stopped at one sheet covered with red pen marks and pursed her lips. Tweek recognized that look of frustration was geared towards someone in one of her standard classes She always rants about how the students in it are so lazy and misbehaving, the students always relished each minute she was wasting away so the period can go by faster.

Suddenly, her eyes started to dart quickly between Tweek and that sheet of paper. Tweek was getting horribly nervous at the predatory smile spreading across the teacher's face.

"Well, Tweek, I guess I do have something for you to work on as extra credit.

He did not like that tone of voice one bit.

"W-what is it?"

"Do you know Craig Tucker?"


"Er, yeah?"

Oh, hell no.

"He's one of my students in my standard classes that I teach and it turns out he needs a damn good tutor."

Teacher please please please no no no no, don't ASK ME TO-

"Would you like to be Craig's tutor?

She has got to be off her rocker if she intended to have Tweek tutor one of the most stubborn, apathetic, twats in this fucked up school.

"Uh, I'm not sure if I'd be the best tutor for him. H-how about Wendy or Kyle or… Token! I know those two are friends and all"

"Token told me he can't tutor Craig because Token is too busy with football practice. And Craig told me 'I would rather have my guinea pig shoved up my rectum then to spend more than two minutes being in Kyle or Wendy's presence."

Sounds like Craig alright.

"Well, erk, besides the lack of options, I-I'm not exactly a great tutor myself.

"Don't be so modest! I've seen you help others in the class to understand the themes better and improve their writing ten-fold!"

True, he still gets hugs and 'thanks dude' by Annie or Scott every now and then ever since he always help those two get good marks on the reading assignments but those guys were nice and willing to receive Tweek's help. He didn't want to deal with some stubborn fuck who doesn't appreciate it when two of the smartest and nicest kids in the school were willing to help him in the first place.

"I honestly don't think Craig would be willing to give me a chance-

"Don't worry Tweek! He knows English is the one class he needs to graduate and sadly this is the only for me to give you the credits. Besides, since you are in the honor society, you have an obligation to finish your tutoring hours."

There was a hint of, 'You are going to tutor this bastard if it kills you damn it' in her tone of voice. Tweek sighed and reluctantly accepted her offer.

Unfortunately the bell rang a couple minutes ago and he received a demerit from the deranged French Teacher.


At the same time Tweek was walking out of the class, Clyde was going through his abused locker searching for his chemistry book; idly ease-dropping on Tweek's conversation with the notorious Mrs. Peterson.

He managed to only get bits and pieces of the conversation but it sounds like something his good old pal needs to be informed about. Luck for him, Craig was in "Craig!" Clyde greeted enthusiastically as he sat on his stool.

"What", Craig asked absentmindedly, not looking away from his homework. He knew that cheeky voice meant news he could not give two shits for.

"Guess who's going to ask you out?"

"As lovely as that sounds, I prefer us to have a platonic friendship and I don't have any desire to-

Clyde scoffed and roughly shoved Craig's shoulder to the side.

"Not me dumbass! Guess again!"

Craig retaliated with a strong jab to Clyde's side. He did not want to deal with his friend's antics when he has a shit ton amount of homework to finish before class starts.

"Why should I? It's not like I care which bitch or dickhole has a crush on me for some stupid reason."

"Maybe you would care if it was a twitchy blond?"

"Thomas is straight and I doubt he is willing to bend over for any guy any time soon."

"Jesus Christ you dumb fuck, Thomas doesn't twitch."

Craig didn't look away from his paper nor did he acknowledge Clyde's silly allegations with a judging sneer. He wanted to get this shit done and over with. No need to fail chemistry too. Who the fuck was he kidding; chemistry was ironically the easiest class for him. He was just too lazy to do his homework after school.

"Clyde, I know you like to nose your pudgy nose into other people's conversations, but I think you have gone off your rocker if you heard Tweek, out of all the crazy people in the town, saying he wants to ask me out."

"Bro, I am serious! Tweek is crushing on you mad hard! He was talking to Mrs. Peterson and-

"Dude, shut your throat and think for a sec, will ya", Craig said while pinching the bridge of his nose with his free hand. "This is Mrs. Peterson we are talking about here. Tweek is a weird-ass kid, but even I doubt he is willing to go to a crazy cat lady for relationship advice. Second, you are unnecessarily making a scene."

"Bro, I am not making a scene!"

The whole class at this point was staring at them with their beady, shit-eating looks. Clyde flamboyantly waved them off to go off in their own business but only managed to get his teammates from the wrestling team to tease him further for being such a loud mouth.

Craig sighed in relief and was ready to continue finishing his homework only to be annoyed to find out class has started and the teacher announced she was going to grade the homework as a test grade and there will be a pop quiz at this exact moment.