Million Dollar Man

Chapter Twenty – Five:

"Oh, Troy." I moaned, face against the sheet of the bed "Don't stop…fuck that feels so good."

I lay on my stomach in the middle of the bed as Troy worked his fingers into the deep muscles of my back. I could help the pleasurable moans slipped through my lips. The past week I've been diving into planning the wedding, it was taking a toll on my body. Not only did I want the wedding to be perfect, but my body also. It's only been a week, but the pain and ache of Pilates and yoga and doing my body good.

"If you're in so much pain after the classes, why do you keep doing it?" Troy asked as he moved down to my lower back.

"Because I wanna look beautiful on our wedding day. Half of New York is invited and I don't want to look like a hag standing next to you."

Troy moved down and kissed the top of my shoulder "You're perfect, Brie. You don't need to change."

"That's very sweet, thank you." I blushed "But you go to the gym to look perfect, I only wanna do the same."

"Too bad you're already there," I could hear the smirk in his voice

"Now you're just being cheesy." I giggled, but ended with another moan as he rubbed his thumbs into my lower back.

I could feel myself becoming aroused the more and more he worked against my body and with the hardness pressing into my ass, I knew the same was happening to Troy. I shifted slightly and moved from beneath him, and move to rise up on my knees. I smiled towards him before kissing him lightly on the lips. To really think about it, Troy and I haven't made love since the morning of the incident. My body craved to be with him in that way.

Troy pulled me tight against his chest, his hands moving down to grip my ass. I moaned against his lips as my hips moved against his. His hands slipped under my chemise and slowly pulled down the matching underwear, leaving me bare underneath. Troy moved me down to lie on my back, his lips only leaving mine to kiss down my neck. I moaned softly as his hand made its way down between my legs, teasing my slit slightly.

"Troy," I gripped the back of his head

He moved the strap away from my shoulder, exposing my breast, and taking the nip into his mouth. Sucking on it slightly. My hip moved up and thrust into his hip, rewarded with a low moan from deep within his chest.

"Fuck me, Troy." I moaned "I can't take it anymore, please."

Troy grabbed my hips and flipped me over onto my stomach, and then pulled my hips up against his. I felt him hands palm my ass, and slapped it lightly, causing me to yelp slightly. I turned to look over my shoulder, and saw him quickly moving to peel away his sleep pants. A small moan slipped through my lips as I watched him stroke himself, before moving towards me.

My hands fisted the sheets beneath me as he sank deep into my core, stretching me, and a loud whimper leaving my lips and a harsh curse his. My heart pounded wildly in my chest as I pushed my hips back against his thrusts, ever deafening noise of our skin slapping against each other meeting my ears. I could feel his hot breath against the skin of my shoulder before he kissed it softly and pulled me back against his chest. I felt him fist the bottom the bottom of my chemise and tear it away, leaving it in pieces and groping my tits.

"Fucking love your pussy." Troy groaned softly in my ear "So fucking tight and wet for me,"

His hands moved down my body, and soon his fingers were stroking my clit, sending me over the edge. My walls clenching around his hard cock. Troy held me tightly, as my knees fell weak, from the power of my orgasm. Troy cried my name softly into the crook of my neck as he followed soon behind me.

We stayed there on the center of our bed, holding each other, our body's slick with sweat, and our breaths labored. Troy shifted slightly, removing himself from within me, and pulled me down to lie down beside him. Turning around to face him, I caressed his cheek softly, before kissing him on the lips.

"I love you,"

"I love you too," Troy whispered softly, before kissing me again.

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