Spiral Knights: Corrupt Haven Chapter 5

Doors and ugly men

Kez-Kez refused to talk to him, not even give him eye contact. "Kez, please talk to me," He begged. Kez just quickened her pace and moved on

"Please?" He begged one more time. "Just tell me were we're going at least" Kez didn't respond, Buildersith looked at her and sighed. "Please..." he asked.

Kez Stopped, and thought 'maybe I shouldn't be too hard on him'. She turned to face him. "Like I said before, we're going to see Min-Min for our next mission. Buildersith eyes gleamed. "I wonder what it'll be" Buildersith Sang. Kez was walking through The Baazar, when the Palace caught her eye. She looked up to the very top window. "It Feels like he's always watching us, Saying he'll be a great leader, Yeah a leader that doesn't even give freedom to his own people" Kez mumbled. Builder looked at her, and followed her gaze to the structure. Puzzled he turned back. "Huh?"

"Urg, Don't worry about It." she grunted back. Eventually they made it to Min-Min's house. "Hey guys!" Min yelled kicking the door to her house down as she met them outside.

Buildersith's eyes widened with what just happened. "That was a little extreme wasn't it?" He questioned, Kez-Kez just glanced at him and shrugged.

Builderisth held his stomach. "Just came for a visit that's all," She finished.

Buildersith groaned in pain and sat down. "If you say so..." He said, rubbing his stomach.

"Anyway Min-Min, what's the mission?" She asked.

Min looked at builder with confusion, and trailed back to Kez and gave a Huge Smile. "Geez, Would you stop smiling like that its annoying" Complained Kez-Kez. Min raised an eyebrow. "Sorry, Miss Sunshine, didn't mean to upset yah" Min Chuckled. Kez rolled her eyes. Although she found it quite amusing, Min was still a bit worried about Kez.

There was a sudden knock at the door, or, were the door would have been, as a superior walked in, none of their specific superiors, just a random elder who stared at them. After a sort silence, he spoke. "Excuse me? Do you have any information on possible rebel groups?" He asked glancing an intimidating stare at the three.

"Hm? Who ar-" john asked before kez elbowed his ribs again.

"No sir, we have no information on the rebels, but when we do we will be sure to inform you on it," Kez said looking said superior in the eyes.

Min narrowed her eyes at the man, and let out a little "Tsh" The Superior scanned the room before replying. "Ah, yes, Indeed you will, you are Haven Knights" He chuckled. No one else laughed, except a small unsure chuckle form builder who had no idea what was going on. The two looked at him Cautiously. "Why are you asking Knights?" Min's Eyes questioned as she walked up to him. He was a little startled but calmed himself. "But of course, we believe we may have some...Eh, traitors" He stuttered. 'I wonder why' Kez Thought. He cleared his throat and excused himself.

As he had left, Builder looked at the two girls suspiciously, and stood up. "Why didn't you le-" He was elbowed again "quit that!" He yelled. "Now, why didn't you let me ask him who he is?" he asked. "And did you tell him the truth?"

"Of course I told the truth...I'd rather keep my head on my shoulders." Kez simply replied not making eye contact.

Min Stared at the door for a while. "I'd rather be slain than to sell out my friends" Min Mumbled under the breath. She turned to the others. "He's a superior, a council member, nothing special, well I don't think so anyway," She answered, gesturing with her hands. Kez Looked at her, her eyes beaming with anger.

"Heh Heh, What's with the death stare" Min Laughed. Kez took a step forward. " Did you know what you just did?" She shouted. Min shrugged. "To tell an ugly man, he's ugly, truth hurts, man I love that saying" Min chuckled. Rage filled Kez-Kez. "You know what'll happen to you if you don't follow orders!" She snapped back. Min lost her smile, her eyes shaded by her helmet. "I've been here longer than you, little girl, so don't tell me to follow orders" Min Replied before walking off though the door.

Kez sighed and followed her quickly, Builder, recovering from his pain, also followed. He followed them out of Haven, and along a path into a forest. "Why are we going here? We haven't even received our mission yet." Builder protested. Min & Kez just gave short silent stares at him before walking onward.

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