True Devotions

Chapter 1: Baby Check-up, Visions of Past

By: Jessarie

A/N: Okay so, after months of trying to get this thing going and months of fear that all you wonderful reviewers would abandon me, I have a chapter to the sequel of True Allegiances for you. It isn't very long and is only an intro to this story, so... Happy Reading!

It was cold, Harry realized suddenly. He was cold and he really shouldn't have been. Tom was always warmer now and that meant his husband was not in the bed. This posed the question of where the man had gotten to and what was he doing. Harry pondered a moment the thought of leaving the bed when a creak sounded and the door from the bathroom opened. Tom emerged in shower of steam. Taking a shower was the answer to all his questions.

"You couldn't have waited until I was up?" he asked voice muffled by the mound of blankets. Tom chuckled and walked farther into the room pausing to press a kiss to Harry's half hidden forehead.

"Did you need anything?" Tom asked as he opened the wardrobe to dress. He chose a plain pair of black trousers before cold arms attempted to wrap around him. He laughed outright this time. "Ry? I don't think that is going to work."

Harry huffed a breath. "Are you saying I am fat?" he asked a dangerous glint entering his voice. Tom shook his head quickly. He knew now that the mood swings in a pregnant male were hellacious. "Not at all." he answered. "Ry, I think you are beautiful. Giving life to our child." Tom responded turning to face his hunsband whose belly proceeded him everywhere he went now. At seven months pregnant though, that was to be expected.

Tom smiled and stepped forward. His mission was to kiss away all the worry from the face of the man he loved and that was exactly what he did.

Twenty minutes later the two men entered the baby room, as Tom had taken to calling it. It was an extra bedroom that had been converted to accomidate all the things need for Harry's examinations and birth of their baby. Poppy was standing in the room waiting to examine Harry and the baby.

As the medi-witch did what she need to do, Harry let his thoughts wander. He remembered times before when he knew Voldemort and now when he knew Tom.

It was on that same night almost a year ago when the largest and biggest enchanment ever put upon a person broke. You see, Voldemort was not Tom Riddle and Tom Riddle was not Voldemort. It was a very complicated bit of magic found in an old tome in a vault in Gringotts one day close to 60 years ago. Albus Dumbledore had found, loosly translated from the original Latin, The Book of Power: Mind Over All. He used the spell called the Corruption Enchantment, corrumpere tua mens cum malum (corrupt thine mind with evil), on a young Tom Riddle. It was said the spell when enacted did horrible things to the mind.

The only documented information on the spell besides the book of power gives the following information:

Corruption Enchantment

spell- see Book of Power: Mind Over All (missing)

This is a very difficult and very powerful enchantment no longer used because of it's instability. It is unknown how each witch or wizard will react to the spell being performed upon them. The enchanment can be broken if the magical being remembers enough information about their true nature. In a few reported cases from the late 1600's, the enchantment lasted only minutes before the person in question remembered everything. Use at your own risk...

It was when Harry discovered his true parentage and what his true destiny should have been that Voldemort remembered everything and was no longer Voldemort. Many forget the connection these two have and that they can enter one another's mind if Occulmency is not up to par.

"Ry. Ry." a voice called jolting Harry from his musings of the past. Tom's face hovered above his own. "She said our little girl is healthy and should be ready to be born soon." Harry smiled.

"He is correct." Poppy said. "You should be cautious. Male pregnancies may deliver early and can have stronger pains involved. Call me immediately if you feel any pain in your abdomen, lower back, or get an extreme migraine. Best of luck gentlemen." and then she left the room.

"A little girl." Harry whispered. "What shall we name her?" he asked looking up into the bright red eyes that reminded him every day of what a sad old man had put his husband through. 'Maybe they weren't done getting their revenge just yet.' Harry thought as Tom began listing baby names in his ear. The two men walked down to breakfast happy in the life they had built, or so Tom thought.

A/N: I don't know how many chappies this will be. I know I want to see them with their girl, I want to explain more about Harry's dads, and I want to round the whole thing off. So maybe 3 or 4 more chappies. Hope you all like this and if you see any boo-boos, let me know as I have never had a Beta and don't like working with one, lol...

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