It's the beginning of the end, The Finally!
I decided to do the sequel to Blind Eyes…Although; it's not really planned out. The first few chapters will most likely be shorter than usual just because I realized it's hard to start off a story about Sasuke…with no Sasuke. :DWell…Here's my meager attempt at the second story, Enjoy!

My Child: Kana Uchiha

There is always a reason for peoples' actions whether it be known or not. Some people act out of fear, out of distress, or even happiness can urge a being on. Sometimes they can be caught between staying and going because they are struggling on leaving one they love to reach one they loved.

As I wearily held my newborn child in my arms, I could not help but be torn between leaving and staying. True, she had only been born mere minutes ago, but my mind had already begun to form a plan to take action against a certain Uchiha. The Uchiha in which my daughter Kana resembled so much.

She was a neko like myself, but that was about the only thing that was in my likeness. The ears were a midnight black, as was the small tuff of hair that donned her delicate head. What little amount of hair she did possess mostly ran towards the back and stuck up a little bit in the back, but was not the clear style of her fathers.

Her black eyes were closed now for she had stopped screaming a little while ago. As of the moment she rested comfortably, wrapped in a white blanket and being held against my tired body.

Many of the medics had given her a strange look after taking in her appearance. They were wondering how I, with pure white hair and bright blue eyes, could produce an offspring that was such a reminder of the Uchiha clan. This idea was passed around several times that I was in contact with an Uchiha, but it had never been verified as I rejected the idea on multiple occasions.

Unfortunately, it had to be true. Kana was indeed a child of the Uchiha clan…An offspring of the last remaining Uchiha of my age, Sasuke.

Sasuke Uchiha was the only person with whom I ever truly put my trust in. I informed him of the thoughts nobody had ever heard me deliver, I allowed him to see me cry in my times of great weakness, I felt urged into his arms when no one else could even hope to get that close. I would have given Sasuke my entire life, if he had not abandoned me.

I could not blame him for abandoning me…I mean to imply that I understand why he left, and that it was a choice entirely up to him, and I could not put the blame upon his shoulders for leaving our child as well. He had no idea, even at this moment, that he had produced an offspring to continue his clan, even if she was not a purely bred Uchiha. Sasuke could not be held in my trial as guilty for making his own way, but none of this meant that I was not upset.

I could not see how he could lure me into the idea that there was some being out there who actually cared for my meager existence, and then so suddenly escape from my hold to join up with somebody who was out to destroy me. That was something I held him accountable for.

Sasuke was the only person I could ever…love.

With that being said, the average thoughts of a human would be to question my intelligence on what love is. It is true that I feel no emotions…No sensible emotions, now, anyways. Most of the time my mind is elsewhere, and I can only stare at a person when they ask a question, only give them the same blank look as looking at a wall would receive. The only one who can produce an emotion out of me is in fact, the Uchiha boy. For some reason his presence is a factor to the smallest smile I can give off, the gentlest laugh that is possible for my being, the most tears I could release from my eyes.

I do not understand love. I do not pretend to comprehend the functions of this strange emotion nor really appreciate the pain or joy it brings. I can only say I love Sasuke because that is what my cold heart is telling me to do. It beats according to him. My heart will only follow Sasuke and trust in him, and even though he left me, if he somehow managed to return, I would continue on trusting him.

Maybe it is because of my lack of emotions that I do not want to hate him…My heart will not allow me to hate him. All I want is for him to come back.

This is the only thing I can tell myself as I struggle through the days of being alone once more, but now having a child to need to care for through the sadness. I want this child, but I want Sasuke more.

I thirsted to hold him, and even though a little child took up that space where he should have been, it still felt empty. It felt empty because it was not him I held so close to my body, it was not his forehead I was kissing unsurely, it was not his hands that were clutching onto my fingers. Though they were black eyes, they were not his black eyes now staring up at me after just waking up. Though it was soft black hair, it was not his black hair that I was patting down with my pale hand. Kana was my painful reminder of Sasuke…and I could tell because I loved her as well.

There were only a few words of Sasuke's that I felt I would ever have to ignore.

"...Don't try to find me. Madara will catch you straight away and you will have no hope of escaping afterwards..."

Sasuke clearly told me not to go chasing after him, not to take any rash decisions that could put my life on the line, but this also meant he did not know that by staying away he was killing me anyways. I contemplated his all of his last words to me over and over in my head but I never once felt any comfort in any of them.

He tried.

Oh yes he definitely tried to make it seem like he would be protecting me by going away and leaving me in the care of Konoha, he even sounded as though he wanted me safe by giving me warnings on what to do and what not to do. Sasuke told me that if he was with me or not, I was going to die anyways. Madara would catch up to me sooner or later, and he promised that he would make it later by joining him.

He tried.

Sasuke tried to make his absence be furtive, but I had overheard the discussion between his group and he. Somehow, I still trusted him.

He tried.

I know he attempted to love me. I know he endeavored to comfort me, even far before he left. I know he tried to understand my lifestyle and wanted to know me more. I know he wanted to understand all these things about me…I even knew that he was trying to protect me even if it was at the cost of his own chances at destroying Itachi.

Even through all these things, everything he tried to do to help me, I had to ignore his words and run after him. Kana would most likely not be able to be in my care for the first few months of her life, but I would return to her…I would bring her father with me. Once I had gathered my strength back and was able to fight like usual there was no doubt that I would be going after Sasuke. I had no choice but to trust Konoha with the duty of caring for my child.

"Well….She looks….Not at all like you," Naruto was commenting as he had so kindly paid a visit to me in the hospital after hearing that Kana had finally been born. I had a proposition that Naruto felt as though he should be friendly to me during this time. After all, we were both Jinchuuriki, and even though I refused to exploit any pieces of my stories to him, he appeared to understand. Comprehend what I did not know, but possibly that my life was one that could not be figured out by anyone other than those who were bijuu holders.

"Oh be quiet, Naruto," the pink haired one named Sakura thwacked the boy over the head with her hand before she turned to look at me, smiling pleasantly, "She's beautiful."

I bowed my head towards the pair of shinobi, "Thank you Sakura-San…" Although I understood that Naruto was indeed correct I felt it unnecessary to point that out when it was presently clear.

"You're welcome!"

"Hmph, come on, you know you're saying that because it looks like Sasuke…" Naruto mumbled under his breath, massaging the location on his cranium that had been assaulted by the Haruno girl.

"Naruto!" Sakura's eyebrow twitched in the blonde's direction, causing him to back up with his hands held up in defense. Of course, neither of them knew that Sasuke was the actual father; Naruto and Sakura were both two of many people who suspected this. Naruto most of all because upon our first meeting many months ago, during the time I had been decided to train him, I had mentioned Sasuke in hopes of getting Naruto back on track. It did work, but at the same time I do not believe the kyuubi boy has ever forgotten about it.

"What? It's true!" Naruto defended, now on the opposing end of my hospital bed.

Sakura seemed agitated, "That isn't true! It's a beautiful baby! Just because she has black hair doesn't mean she looks like Sasuke!"

All the while I stroked Kana's silky black hair with gentle apprehensive fingers, somewhat worried that if I were to touch her in the wrong way that there was the possibility she could shatter or disappear in a whirl of smoke. I was so accustomed to things that I felt close to leaving, that it was almost a natural instinct now. To feel as though she could be merely a dream and that the second I hurt her or moved away from her, she would be gone.

Sakura then proceeded to apologizing to me about Naruto's absent-minded comments and how I need not bother myself with him, but I could only stare down at Kana.

"…That is quite alright…." I replied dully after a short while. I supposed there was no way to really tell them that Naruto was correct and so decided against saying much else. I was tired, anyhow, for the process of childbirth had been vigorous and not something I had expected. They hadn't told me that there was the possibility that the Nekomata could be released during this time, which left me to struggle between holding the demon inside its seal as well as giving birth to Kana. Both were beyond painful, but the moment after it stopped I returned to my quiet, cold state. It was easy enough to say that the medics were shocked.

Sakura noticed my weariness, "Naruto I think we should go. Yasha looks tired and I think we're bothering the baby."

I tilted my head at Kana who was simply staring at the pair with large black eyes, a somewhat questioning look in her childish eyes. Her petite black neko ears, hardly the size of a coin, were sticking straight up towards the ceiling, twitching occasionally. She did not appear bothered, but more curious about these two leaf shinobi who were speaking so rapidly towards each other.

"Yes, you should go, visiting hours are over," another mild voice confirmed, one that belonged to a medic sheeted in white, holding a pale blue clipboard in his right hand. Though his brown eyes looked calm, upon a deeper searching I saw they seemed a bit troubled. They kept flickering towards the sheets of paper that were clipped to the wooden slate.

Neither Naruto nor Sakura seemed to notice this.

They bade their goodbyes before they left without another word about it, but the moment the door closed the medic sighed.

"Miss. Satou, we've confirmed that your child is one hundred percent healthy, however there is one thing we should consult you about…"

I kept my gaze locked on the medic to show that I was indeed giving my full attention to him even if I did not respond to question what it was they were checking up with me on.

He appeared to receive the message that I wished for him to speak further, and so, much to my dismay, he did.

"The ANBU black ops, as well as the interrogation unit, have asked us to take a blood test on your child once she was born…We took these tests, and we got the results back-"

I cut off the medic with an icy tone, "You tested my child without my content?"

"It was on orders, miss," The medic bowed his head, but when his eyes met mine for the second time I found that they were even more troubled than they were before. On that cue the door opened once more and stepping through it was the blonde haired woman I recognized as the Hokage, Lady Tsunade. She was followed by a man named Ibiki who was the head of the interrogation unit. They both had stony expressions that were deadly serious.

"What would this be about…?" I questioned slowly, not at all showing my emotions on my face.

When the medic was about to respond, the Hokage cut him off to inform me herself.

"The results we've received show that this baby has both the genes and chakra from you, as well as the rouge shinobi, Sasuke Uchiha."