Million Dollar Man

Chapter Twenty – Seven: Four Years Later

I sat on the back porch of our home watching as my husband of four years ran around with our son. A smile grew wider every time I heard Frances, our four year old son, chasing after Troy. It was amazing that it has been four years since we've been married. It almost felt so much longer, but in a good way. I loved Troy more then anything, and being the woman by his side felt like my place in life.

A small cooing noise was heard from my lap, and I smiled down towards my daughter. She was only born four months ago, and was a spitting image of her father. She had the same dimples in her cheeks and shining blue eyes. The dark hair beneath her sun cap giving the only indication she was my daughter. She stole my heart the moment she was born; Lucille was her name, after Troy's grandmother.

She smiled slightly in her sleep, her dimples showing, before cuddling closer to my stomach. A playful scream was heard from the back yard and I saw Troy throwing Frances onto his shoulder. I smiled once more, before standing and heading inside. I knew Lucille would be more comfortable in her basinet, and she couldn't be out in the sun too long. As I placed her back into her basinet, I kissed her cheek, before setting her down. Before leaving my bedroom that I shared with Troy, I turned on her baby monitor.

Lucille had her own room, but Troy hated the fact of leaving her alone. He did the same with Frances, would let either of them sleep in the nursery until they were a year. It was sweet, how much he wanted to protect them.

Since Troy was still heavy in his family business, he worried for us. I could see it on his face whenever he left us for work. We moved to the suburbs to be away from the city and any possible threats, but the worry lines were still starting to show on his face. Even in a high security home, he worried. Frances didn't know what he father did, and probably wouldn't till he could fully understand. All he knows is that Troy is an important man, but it still hurts to know that one day, my son will take his fathers place. Every time the phone rang, I feared it was Chad telling me Troy had been killed, or arrested.

Gently closing the door behind me, I headed back downstairs and got started on dinner for the family. Only twenty minutes of cooking, I head the sliding door open and my two favorite boys running inside. I saw that Frances was covered in dirt, but a bright smile on his face.

"Frances Edward, go straight upstairs and get cleaned up. Dinner will be ready soon." I spoke towards him, with a stern look on my face.

"Yes, mommy." He sighed,

Even though Troy was the one to be the boss at work, here in the house, I was the boss. Frances took off his shoes at the door before running upstairs to take a bath. Troy still had a smile on his face as he took of his shoes and peeled off the shirt that was covered in dirt from outside.

"Have fun?" I smiled as I began to throw the chopped vegetables into the pan on the stove.

"Yeah," He walked around the center island to stand behind me, and wrap his arms around me and kiss the curve of my neck "Don't spend enough time with him. I fear he's going to resent me or something."

I turned around to face my husband and grasped his cheeks softly. I kissed him lovingly on the lips, before smiling towards him.

"He won't resent you. He loves you, and you're his hero. Don't forget that"

Troy nodded and smiled slightly "Thanks, babe. I just want to be a good father to him. Be around for the baseball games and play time. I don't want to be like my father."

"And you're not like him. You're a wonderful father." I smiled, telling nothing but truth.

The baby monitor on the counter sounded as Lucille let out a loud cry. Troy and I broke away from each other, and he turned quickly to head up to his crying daughter. He got there quickly, as I heard him speak to her softly, through the baby monitor, calming her down from her screams.

"Don't worry baby girl, daddy's got you." Troy spoke softly.

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