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Hakuba Saguru

"It was really weird. I was out on a walk today, and I saw this random hawk. It made me think of you. Strange, right?" read the text that had woken him up at three in the morning (three twenty-two and thirty-six seconds, but what did it matter at three in the bloody morning?).

Hakuba Saguru sighed, setting the phone back down on his nightstand and rolling over.

"It isn't really that strange," he thought, mind still clouded over from sleep. "I think of you whenever I see a dove."

The detective went back to sleep without responding.

In the morning, he thought he had dreamed it until he went to check his messages for information on the case he was working on.

Saguru frowned.

Did he mean that it was strange that he had thought of the blonde, or strange that he had seen a hawk in the middle of Tokyo? Both were a little peculiar seeing as the two had never talked, texted, or hung out when Saguru had been in Japan. What reason had the other boy to think of the detective? There were also precious few hawks in Tokyo.

Hakuba didn't reply to the message.


"Aoko beamed me with her mop today, and it hurt! I'm going to have bruises the size of my ego tomorrow!" the next text, nearly a month later, said.

This one had come right around twelve fifty (-three and fifty-two seconds). First period had just started for the students of Ekoda High.

Saguru still had a few hours before he had to be conscious, and he was not happy to be awake before necessary.

He turned his phone on silent and thought, "You probably deserved it," and "If the bruise were the size of your ego, it'd cover your whole body."

In the morning he wondered if the fool was okay. Sometimes Aoko-kun did hit a little hard.

Saguru remembered the desks she'd accidentally smashed in half.

Girls were scary. That was why he preferred men.


"Akako-chan misses you. She was talking the other day about how you had always been fun to freak out. You've been gone for almost six months now. When are you coming home?" This specimen had arrived at seven o'clock on the dot (give or take two seconds—give in this case) two weeks later.

Saguru frowned.

It was three in the morning in Japan.

What in blue blazes was that idiot doing lying awake, texting him?

He stared at his phone for a good, long while, debating.

It was so much easier to ignore the texts when they came in the middle of the night when his brain was focused on getting back to sleep.

He considered "I am home," and "Go to sleep, Kuroba," but in the end, he didn't reply.


"Aoko says 'hi,'" arrived a few days later.

"Science class is soooooo boring!" came two days after that.

The following night he received, "You should tutor me in English. I've been told my accent sucks."

The next night it was, "What are you up to?" At four in the morning.

Saguru growled, grabbing his phone and angrily typing away, "SLEEPING! Whathe blooody hell do you thnk Im doing? Its for in the sodding morning! Leave me the hell ALONE!"

He hit the send button before turning the hated device off and going back to sleep.

He was extremely confused the following morning when he turned his phone on and saw a message that simply read, "Sorry."

He blinked.

Sorry? Sorry for what?

And then he looked at his text log and felt like a total jerk.

He quickly typed out a sincere apology, explaining that he hadn't meant a word of the previous text. He had just been cranky because it was early.

He mentally berated himself the entirety of the following week. "Smooth move, Sherlock. Don't talk to your crush for six months, and that's the first thing you say to him?"

EX-crush, he had to remind himself.

He had fled to England to escape the magician-thief that had turned Saguru's world upside down.


It was another month before he heard from the other teen. During that time his unhealthy obsession had come back with a vengeance.

He couldn't get the brunette out of his head, so when he received, "So…do you guys hear much about Kid in the papers?" he was overjoyed.

Saguru quickly responded, "Sometimes," before he realized that it was well past midnight in Japan. "I did not mean for you to stay up late in order to communicate with me. I don't mind if you text whenever it's convenient for you," he added.

"I was up anyway. :P" the brunette responded instantly. "How've you been?"

The European sleuth paused before responding.

This was unhealthy. He shouldn't be talking with his former crush like that. It would set him back months of therapy and self-discipline.

"You should go to sleep, Kuroba. You have school in a few hours." Saguru would not give in to temptation.

"I can just sleep in class. What are you up to over there? Are you coming home soon? You're going to fall behind in school if you don't, and I know how important your grades are to you. You'd probably be able to catch up quickly, since you're so smart, but…you are coming home soon, aren't you?"

"No. Good night."

And with that, he turned off his phone.

Why was the brunette so interested in Saguru returning to Japan, anyway?


A few days later, the magician texted the detective right before dinner. It was even later at night than the previous text. "The Taskforce is having a hard time of it without you. Maybe you should come back and give them a hand; Kid sent this notice last week, and they still haven't figured it out. Care to try your hand at it?"

Saguru looked at the attached heist note and snorted. It may have been challenging to some, but to the blonde it was child's play. "I'll inform Inspector Nakamori tomorrow morning. That was comically simple, Kuroba. I think you've lost your touch while I've been away."

"Do you seriously still think that I'm Kid?"

"Kuroba, I know that you're Kid."


"I'm booooored," the magician complained a week later.

"Then go to sleep. It's two in the morning," Saguru insisted, still baffled as to why the other boy was staying up to talk with him of all people.

"No. I mean in general at school without you there," Kaito clarified.

"Why? We never interacted at school other than the occasional argument," Saguru replied and then waited anxiously for the response.

"Clearly you underestimate how much joy those occasional arguments brought to my life," the detective could just imagine the older teen chuckling.

"Get your girlfriend to chase you with a mop, then. You always seem to get off on that," the blonde responded, sighing.

He just had to go and remind himself that his crush—ex-crush…well, more like ex-ex-crush at this point—was not romantically available.

And then he received a message from God…well, actually from Kaito, but it was an answer to his prayers nonetheless: "She's NOT my girlfriend. Let's be clear, Hakuba; there's nothing of a romantic nature going on between Aoko and me."

Well, hallelujah.


The private eye got a message the following day that read, "I bet Kid's bored too without you to chase him. The Taskforce is getting on in years, and Tantei-kun only comes when directly challenged. Too busy solving all the crazy murders in Beika. Promise me you'll stay out of Beika when you come back, Hakuba. I'd hate for anything bad to happen to you."

Saguru's heart skipped a beat, and he knew he was done for. Who would have thought he'd fall for the same man twice?

"I'll do my best to avoid it when possible. Thanks, Kuroba. Who's Tantei-kun?"

"Edogawa Conan. Freaky-smart kid with glasses too big for his face. You've met him, haven't you?" Kaito replied.

The detective nodded. "Yes. We've met."


"There were gunmen at the Kid heist tonight. A couple officers got nicked, but everyone made it out okay. I was really glad that you weren't there," Kaito wrote several weeks later.

"Are you okay?" Hakuba demanded.

"I'm fine (shrug). Kid got shot, and no one knows whether he's okay or not. They haven't found a body or a blood trail or anything, so there's probably still hope. I'm okay, though. I got out of there as soon as the gunshots sounded. I figured I should let you know what happened, since you think I'm Kid."

"Kaito, if you're hurt, make sure you get proper medical treatment. That's an order," the detective typed furiously.

"I'm fine. ^.~ Thanks for worrying about me…Saguru."

The blonde blushed, blinking in confusion until he realized that he had accidentally called the other teen by his given name first.


"How are you, Kaito?" Saguru texted his crush the following day during the lunch break.

"I told you, I'm fine, Saguru." The magician sent a picture along with his text. He was winking, giving the detective the peace sign. "See?"

"I'm glad. There was an article in the paper this morning about your…I mean Kid's heist last night. I'm really glad that you're okay."

"Thank you~ 3"

It was right around that time that Saguru began to let himself consider the possibility that maybe Kaito was interested in the blonde as well.


They exchanged texts over the next few weeks that bordered on flirting.

Saguru's favorite exchange had been when Kaito had asked, "Hey, what are you wearing?"

The detective had replied, "Tan slacks and a burgundy sweater over a white collared shirt. Why? What are you wearing?"

"Not a stitch," the imp replied. "JK! Just jeans and a grey, long-sleeved shirt. Man, what I wouldn't give to see your face!"

"Take your pick," Hakuba chuckled, sending Kaito three pictures. In the first he was rolling his eyes. The second featured him making a disgusted face, and the third was of him licking his lips.

"Ooh~ 3Door number three, please. Hey, do you know how to have phone sex? I'd be interested in learning. Lol!"

Saguru's entire face turned magenta. "You're such a tease, Kaito. :P"

"I loooove you 3 :P" and a picture of Kaito blowing him a kiss.


"When are you coming home?" Kaito demanded that Christmas Eve.

"I'm not sure," Saguru answered honestly. "Maybe soon. Maybe not for a long time. Probably somewhere in the middle."

"Well, get sure," the magician snapped, but instead texted: "Well, let me know so we can hang out, okay?"

"You'll be the first person I tell," Hakuba promised.

"So…Merry X-Mas Eve. Got anyone special that you plan on celebrating with?" Kaito held his breath.

Saguru chuckled. "Christmas is more of a family holiday here. We don't go on dates…but…no. Even if it were date night, I would still be alone." He paused before nervously adding, "How about you? Are you celebrating with anyone?"

"Just you. 3 I'll be going to the Nakamoris' for the annual party tomorrow, though. Merry Christmas, Saguru."

"Merry Christmas, Kaito," the detective replied with a smile.


"So…I heard a rumor that Kid was planning a heist in London over the winter break. If that turns out to be true, I was thinking about going. Wanna hang out while I'm in the country?"

The blonde's mind exploded.

Kaito? Here? In England?

The thought of seeing the other teen again was terrifying. What if Kaito hadn't meant anything by all of the flirting and teasing? What if he had meant it and they started dating but things went up in flames?

Hakuba couldn't take the heartbreak again. He'd rather continue to play the waiting game, texting back and forth, flirting via phone over starting a real, tangible relationship with the guy and ending up losing him. He'd run away to England for a reason.

"I'm sorry. I'm busy." Best to put the issue of seeing Kaito again off as long as possible.

"? But I haven't even given you a date or a time yet."

"I've got a lot of work to do. I'll be traveling around for various cases, so I won't have a lot of time. I'm sorry." It wasn't exactly a lie, but it wasn't the whole truth.

"You don't think you'll be able to sneak away to spend time with me for even a day?" Kaito returned.

"Most likely not. I'm sorry."

"Do you not want to see me?" the magician responded.

"That's not it," Saguru replied.

"Then what's the problem?"

"I told you. I'm going to be very busy. I'm sorry."

"Forget it." And that was the last of Kaito that Saguru heard for almost a week.


"Happy New Year," the message said. It was midnight exactly in Japan. "You doing anything to celebrate?"

Saguru smiled, setting down his book. He had thought he'd blown it. "Happy New Year, Kaito. I'm just hanging out around the house. You?"

"Same. Everyone's too busy." The blonde could almost hear the pout in Kaito's voice.

"Then I'll celebrate with you," Saguru offered.

"I wish you really could. I've been really down lately. I'm lonely," the older teen confessed.

"Really? You always seem energetic whenever we talk. I'd had no idea; I'm sorry. Is there anything that I can do?" The detective's brow furrowed in worry.

"No. Not all the way from England, no."


He checked in with Kaito every day after that, sometimes multiple times a day. He stayed up late, woke up early, did whatever he needed to do to get in touch with his crush.

They talked about everyday things—school, family, food, crime. There were a lot of silly, pointless things along with the mundane. A new pair of jeans Kaito had picked up, a first edition book Saguru had finally gotten his hands on, and a new trick that the magician had perfected to name a few.

It was February fourteenth in Japan when Saguru texted his love, "So…did you receive a lot of chocolates?"

"I had to get Aoko and Akako-chan to help me carry them home. And, geez, the confessions! I had to sit through five!"

Hakuba hummed thoughtfully. "You make it sound like a chore."

"It is!" the brunette replied emphatically (well, as emphatically as humanly possible through a text-based medium). "Do you know how tiresome it is to have to tell five girls that you already have someone you like? It's hard breaking hearts! It's really hard sitting there and listening to them talk about how much they love you when they don't even know you…when you just wish it was someone else doing the confessing. It's draining, Saguru."

The detective's ears perked up. "I'm sorry, Kaito. There's someone that you're interested in?"

"Yeah. So when are you coming home? I haven't seen you in an f-ing year, Saguru. I want to see you."

"Why? Why is it so important to you?" the Englishman inquired, holding his breath and crossing his fingers.

"It just IS. I miss you, you idiot. I want to talk with you face to face. I wanna hang out, so get your butt back to Japan. NOW." The magician sounded incensed.

Saguru took a deep breath and slowly typed out, "On one condition."

"I'm waiting, Saguru." Yes, his beloved was definitely ticked.

"Kuroba Kaito, will you go out with me?" He hit send and began to pray to whomever was listening.

"YES! 3 3 3" was the instantaneous reply. "God, I thought you'd never ask! Yes, yes, yes!"

"Thank God," Saguru sighed in relief. "You have no idea how happy you've made me."

"Probably about as happy as you made me when you asked. Now, when are you coming HOME, Honey?" Kaito's response elicited a fond chuckle from the blonde.

"Right away, Dear. I'll make arrangements and be on my way to you by tomorrow night," he promised, already starting his mental list of preparations.

"Stop dilly-dallying and get to it!" the magician commanded. "I'll talk to you later. XOXOXO"

"Yes, Darling. Hugs and kisses right back at you."


Approximately forty-eight hours later (he was so nervous that he hadn't kept a precise count) the plane landed at the gate at Tokyo Narita Airport, and he was on his way through customs.

It was a fairly painless ordeal, and he quickly found himself walking out the doors into the public area of the terminal.

And there was Kaito, fidgeting in his seat, looking at the arrivals board and glaring down at his watch. He looked up, their eyes met, and all of a sudden, a gigantic smile bloomed on both of their faces.

Kaito sprang to his feet and quickly trotted over to his boyfriend's side. He chuckled softly, still grinning madly. "Hey there."

"Hey," Saguru returned, not trying to disguise his movements as he scanned Kaito up and down.

"Like what you see?" the magician teased, secretly dying of anxiety. He'd changed clothes, like, eight times.

"I love it," the detective chuckled.

Kaito threw his arms around the blonde, laughing joyously. "I missed you."

"I missed you too," Saguru replied, wrapping his arms around Kaito's torso and waist. He hesitantly pressed his lips to the smaller teen's cheek.

The brunette grinned, leaning in and gently taking Saguru's lips. "Let's go home so that you can show me how much you missed me."

"Down boy," Saguru chuckled fondly at his eager boyfriend. "We just started dating. I was thinking we would start somewhere along the lines of dinner dates and phone conversations. There will be plenty of time for the rest later."

"Fine, but you're paying. Can we at least snuggle? I need some physical contact here." Kaito grabbed one of Saguru's suitcases and intertwined his fingers with the blonde's with his free hand.

"I have a couch in my room that would be perfect for snuggling. Help me get my luggage to my room, and I'm all yours," the logical half of the couple proposed.

"Deal," Kaito replied, giving his boyfriend's hand a reassuring squeeze.

They smiled and made their way to the baggage claim, walking as quickly as possible.

All of the apprehension was gone now that they were finally together.

Saguru could feel himself start to breathe easily.

They were a good match. If their relationship had done as well as it had while they were separated by time difference and country boarders, what lay in store for them now that they were finally together in the same physical location?

Kaito shot him an infectious grin, and Saguru knew that everything would be just fine.



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