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This is the sequel to 'Harry's Secret' and 'Telling Harriette'. It is now thirteen years later and Harriette has a secret of her own, one she feels she can't tell her father so asks her dad for help.

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It was the start of the school year and Harry, who turned assistant Professor to Professor of Defence Against The Dark Arts and head of Gryffindor house. Although had his own rooms they never got used as he slept and shared his room with his husband of sixteen years, potions master and head of Slytherin house Severus Snape. Had been called into see Minerva McGonagall, headmistress of Hogwarts.

When Harriette was six, Minerva offered him a position of DADA Professor and Harry more than happily accepted. Eleven years he had been the DADA teacher and he still loved every second of it. His daughter Harriette, now seventeen was about to start her last year. Harry could still remember when she got sorted into Gryffindor, Harry had got the toy snake Severus had brought Harriette and waved it in his face laughing as Severus was determined his daughter would be in his house, although she did have some Slytherin qualities she was a Gryffindor through and through.

When she became a Gryffindor, Severus then taught his twin sons Slytherin qualities and was happy to see when they acted like Slytherin's so it was even more of a shock when his twin sons were sorted. Albus Severus who was Harry's double was sorted into Gryffindor and Tobias Arthur, (Toby) who was Severus' double was sorted into Ravenclaw. Harry had tried to cheer Severus up saying that if they had any more children they could go in Slytherin but Severus merely mumbled that sounded to Harry a lot like 'knowing my luck they will end up in Hufflepuff.' Albus and Toby were about to start their third year.

Harry went up the winding staircase to the head office and knocked before entering. He walked in and saw Minerva sat behind her desk.

Harry sat down opposite Minerva and saw that she looked worried and a little uncomfortable. "Minerva are you alright?"

"Yes and no Harry."

"What's wrong?"

"Two days ago I had a visit from a student who is to start her last year. She came to me in tears, scared about what will happen to her. She is pregnant Harry. I managed to calm her down in the end and told her that as she is pregnant she will be getting a room of her own, she says she has a boyfriend and I told her that he will be moving in there with her and they will be safe and have nothing to worry about. That's when she started to cry again."


"She is terrified of telling her parents, she is worried what they will think or do, especially her father. Here is were it gets difficult."

"How Minerva?"

"She made me promise not to tell her parents and I said that I wouldn't tell them but I have to."

"Why do you have to?"

"Well she is a Gryffindor."

"Oh I'm with you now. Do you want me to assure her that everything will be fine and I will look out for her and be with her when she finally decides to tell her parents."

"Oh this is difficult." Minerva sighed.

"I don't understand Minerva. Just who are her parents to make her scared of telling them?"

"It's not both her parents, it is her father's reaction that she is terrified of."

"Who is her father? Do I know him?"

"Yes Harry."

"Who is her father Minerva?"

"Severus Snape."

Harry gasped. "Harriette."

"Yes Harry." Minerva said looking at Harry closely who seemed to have gone quiet. After a full minute of silence, Minerva flicked her wand and gave Harry a little prod. Harry blinked and shook his head and looked at the headmistress. "Sorry Minerva."

"Nothing to apologise for Harry. Are you alright?"

"I will be once the news has sunk in properly. I understand Harriette worrying about telling her father but surely she should know she can confide in me."

"Are you going to confront her Harry?"

"No, that means that she knows you broke your promise to her. Can you call her in here and talk to her, let her know that I know that there is a pregnant student here and that you have had to tell me with me being head of Gryffindor but I don't know who it is. Tell her that straight away I offered to comfort this student and want to help in anyway I can."

"Of course I can Harry."

Harry nodded in thanks and stood up, going to leave the office but stopped when he reached the door. "I didn't even know she was going out with someone."

"She has been with him for four months, apparently the first time they sleep together they get caught."

"Who is my daughters boyfriend Minerva? Did she say?"

"Frank Longbottom."

Harry's eyebrows shot up. "Out of all the people Neville's son is the one to get Severus' only daughter pregnant. I reckon Neville will be in hospital when he gets told. He is still scared of Severus even now. It's worse now his son has got Severus' only daughter pregnant."

"Neville won't be that worried, after all during the war he was the only one to argue back to Voldemort and go and fight."

"That's makes no difference Minerva, Severus is different, he will say hello to Severus when he sees him but Severus will just nod his head. He respects Neville but he said Neville still seems scared of him so why spoil his fun and tell him there is no need to be scared."

"Well Harry I think Severus will no longer think that."


"I wish you all the luck for when Severus finds out."

"Thank you Minerva."

"And Harry?"



"Granddad at forty two. Blimey." Harry sighed as he left the office.

Harry left the castle and decided to have a stroll around the grounds and clear his head whilst still trying to take in what Minerva had told him, he still couldn't understand why Harriette felt as though she couldn't go to him.

Harry looked up and frowned when he saw his son running across the grounds towards the entrance, looking around as he ran to see if he was being watched. Harry cast a disillusionment charm on himself and hurried after his son he now knew was Toby. He might be a Ravenclaw but he had all the qualities of a Slytherin. Harry was actually surprised he was sorted into Ravenclaw and not Slytherin.

Harry followed his son into Hogsmeade and stopped when he saw what his son was seeing. His daughter Harriette was standing facing Frank Longbottom, he was holding onto her arm with his right hand whilst he used his left hand to cup his daughters chin up. Harry found himself smiling as he watched as Frank wiped a stray tear from his daughter's face, kissing her forehead before drawing her into a hug. Harry's smile was soon wiped from his face when he saw his son get his camera out and take a picture.

"Harriette." Toby shouted.

Harry saw his daughter turn and sigh when she saw her brother waving the photo he just took and pushed herself from Frank's arms, with a few quiet words and Frank nodding his head, Harriette parted from the Hufflepuff and walked up to her brother as Harry did. Harry stood there and watched his son and daughter. "What's up Toby?"

"I have a loving picture here. Look at that. You in your boyfriend's arms, looking cosy."

Harry frowned at his son's attitude.

Harriette sighed. "Again?"

"Yes Harriette. You know how to stop me."

"I can't tell dad and father about Frank, especially father."

"Then you know what to do."

Harriette snatched the picture out of her brother's hands. "What do you want this time?"

"Father and dad always search me when I get back to school, they won't let me have any WWW stuff."

"So you want me to go with you, you pick it, you buy it and I take it back to the castle because father and dad don't search me."

"No. You go with me, I pick it, you buy it and take it back to the castle."

"You get worse. There are so many things I can call you right now but what's the use."

Toby laughed and the siblings walked towards WWW leaving an opened mouth Harry behind.

Harry gave it five minutes and then entered the shop after taking the charm off him. "Tobias Arthur Snape."

Toby stopped mid-reach of something and put on an innocent smile when he saw his dad heading over to him and his sister. "Hi dad."

"Put it all back Tobias."

Toby sighed and took the things from Harriette's arms and replaced it all and then walked back over to his dad. "Outside. The both of you. Now."

Once outside Harry turned to his son and daughter. "Now then Tobias, I want you to apologise to your sister."

"What for?"

"I saw you leave Hogwarts and how you was looking around I knew you didn't want to be seen, but I saw you and I followed you and saw what you did and said. No blackmailing your sister or anyone else Tobias."

"I'm sorry Harriette."

"That's better, how in the world did you end up as Ravenclaw? Just get back up to the castle." Harry cast a Patronus. "I caught him blackmailing to get what he wants, he is yours to see to. Meet him at the gates. Love you."

Toby watched the stag glide away. "Who has that gone to?" he asked.

"Who else lives in the castle besides us and Albus that dad tells he loves?" Harriette said.

"Father! Dad why?"

"Because I caught you trying to blackmail your sister and if I didn't see you sneaking then you would have gotten away with it, now go. Your father is waiting."

Toby turned and skulked away. "This is so unfair." he mumbled.

Severus was stood at the school gates and watched as his son of thirteen slowly walked up to him, his head hung low and his jet black hair falling forward, covering most of his face. "Blackmailing students and then having a sulk when you got found out. You really are a mini me."

Toby looked up to see his father stood there his right eyebrow raised and his arms folded across his chest. Toby smiled a little at the 'mini me' nickname his father had called him. "I didn't blackmail another student, it was just my sister."

"Tell me Tobias what is your sister doing this year?"

"Starting her last year of school."

"So she is a student. Why are you blackmailing her?"

"It's not my secret to tell. I wouldn't tell anyway but knowing I can get something for myself out of it then why not."

"How very Slytherin of you. It baffles me that you are a Ravenclaw."

"What's my punishment?"

"Grounded until the end of your first week back."

"But that's nine days from now."

"How very perceptive of you Tobias. In. Now."

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