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A Simple Comment

By WonderlandIsAnIllusion

Pit defeated Medusa and after that Palutena for a couple of days told Pit 'I'm too busy at the moment to answer your question'.

"Captain, We have some information that you need to hear." A Centurion stated calmly and he looked into his Captain's blue eyes.

"What is it?" Pit asked curiously, a Centurion mutters into his ear and the angels blue eyes went wide in horror. His cheeks turned a bright shade of red. Pit looked at the Centurions and they looked at him.

"Thank you for telling me…" Pit managed to say calmly, he turned his back to them, and dashed away with flushed cheeks.

"Lady Palutena! Lady Palutena!" Pit cried out and the Goddess appeared before him.

"Yes, Pit. What is wrong?"

"I completely embarrassed myself….for there is another meaning to being easy in bed and the forces of the underworld would think of the perverted meaning of being easy in bed. The Centurions told me and also informed me the definition of slutty." Pit told her, his cheeks red, he looked upset, and Palutena sighed to herself. "I wish that I could defeat Thanatos again for saying such a degrading thing about me! I'm not that kind of angel! I would not ever ever be like that at all."

"Oh, Pit. I know you are not that kind of angel. It will be okay." Palutena said in a comforting voice and the angel nodded his head.

"My outfit is not skimpy, right?"

"Of course it is not skimpy. I picked that outfit out for you to wear Pit." Palutena replied, Pit smiled brightly at her, and she smiled back. "I would never pick an outfit that is vulgar or perverted out for you...Although the forces of the underworld can and will think perverted things even if your outfit was longer..Either way it doesn't matter."

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