True Devotions

Chapter 2: The Future Is Devoted To You

By: Jessarie

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Tom instinctively took a slight step back away from his husband. He knew the pain would be bad, but he had not realized he would have his manhood threaten multiple times and in front of a bunch of people. The whole inner circle was in the house probably waiting outside the door.

It was three and a half hours later before Poppy gave Harry the okay to begin pushing. Tom stood by his husbands side holing his hand in silent support. He watched as the baby began to be born. His daughter would soon be in the world.

Suddenly, a red light erupted from the birthing area and shot out at Poppy. The medi-witch fell to the floor in obvious pain.

"Harry? You okay?" Tom asked first and foremost. "I think so, but it hurts and I don't know what to do." he answered.

Tom slid his hand out of Harry's own and went to the door. He opened it and yelled out. "Severus? Come here. NOW!"

The potions master was in the room within moments. When he saw the state of things he chuckled. "You didn't check the baby's power levels prior to delivery." he stated.

"No." Tom answered. "It seemed fine." Severus just smiled.

"Sev. Help me." Harry stated before he screamed as another contraction overtook him. "Push, Harry. As hard as you can and don't stop. She is almost out already." Severus answered. A wailing cry sounded throughout the room minutes later. Harry slid back onto the bed in exhaustion.

Severus began cleaning the babe as Poppy began to stir on the floor. She startled when she saw Severus in the room. "Let me check her our." She said standing and coming over.

"What happened?" Poppy asked. "Tom dragged me in here when you were hit by the baby's spell." The stunned faces around him made Severus chuckle once more.

"You two," he began pointing at the new fathers. "are the most powerful wizards in our world. You each passed on at least a quarter of your magical power to her when you conceived. Add that to her own magical properties and think about how much magic that child really has." Severus stated.

Harry laughed. "We are never going to be normal are we?" Tom grinned as well. "No, love, we will not."

Almost two months later, Harry awoke fully refreshed. He glanced about seeing no one in their chambers. Last night had been his and Tom's first since their daughters birth. He was sore but happy.

He cast a quick time spell only to panic. It was after eight and his daughter had not been fed since four. He made a quick stop to the restroom and found some clean clothes.

The back stairwell, Harry had discovered got him downstairs faster than using the main one. He headed for Tom's study think perhaps he had awoken early with their precious little girl.

The scene Harry walked in on was something he will never forget. Tom was singing to their daughter. Sitting in his desk chair with an empty bottle on the desk. He had not noticed Harry yet.

"Thru devotion, blessed are the children
Praise the teacher, that brings true love to many
your devotion, opens all life's treasures
and deliverance, from the fruits of evil.
So our mission, to bring a melody,
ringin' voices sing sweet harmony

For you here's a song, to make your day brighter.
One that will last, you long thru troubled days.
Giving your heart the light to brighten.
All of the dark that falls in your way
You need devotion. bless the children
deliverance from the fruits of evil

In everyone's life, there's a need to be happy.
Let the sun shine, a smile your way.
Open your heart, feel a touch of devotion.
Maybe this song, will help uplift your day.

Make a better way
You need devotion"

Harry clapped softly and stepped farther into the room. "Beautiful." Tom smiled. "She is." Harry laughed. "I meant you. But she is amazing also." Tom's smile widened even more. "Out of curiosity though, you do know Devotion is a muggle song, right?" Harry asked him. Tom actually laughed at that. "Yes, Ry. By Earth, Wind, and Fire, if I am not mistaken. I was raised muggle, you know." Tom answered. Both fathers grinning down at their daughter.

It was a few weeks after their daughters two month mark. They were holding a slight party for the birth of their daughter. "So, Harry. Are you going to tell us or or we going to call her Baby for another month." Someone asked. No one but Tom and Harry knew her name at this point though, as was wizarding tradition. Harry grinned.

Stepping up next to his husband and sliding his daughter into his arms he looked to Tom. "Go ahead." Tom whispered.

"We present to you our daughter. Alya Gwydion Lilyana Riddle, Heir Lady Potter." Harry said trying not to laugh at the faces before him.

"If I understand correctly it means Heavenly God of Magic Lily Flower." Sev said stepping forward. "Perfect." Sirius whispered stepping up as well to hug his son and family.

"So, when you want to try for another one?" Tom whispered just as Harry went to take a sip of his pumpkin juice.

Coughing slightly Harry recovered and grinned once more. Sliding Tom's hand to his own belly. "Done." he whispered back.

A/N: So... That is that... The End... My first full story with a mini-sequel.