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This is the sequel to 'Harry's Secret' and 'Telling Harriette'. It's now thirteen years later and Harriette has a secret of her own, one she feels she can't tell her father so asks her dad for help.

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Harry woke up the next morning, smiling when he felt himself wrapped up in Severus' arms. How he missed those arms. Harry knew that never again did he want to wake up and not be in them.

Harry moved his arms and held Severus in his as he tilted his head up and kissed his chin. "Harry?"

"Morning Severus."

Severus tightened his hold on Harry and moved his head down, drawing Harry into a kiss, licking the bottom lips asking for entrance which Harry granted. How he had missed his husband. Why he didn't just sit and talk to Harry once he got told now baffled him.

They broke apart when a knocking sounded at the door. "Who knows we're here?" Harry asked.

"Dad? Father?" came Albus' voice before the door opened and their son walked in, frown on his face. "Why are you both in here?"

"I was marking here last night and it must have been later than I thought because your father came to fetch me and, well, how we were at the time we thought why waste time and go and floo back to our rooms when there is a bed-"

"Dad please stop right there." Albus said holding his hands so far up. Severus noticed the worried look on his son's face and got out of bed and put his trousers on and shirt but left it unbuttoned. "Son what's wrong?"

"I've done something."

Harry got out of bed and did the same as Severus, trousers and shirt on but shirt unbuttoned.

"What have you done son?"

"I didn't mean for it to happen, although I wanted it to happen."

Severus put his hands on Albus' upper arms. "Son what have you done?"

"I kissed Rose. Do you think uncle Ron will be mad at me?"

Severus actually laughed at the state his son had gotten into over a kiss. "Son that is what has you in this state?" he asked and hugged his son when he nodded. "Your uncle Ron will be fine with it."

"But he is protective of Rose."

"Just like I am with Harriette but you don't see me going after her boyfriend do you."

Albus frowned and pulled back from his fathers arms. "Harriette has a boyfriend? Is that what Toby was blackmailing her with?"

"Yes. But we already knew of who your sister was with. If you like Rose then continue to be with her and don't worry about your uncle Ron."

"Thanks father, dad."

Harry nodded and smiled at his son who smiled back before leaving.

"Right then." Harry said, turning to his husband, Harriette is going to tell us at noon, I told her to leave it until the weekend so it gave me more time to think of something if you were still shut off from me but you no longer are so I am going to return to our chambers and shower and change ready for when our daughter tells us."

"Want some company in the shower?"

"Always Severus. I have missed my husband and I long for his touch again."

Harry had stepped into the shower and under hot spray, moaning as the spray of water hit him, water falling hard on his shoulders which then ran down his back and chest. Severus stepped into the shower behind his husband and lathered his hands up, running his soapy hands all over Harry's chest before moving his hands further down and cupped his husbands balls with his left hand, fondling them as he used his long fingers on his right hand to wrap around the hardened shaft.

Harry let his head drop back against his husband's shoulder. "Oh Severus."

Severus chuckled darkly and thrust his erection between Harry's arse cheeks. He slid his right hand away from Harry's shaft and coated it in more soap before seeking out his husband's entrance.

Preparing Harry quickly Severus didn't want to waste time, he held Harry's hips tightly and thrust inside. Once he was fully sheathed Severus paused letting Harry clench around him. "Gods, I've missed this Harry."

His husband only moaned and Severus pulled out slowly and thrust back in, keeping a steady pace. The hot water beating down on them made their bodies slick and they slid together to the rhythm of Severus' cock in Harry.

As he got closer to his orgasm Severus increased his thrusts going harder and faster as well as reaching round to tug at Harry's cock. Making sure his husband came before him Severus pressed a finger to the tip of Harry's cock before sliding down the shaft and back up twisting his wrist near the head.

With a scream of "Severus!" Harry came. His inner muscles clenching around Severus' cock brought him to the brink of orgasm and over.

Emptying himself in his husband Severus slumped against Harry's back whispering "I love you" over and over.

After drying, they both dressed and sat and in their living area eating their breakfast, once they had ate and a house elf popped in and took their plates away, Harry got up off the sofa and sat himself down on his husband's knee, wrapping his arms around his neck. "Aren't you a little too old for sitting on my knee Harry?"

"Never Severus. Four days without you was awful, I now have the weekend and I tend to make up for those four days, this morning in the shower was just the start." Harry mumbled into Severus' neck. Harry pulled back and looked at Severus. "Remember Severus. You do need to blow up a bit because if you just act as though you are fine with it then she will start to wonder if you already know."

"I will. You have to act as though you are hearing it for the first time as well because as far as I am concerned I don't know you already know."

"I know Severus." Harry answered and buried his face into his husband's neck once more.

This was how Harriette found them one hour later. "Dad? Father? I wondered if we can talk."

"Of course sweetheart." Harry said but Severus looked closely and saw that she looked nervous. "What's wrong darling?" he asked.

She sat down on the sofa and took a deep breath. "I'm just going to say it okay?"


"I'm pregnant." when she said it she wasn't looking at Harry, she was looking at Severus who, without taking his eyes from his daughter, moved Harry from his knee and stood up. "Father?"

"I'll kill him." Harry stood up and placed his arm on Severus' arm. "No Severus, let her explain." Harry said and looked at his daughter. "Are you sure you are?"

"Yes father."

"Wait a minute, that room I did for the Gryffindor that was pregnant was for you."

"Yes daddy." Harriette saw Severus just standing there. "This wasn't just some one time thing father we have been together for a few months and decided to wait but I got caught first time. I'm sorry."

Severus looked at Harriette who looked worried, he walked over to his daughter and sat down next to her, drawing her into a hug making her look questioningly at Harry who smiled. "Father?"


"Say something."

"No matter what we will stand by you. You're our daughter Harriette and you're carrying our grandchild. Yes it's terrifying but you have our support."

"And you won't kill my boyfriend?"

"Can't I threaten that I will hurt him."

"No father. Do you know what he did the day we found out?"

"What's that sweetheart."

"He went to gringotts, emptied half his vault and opened another one and put the half in there and is going to continue to do so until baby is born."

Harry sat down on the other side of his daughter. "At least we know that his intentions are good and he plans to look out for you both."

"Making me a grandad at forty two sweetheart, that makes me feel older than I already do."

Harriette chuckled lightly. "You are not mad or upset?" she asked looking from one parent to the other.

"No darling. You are only two years younger than your grandma when she was expecting your dad. I will admit I am a little shocked but I meant what I said, we will both stand by you."

"Who is your boyfriend sweetheart? " Harry asked.

"How you managed to keep it from me I don't know. I decorated your room up what you share with your boyfriend as well with me being head of Gryffindor house."

"Harry didn't you think to go and see if she was okay."

"No. Minerva just told me that a seventeen year old Gryffindor was pregnant and she wasn't ready to let anyone know yet and Minerva made me promise to let the seventh year come to me. Now I know why."

"So you are both really fine with it?"

"Yes darling." Severus said reassuring his daughter, "who is your boyfriend?"

"Frank Longbottom."

"As in Neville's son."

"Who else do we know with the last name 'Longbottom' Severus."

"Neville's son has got my only daughter pregnant, how he is with me he is going to worry even more. I can have some fun with this."

Harry stood up. "No Severus you leave him alone."

Severus stood up also. "Why? I love to see him squirm when really there is no need to and I can watch him squirm with this."

"Severus no."

Harriette smiled and left her parents bickering. As soon as the door closed behind Harriette Severus sighed. "I'm going to be a granddad."

"Yep." Harry said, winding his arms around his Slytherin's neck. "Just think. I can teach the baby to call you grumpy gramps."

"Don't you dare."

It was a week later when Severus was in his private labs when a knock sounded at the door before someone entered. Severus turned and saw his daughter stood there. "Darling what's wrong?"

"I have just told the twins I am pregnant."

"And how did they take it?"

"Albus is happy he is going to be an uncle but Toby knows I don't want the whole school knowing yet so he is trying to blackmail me."

Severus sighed and put a charm on his potion. "Honestly how did that boy end up in Ravenclaw." he said as he left his lab with Harriette following him.

Severus entered the great hall and walked between the Gryffindor and Ravenclaw tables and stopped when he reached his son who was swapping things that Severus couldn't see with his friend. "Tobias."

Toby turn and gave his father an innocent smile. Too innocent for Severus' liking. "Father?"

"Come with me."

"But my dinner-"

"Will just have to go cold." Toby sighed and stood up, following his father out of the great hall and down to the dungeons. "Am I in trouble father?"

"I don't know. Have you done anything that will get you in trouble?"


"Then no. I simply want your opinion on how to punish a student that is always trying to cause trouble."

Behind Severus, Toby smiled, he used to love helping his father pick punishments for other students. "What kind of punishment father?"

"Oh the worst Tobias, he really needs to be taught a lesson."

"What about your potion stores and the hospital wings dirty sheets and laundry but to do it all with his hands, take his wand so he cannot use magic father."

Severus opened the door to his classroom and walked over to the stores cupboard and opened the door. Toby peered around his father and saw the state the students left it in. "Have him clean this without magic father as well as the hospital wing."

"That's an excellent idea son. I can even have him clearing up the animal mess near Hagrid's hut without magic."

"Yes father. That's evil all of that have him do all that."

Severus turned and bent forward slightly so he was face to face with his son. "I now know what to threaten you with if I catch you blackmailing anyone again. Get back to the great hall."

"Yes father." Toby said and all but ran from the room, nearly pushing his dad over in the process.

"Slow down son, no running in the corridors." Harry shouted after him and turned to his husband to see him with a smirk on his face.

"What have you said to him?"

"Threatened him with punishment even he found evil and nasty if I so much as caught him blackmailing again."

Harry sighed. "Who was he blackmailing now?"

"Harriette. She told them both of her being pregnant and whilst Albus was happy that he was to be an uncle, Tobias knew Harriette didn't want the whole school knowing so tried to blackmail her."

"How did he get sorted into Ravenclaw?"

"A question I find asking myself more and more lately."

Just then a knock came on the door. "Harry are you in there?" came Neville's voice. Severus smirked and looked at Harry. "Keep his back to my potions room." he said and went to his potions room.

"I'm here Neville, come in."

Neville poked his head in the door. "Are you alone."

Harry laughed, "yes Neville, Severus won't hurt you."

"My son got his daughter pregnant."

"And Severus is fine."

"All the same though Harry I will just leave these with you, Severus needs these plants for his potions."

"Harry when is Longbottom getting here with my plants. My potions are ready for them it is obvious his son takes after him when it comes to planning ahead."

"There here." Neville squeaked. "Sorry sir."

Harry did a double take at Neville. "Sir? Neville you are not his student anymore you are a Professor yourself. He doesn't mean it Neville."

"He does."

"He doesn't Neville, Severus actually respects you, look at his face." Neville looked at Severus and saw him shaking slightly whilst trying not to laugh.

"You really respect me?"

"I do Neville. The only boy to stand up and argue and threaten Voldemort in his cardigan."

Neville laughed a little and feeling better passed the plants to Severus, "you need anymore just say...Severus."

Severus nodded and started to laugh once the door closed behind the Herbology Professor.

"Severus you are evil." Harry said following the Slytherin into his private labs. "But you love me for it." he said, holding Harry tight, burying his nose in those messy locks. "That I do Severus, so much. Promise me something?"

"What's that?"

"If in four years I have to tell you that one of our sons has someone pregnant, please don't do what you did when I told you about Harriette."

Severus pulled back and cupped Harry's face. "I won't I saw how much I hurt you by doing that, never again Harry. I promise."

Harry smiled and let his husband draw him into a kiss. Sure they had that rocky patch when Harry told Severus but how they were now you wouldn't have believed it to have happened. That four days they were apart actually brought them both, if possible, even closer. Looking at it that way, Harry found that telling Severus wasn't as bad as he thought it would be.

The end.

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