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Spiritus Leonis is Latin for 'Breath of the Lion.'

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#1 Bonus

Peter fought for many things at Beruna-Aslan's memory, the oppressed Narnians, the soldiers who trusted him to lead and died in his service, seeing his sisters' smiles again, justifying his brother's belief in him, the age-old clash of good versus evil –but not one of them was his own right to the throne.

#2 Judgement

Edmund, as a young child, had often been told that he was an excellent judge of character. Now chained in the Witch's icy dungeon, starving, freezing and terrified for the lives of his family, he can't help but give a bitter, joyless smile for irony's sake, on the severe lack of judgement that landed him here.

#3 Grammar

They scoffed and whined about the endless lessons in Narnian syntax, until the day they stood and looked out over a devastated village that had been legally burned to the ground by the Remnant Followers of the Witch through an accidental loophole in a recently passed law.

#4 Nappy

When Susan visits Anvard to see the new baby princes, she is surprised to find half a dozen nursemaids fussing over the boys and the Queen sat unhappily at the edge of the room, watching the busy, cooing women with longing in her face. Susan smiles, has her dismiss the bustling maids, and begins with a practised ease to teach her to change a nappy.

#5 Shilly-shally

Edmund has a new edict to look over. Peter has a letter to draft to the Tisroc. Susan has yet another suit to refuse, Lucy has a heavy volume on Dwarf etiquette to familiarise herself with. There are a hundred things each should be doing, and none of them is lounging on the grass as the sun sets hazily over the Western Woods.

"It's not at all proper to procrastinate over royal duties," Edmund drawls.

Peter gives a grin as golden and lazy as the evening itself, and pours Edmund the last of the summer wine.

#6 Stray

Edmund knows that he has strayed far indeed from the person he once was, and his family's fold and the happiness that once was his. He has felt the chill of winter in his heart, and the blindness of jealousy and the desire for power and the bitterness of betrayal, and he has felt the numbing sting of terror and the raw, aching hole of guilt. But then he feels Peter's arms, warm and strong about him, and Susan's soft kisses on his cheeks and Lucy's laughter bright in his ears, and he knows that he is finally home.

#7 Bunny

"Please, Peter? Please, please, please may I keep him?"

"I don't know, Lu..."

Peter heaved a sigh as Lucy cuddled the small animal to her chest, her bright blue eyes huge and beseeching, glittering with unshed tears, the smallest pout forming adorably on her lips, and he knew he was lost.


"Thanks, Peter!"

#8 Expressionist

"But Majesty, what is it?"

Mr Tumnus cocked his head to one side and squinted hard at the messy canvas. Edmund glared.

"I told you. It's the Splendour Hyaline in port."

Mr Tumnus looked dubious. "With all due respect, sire, it doesn't look like the Hyaline."

"It's an expressionist painting!"

#9 Cursive

As the sun rises bleak on the first day of Peter's fourth gruelling month on campaign, he can't help but smile when an officer presents him with three battered letters, each addressed to him, the first in Lucy's simple, bouncy handwriting, the second in Edmund's military scrawl, and the third in Susan's elegant, looping cursive.

#10 Contrite

Every so often, Lucy would arrive at lunch half an hour late, with her dress torn to ribbons, dirt crusted under her fingernails, little red scratches adorning her arms where thorns had snatched at her, and her lips stained red with berry juice. With not a hint of contrition for her lateness or state of dress, she would set a small basket of freshly picked forest fruits on the table with a beaming smile, and somehow, her siblings could never find it in themselves to berate her.

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