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Epilogue: Settling Debts

"Grimmjow, this place is insanely fancy!" Ichigo hissed as they pulled up in Grimmjow's Mustang to Le Meilleur de Paris, one of those five star French restaurants that you had to get reservations months in advance for.

"I know, babe, and since it's our first anniversary, I wanted to spoil ya. Don't worry, we're dressed appropriately."

Ichigo glanced down at his cream colored dinner jacket, slim fitted to his lithe body and rolled his eyes. No wonder why Grimmjow had him dress this way. Grimmjow wore a black suit, but left the jacket unbuttoned and he left out the tie. Ever the cool, casual guy, but so damn handsome he could be a model.

Ichigo blushed when Grimmjow got out, tossing the keys to the valet and swept open the door for him. He hated it when Grimmjow treated him like a girl. But he knew Grimmjow was seriously just trying to be chivalrous, so he held his tongue this time, accepted his husband's hand, and let himself be led inside the ritzy restaurant.

Grimmjow grinned as he watched Ichigo try to make sense of the words written on the menu, finding it cute how intensely he concentrated, trying to pretend as though he understood the gibberish swimming before his eyes. He watched Ichigo fold the menu with a scowl, and then pale as the waiter started approaching them.

The waiter approached, seeing they both were done gazing at the menu. He turned to Grimmjow expectantly.

"Nous commencerons avec tartare de steak, s'il vous plaît, et alors nous ferons chaque prend la fricassée de Poulet avec Gratin dauphinois sur le côté. Nous prendrons une bouteille de Chassagne-Montrachet, s'il vous plaît."

The waiter nodded, and with a smile, scurried off to put in their order.

"Sometimes, I don't know whether to be amazed by you or to just kick your ass over all the things you don't tell me," Ichigo said, a small grin pulling at his lips.

"You know you found that incredibly sexy," Grimmjow stated laughingly, a saucy smirk lighting up his face.

Ichigo blushed.

"Well, you never mentioned you also spoke French."

"You didn't ask."

Ichigo glared at him, exasperated, but didn't retort as the waiter returned with their appetizer and the wine. In the year that he'd been married to Grimmjow Jeagerjaques, he'd learned a lot of things about him. For instance, Grimmjow was half Japanese, half German, and spoke both languages fluently. Emi had helped him learn the German, and it was an unbelievable turn on when he spoke German in the bed room.

They had a simple wedding, just close family and friends. Once the Driedrins found out about the engagement, they insisted it be at their home. And once Mrs. Driedrin and Yuzu got together, it was impossible to say no. So about a month after Grimmjow "proposed" they found themselves standing beneath a simple white arch decorated in yellow azaleas exchanging vows and rings.

Ichigo would never forget how utterly handsome Grimmjow had been that day. He smiled to himself as he fingered his ring. It was a black plated tungsten ring with a smaller silver band running through it; simple and durable for their line of work. Grimmjow's was the same.

Ichigo found that he really enjoyed what Grimmjow ordered. It appeared to be some sort of chicken and potato dish. It was delicious, and the wine was fantastic. You'd think the man ate here every day, but if asked Grimmjow would say, "I read a lot."

Conversation was natural, and the wine flowed. After his third glass, Ichigo found he couldn't stop his foot from sliding against Grimmjow's ankle, a flirty grin stretching across his face as he traced farther up the calf. A slim blue arched up and Grimmjow returned the grin, signaling for the waiter to bring their check. A wad of bills and generous tip later, the cool night air caressed them as they climbed back in the car, Ichigo carrying what was left of the wine.

Grimmjow drove home carefully, waiting until they were nearly home to break the comfortable silence.

"I have a surprise for you when we get home."

Ichigo frowned, his gaze pulling away from the passing scenery.

"I thought we agreed we weren't getting each other gifts."

"Yeah, I know, but this is no ordinary surprise. In fact, if you don't keep an open mind about it, it sort of makes me look like a dick, so please keep it in mind I don't mean it that way once you find out what it is."

Ichigo's eyes were lit with curiosity as he pondered over Grimmjow's cryptic message. What the hell could Grimmjow have gotten him that might make Ichigo mad? As they came to stop in their parking spot, Ichigo realized he was moments from finding out.

They rode the elevator in silence, Ichigo's warm eyes assessing Grimmjow. To anyone else, he'd seem the epitome of nonchalance, but Ichigo's eyes didn't miss the slight set of the jaw, and the guarded look that was creeping into Grimmjow's eyes, replacing the mirth that made them shine previously. He was nervous. Well, this ought to be interesting.

Upon entering their home, Grimmjow steeled himself, ready for Ichigo's attack. In his opinion, Ichigo was not going to be amused in the slightest. Unfortunately for him, he owed a debt and his debtor was here to collect.

"Well, where is it?" Ichigo demanded, his curiosity running rampant as the alcohol in his system started to take effect.

"Bedroom," Grimmjow replied, watching as Ichigo's eyebrows shot up before he spun on his heel and marched to the bedroom. Grimmjow followed, feeling like he was walking into Death Row.

Ichigo threw open the door, and his mouth dropped open in surprise. He stood there for a moment, taking it in and once he realized he wasn't dreaming, he slowly turned to Grimmjow, who was paler than normal. Grimmjow was no coward though, and met his eyes.

"Are you serious?" Ichigo asked.

"We don't have to; in fact, this was really not my idea. It's totally cool if you say no. I really have nothing to do with this; it's your show to run."

Ichigo looked back to the bed, and then back to Grimmjow.

"You really trust me that much?"

"Of course I do. I know you love me; we're married for fuck's sake. Doesn't make it easy for me, but I know the connection and history involved, and if we're gonna do this, I'd rather it be with someone we can trust."

Ichigo gave him a lopsided grin, and closed the gap between them.

"You're amazing."

"You're cool with this?"

"Yes. But you can't fuck him. He only bottoms for me."

"Yes sir. Better get to it, yer gift looks uncomfortable."

Ichigo gave him a quick kiss, and slid away from him to approach the bed.

There in the middle of the bed, sat Shiro, blindfolded and wrists bound by black silk ties to the headboard. His bare skin was iridescent against the dark navy silk sheets of the bed. His straining erection was tenting the sheet that covered his lap, pooling around his slim abdomen.

Ichigo shrugged out of his jacket, dropping it to the floor carelessly as he gazed down at his brother, watching the rise and fall of his chest as he waited patiently to be acknowledged. He made quick work of the buttons of his dress shirt, and it followed the jacket. Shoes were kicked off, and trousers dropped, and Ichigo stood in nothing but his boxer briefs.

Grimmjow's eyes greedily raked over him from his post in the doorway, drinking up the expanse of tanned skin bared for him to see. Ichigo's growing excitement was also making a prominent bulge in his underwear. He watched as Ichigo climbed on top of Shiro, straddling his pale doppelganger's hips and swooped in to sample Shiro's lips.

It was as if electricity shot through Shiro's body, making him become alive. The kiss was fierce, Ichigo instantly asserting dominance over the mouth beneath his, his wine flavored mouth combined with delicious pleasure causing Shiro to moan into the kiss. Tanned fingers delved into snowy locks, fingernails raking across the scalp. Shiro moaned louder, his hands curling into fists and straining against his bonds in favor of finding purchase against Ichigo's soft skin.

Ichigo broke the kiss, tightening his hold in Shiro's hair and yanking his head back. Shiro yelped in pleasured pain as his expose neck was ravished with nipping bites along his jugular. Ichigo released his hold, bracing himself on his arms and pressed his hips against his brother's, slowly rutting against the hardness he felt there.

"Tell me, Shiro," Ichigo said gruffly, "are you that much of a cock slut that you had to entice my husband into a threesome?"

Shiro whimpered, bucking back up against Ichigo, who quickly climbed off Shiro back to the edge of the bed. His gaze flickered over to Grimmjow, who stood still in the doorway, his eyes dark with lust.

"I really don't know which of you is worse, really," Ichigo said with an evil grin, beckoning Grimmjow into the room.

Grimmjow stopped at the foot of the bed, watching as Ichigo slipped the blindfold off Shiro. He bit his lip as lust hungry inverted eyes met his. He took in the rapid rise and fall of Shiro's chest, his kiss swollen lips, and the red bites that littered his neck. The way his eyes burned down Grimmjow's form shot electricity down Grimmjow's spine. He never denied Shiro was good looking, but he'd never thought of Shiro as sexy.

His attention was averted by Ichigo, who cleared his throat. Grimmjow met his confident gaze with interest. This new, dominant side of Ichigo was fucking hot and had his dick hard as a cinder block.

"You are wearing entirely too many articles of clothing, Grimmjow, take them off, now."

"Yes, sir," smirked Grimmjow, automatically shrugging out of his jacket and flinging it into some corner of the room. Torturously slow, he worked the buttons of shirt, letting it slip from his body to the floor. He slid his hands slowly down his abs to his belt, sinking his teeth into his lip and looked up from beneath his lashes at the twins. They both stared, and Ichigo palmed himself through his underwear.

The clink of a buckle and the sound of a zipper later and the black pants were kicked from his ankles, along with his boxers. Grimmjow stood before them, stark naked, erection proudly bobbing between his legs. He was certain he'd never been harder in his life than now, with two pairs of eyes devouring the sight of him.

"This little whore," Ichigo said, gripping Shiro's jaw, "is going to suck your dick. Tell him how much you want it, Shiro."

"Ahh! Please, Grimm, I wanna suck yer big cock good!"

"Can't say no to that," Grimmjow said with a smirk, climbing up on the bed until his cock was before Shiro's mouth.

Shiro wasted no time in admitting Grimmjow into his mouth. Ichigo's hand was in his hair, guiding his movement up and down Grimmjow's length. He sucked and swirled his tongue, reveling in the small grunts that slipped from Grimmjow every now and then.

Ichigo let go and stood back, watching as Shiro slowly swallowed more and more of Grimmjow. He dropped his briefs which were getting wet from pre cum, and began pleasuring himself at the sight before him. Grimmjow was torn between watching Ichigo and watching Shiro. As Shiro began picking up the pace, Ichigo spoke up.

"Face fuck him, Grimmjow."

The expression on Grimmjow's face was priceless. Ichigo was not a fan of that, so to hear him demand it on his twin was shocking. Shiro just moaned around his cock at Ichigo's harsh command, the vibrations making Grimmjow hiss in pleasure. His large hands slid into place around Shiro's head, Shiro stilling his movements and taking a deep breath.

"Don't forget the dirty talk, he loves it," commented Ichigo, bracing himself against the nightstand as he watched.

It was like watching a porno, except real. Grimmjow thrust unmercifully into Shiro's throat, who took it like a pro. Ichigo's hand moved faster on himself as he watched Grimmjow's thigh and ab muscles flex with his movement, forcing his giant cock down his twin's throat.

"Aww yeah, you love this shit, don't you, you dirty fucking cock whore?" he barked down at Shiro.

Shiro answered in a gurgling, broken moan, a trail of saliva leaking from the corner of his mouth as he struggled to keep up Grimmjow's time. Every now and then Grimmjow would withdrawal, letting Shiro gasp in some air while wiping up the salvia with his cock, before reinserting himself and returning to his abuse on Shiro's throat.

Ichigo could feel himself nearing orgasm, so he tore his hand away from his dick. He climbed on the bed and pulled Grimmjow from his twin, smashing his mouth on his husband's. They made out fiercely while Shiro watched, panting from exertion. Grimmjow pinched Ichigo's nipple, making him whine into the kiss and rake his nails down Grimmjow's back.

Grimmjow groaned and tore away from Ichigo's mouth.

"Can we fuck now? Cuz my dick feels like it's going to explode."

"Yeah, I don't think I have it in me to hold out much longer either. Grab the lube, will you?"

Grimmjow went in search of the lube, and Ichigo released Shiro's wrists. He pulled back the wet sheet from Shiro's waist to find his straining, painful looking erection. It was nearly violet in color, thanks to the pink cock ring nestled at the base. Ichigo discovered as well a plug in his brother's rear.

"A glutton for punishment," muttered Ichigo, pulling the plug out slightly and pushing it back in place.

"Fuck! Aww Ichi, don' toy wit me, jus' fuck me!"

"You're the one with it crammed up your ass," Ichigo replied, but carefully removed it while Grimmjow reached around and lubed his cock for him, eliciting a few moans of pleasure from Ichigo before he moved out of Grimmjow's reach.

"Ready?" he asked Shiro.

"Fuck me!" commanded Shiro, spreading his legs wide for his brother.

Ichigo didn't need to be told twice, pressing forward and sinking into Shiro's already stretched hole.

The twins groaned in unison as Ichigo pressed forward until he was fully seated. Ichigo didn't give Shiro time to adjust before pulling nearly all the way out and snapping his hips forward again, making the paler of the two cry out loudly in pleasure. Ichigo set a slow but hard pace as Grimmjow looked on, a lubed hand slowly stroking his cock.

Ichigo's eyes flickered over to his husband, who was intently watching the way Ichigo's body moved.

"You like watching me fuck Shiro?" he asked gruffly, thrusting in a little rougher into Shiro, who whimpered beneath him.

"Aww, fuck yeah. Yer so sexy like this, babe," Grimmjow answered, his eyes drifting closed as his hand moved a little faster on his self.

"How about you, Shi? You enjoying someone watching as I fuck your tight hole?"

"Fuck yes!" was Shiro's reply from beneath him, pale hands flying to Ichigo's hips as the pace increased.

Grimmjow couldn't take it anymore. He wanted to come inside Ichigo so bad he thought his dick was going to explode. He grabbed the lube bottle and moved behind his husband, his hands stopping his pistoning hips.

"If we're doin' this, we're doin' it together," he said, pressing his lubed dick to Ichigo's hole.

Shiro's lips caught Ichigo's in a passionate kiss to distract Ichigo from the slight discomfort of no prep. When he was ready, Ichigo broke from Shiro and pressed forward into him, which withdrew Grimmjow nearly from inside him. As he pulled out of Shiro, Grimm thrust into him, and after a few awkward tries they nailed the rhythm so they were all moving together like a well oiled machine.

Ichigo felt like he'd died and gone to heaven. He'd never felt like this before. The pleasure was so intense; he knew he wouldn't be able to last long. The others knew it too, and must have felt the same, because the pace escalated as did the volume and frequency of incoherent jumbles of words, curses, and moans.

Shiro was the first to let go, his erection that was sandwiched between his and Ichigo's stomachs coating their skin in his warm essence. Shiro's walls tightened as he groaned out his orgasm, and at that very moment Grimmjow was biting Ichigo's shoulder, releasing himself inside while still thrusting shallowly. The coil in Ichigo's stomach snapped, and Ichigo came with an animalistic snarl as white light overtook his vision.

They lay there, panting and trying to catch their bearings. Carefully, Grimmjow removed himself from his husband, wincing as his cum began running out. He couldn't remember a time when he came that much and he knew Ichigo hated that feeling.

Ichigo couldn't find it in himself to care, pulling out of Shiro and collapsing bonelessly next to him. Grimmjow lay on his other side, pulling the sheet over them as Shiro nestled into the crook of his neck.

"I loved my gift," Ichigo said with a sleeply smile.

"Well, good, but it won't become a widely reoccurring thing," answered Grimmjow, looking pointedly over at Shiro.

Shiro smirked.

"Yer paid up, blue, but widely reoccurring leaves it open ta sometimes."

"That's up to Ichigo," Grimmjow said, closing his eyes and nestling his nose in Ichigo's hair.

"Let's go to sleep, we'll talk about it later," was Ichigo's reply as he happily drifted off.

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