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Omake Four: Death of a Thief,

A New Beginning

It was the following year in April that, following the arrest of a group of gunmen at a Kid heist and their subsequent mysterious deaths, that the Moonlight Magician retired.

Detective Hakuba was extremely surprised to receive a personal summons from the thief a month later in May.

Apparently his long-standing rival wanted to chat for old time's sake. Which was fine with Saguru.

This whole Kid nonsense had been driving a wedge between them longer than they had been a couple, and the blonde had long ago tired of suspending judgment on the thief's actions.

Hakuba Saguru wanted answers, and he was going to get them, even if he had to pretend to break up with his little airhead to accomplish that goal.

"Good evening, Tantei-san," Kid purred from his perch atop the doorway that led down from the roof. His leg swung in a carefree fashion back and forth like a cat's tail flicking in amusement.

Saguru blinked as the white-clad figure leaped from his vantage point, landing in a crouch a few feet away and then slowly, gracefully rising to his feet. "Good evening," the detective returned, absentmindedly noting how handsome his boyfriend looked in uniform.

But Kid had called him "Tantei-san." Business first, then.

Although…judging by the romantic candlelight dinner spread out on the table…hmm.

"Sorry if you went to much trouble preparing this exquisite rooftop, candlelight dinner in hopes of wooing me, Kaitou Kid-san, but I have to tell you that I already have a boyfriend that I'm hopelessly devoted to, and I wouldn't dream of cheating on him," Saguru stated firmly, wondering what his beloved's response would be.

"I didn't mean to give you the wrong idea, Tantei-san," Kid chuckled, strolling over to the table and taking the seat furthest from the doorway and closest to the edge of the roof.

Saguru frowned, thinking, "Kaito, I'm not going to turn on you; don't act like a frightened animal."

"The purpose of the dinner is to give me something to do with my hands while providing you with something of a distraction so that you don't just stare at me the whole time." Kid's head was tilted down so that his hat and the shadows hid his expression, but judging by the tone of his voice, he was so nervous that he was beyond the point of freaking out. He'd shut his emotions down to avoid losing control.

Hakuba strode across the rooftop and took a seat at the table across from his…lover? Friend? Rival? "Kid-san, would you mind explaining to me why we are here? I was under the impression that you were retired."

"I am. This is my retirement party. Part two, anyway. I already celebrated with Nakamori-keibu…well…if you call tying him up and gagging him a party. Some do. I don't. That man deserved an explanation more than anyone, but…you deserve an explanation too, so…ask me anything you want. For tonight only, I won't lie. I put this on one final time for you, but once I take it off tonight, that's it. The Kaitou Kid will be dead, and dead men tell no tales. This is your only chance because, after tonight, I'm never talking about this again. I just want to put this all behind me…the most frightening, exhilarating, heartbreaking experience of my life…. No pressure, though."

That was Kaito's sad little chuckle. The detective would recognize it anywhere.

Saguru gulped, opening his mouth and closing it a few times before he finally asked, "There's just one thing that I want to ask you…why would you do such a thing? Why do you steal? For what purpose?" he repeated the words he had asked the thief the first time that they had faced off.

Kid looked up, and utter pain was reflected in Kaito's beautiful purple eyes. "Because something was once stolen from me."

The detective blinked. That was unexpected. "What was?"

"M-My dad," Kaito replied honestly, letting the poker face go and allowing tears to build in the corners of his eyes. "The people who were arrested and died…the people that have been trying to kill me…they killed him."

Saguru hesitantly reached out and took the thief's hand. He was surprised when Kid didn't retract it.

Kid let Hakuba comfort him. There was no need to act impervious anymore. It was okay to show all of the weakness and hurt. It was his one chance to put everything out in the open, let his wounds get some fresh air so that they could begin to heal.

"When I was about sixteen, a little more than a year before you showed up, I discovered that my father was not the man I had thought him to be. He was Kaitou 1412. I found the secret hideout, the gadgets, the outfit, and I was confused. At the time, someone else had resurrected Kid in order to draw out the people who had murdered my father, but…I didn't know it was a fake, so I put on the uniform and went to confront the other Kid. I thought that maybe it was…" Kaito bit his lip, trying to hold back his tears.

Even though there was no need to hide anymore, he still didn't want to sob like a baby and look uncool in front of the detective like that.

Saguru nodded, giving his friend's hand a little reassuring squeeze.

The poor thing had thought that it might be his father.

"…but it wasn't. I took the first fake's place in order to draw out the men who murdered my dad. It started out as revenge, but when I discovered who they were and why my father had been killed, I put on the uniform to protect people. They were searching for something that, if found, would probably bring about a lot of deaths. I wanted to find it first and destroy it," Kaito confessed, staring down at his empty plate.

"And you did, didn't you?"

Kaito? Kid? It was hard to tell at this point, but he nodded.

"And…now you can retire?" Saguru queried.

The man across the table nodded once more.

"Are you safe? Will they come after you again? If your life is in danger, Kaito…u Kid, I will protect you," the detective vowed vehemently.

Kaito blushed, a small smile gracing his lips. "I think I'll be okay. Thank you, Tantei-san. They've never come after me out of uniform before, so…but…thank you."

Saguru was quiet for a moment, desperately trying to think of if there was anything else he needed to ask before asking was no longer an option. He didn't want to put Kaito through any more pain or suffering after this night was over and done with.

Finally it came to him. "Is there anything you need to get off your chest, or is there anything else you want to tell me?"

The great thief blinked and was, for once, shocked into silence. He thought about the question, really considering it before he turned to look his rival and friend in the eye. He opened his mouth and just started talking.

He talked for a good hour about every heist, every escapade, every showdown with Snake and his men, every bullet, every regret, every secret, every tear, every smirk, and anything and everything else that crossed his mind until he couldn't think of another darn thing to say.

And Saguru just listened. At times he wanted to stop the thief—give him a hug or tell him that he'd done the right thing. He wanted to yell and scold his beloved for being so stupid and reckless. He wanted to throw his arms around his darling and thank whatever higher power that cared that Kaito was okay. However, he didn't say a word. He did nothing more than squeeze Kid's hand reassuringly until an hour and thirty-two minutes, twelve point nine seconds later, Kaito stopped.

The brunette took a deep breath and sighed. "That's…that's it, I think."

"Feel free to say more later, if you need to. I'll listen. No matter what time of the day or night, if you need to talk, I'll listen," Hakuba assured.

Kid nodded.

Silence reigned as both men took stock of what had happened.

"Is there…anything else?" Kid inquired shakily.

"I'd like to ask…just who are you under there, but I feel I haven't earned the right to know…at least…I feel that you don't owe me anything. I didn't earn the right to this conversation from you. Perchance, if you were my best friend or my exotic little Japanese lover or the man I plan to marry someday, I'd have every right to know your identity. Someone like that would owe me a confession, but you, as Kid, don't owe me anything. I haven't caught you. I have no proof. You're not cornered or anything. I have no right to ask you for any more than you've given me already."

"Idiot," Kid sighed, standing and coming around to Saguru's side of the table.

The detective blinked.

"Stand up."

Saguru did as bid, noting that Kid was precisely his boyfriend's height.

"Now…take it off," Kid whispered, looking down at his feet.

"B-Beg pardon?" the blonde choked.

"First the cape," Kid snorted. "Then take off my jacket, the gloves, the tie, and then the hat. Leave the monocle for a moment until I tell you it's okay…. When you're ready, Tantei-san." Kid gulped.

Saguru gulped. "A-Are you sure?"

"We'll find out in a minute," the thief chuckled nervously, and it was all Kaito.

"Okay," the detective whispered, taking a deep breath before carefully reaching out to undo the cape, following Kid's directions.

Next, he removed the jacket ever so slowly…carefully, just in case there were any fun little capsules or gadgets inside. He folded both items with great ceremony and set them down on the seat he had just vacated.

After that, the gloves and tie came off, joining their friends on the chair. On top of those he placed the grand top hat.

All that was left was the monocle.

Kaito took a deep breath. He closed his eyes, breathed, opened them, breathed, and then swallowed. He looked straight into that pair of golden eyes and said in a shaky voice, "Okay. Be careful with the monocle. It's a memento of my father."

"Understood, Kid-san." Hakuba was a little surprised to find himself just about as nervous as the kaitou as he reached up and his fingers touched the metal and glass.

"Tantei-san…" Kid breathed, his hand flying up to hold Saguru's in place. "I…Thank you. Thank you for chasing me. Before…I had many acquaintances, but very few friends. Somewhere along the way, I started considering you to be one of my few real friends, and I…just…thank you. I'm really going to miss what we had. I'm going to miss running from you; I never had a better opponent…well, there was Tantei-kun, but—"

"—Are you trying to be sweet or insulting?" Saguru grumbled. Stupid four-eyed brat.

"Sweet, my dearest detective. Sweet," Kid cooed.

"I'm going to miss you too. You're the only one that's ever come close to matching me in a game of wits…well, there is my boyfriend, but—"

"—Don't be a tease, Sir," Kid chuckled.

Saguru smiled. "I want to thank you as well. Thanks to you, I came here. Because of that, I made friends…real friends, you included, naturally, and…thanks to you, I met the man of my dreams and found happiness. I owe it all to you, even if this started out as a search for vengeance. I want you to know that you've brought about a lot of good, so…thank you, Kid-san."

Kid nodded. "Thank you for that. It means a lot to me."

Saguru took a deep breath. "Ready?"

Kid swallowed hard. "Yeah. Goodbye, Tantei-san. It was an honor knowing you."

"You too, Kid-san," Saguru whispered. "Rest in peace."

"Thank you." Kid smiled—a genuine smile in place of his usual grins. "I will."

Saguru removed his hand, and with it the monocle.

He set it down with great care on the table and turned to face Kuroba Kaito, wearing a cotton tank top and baggy cargo shorts. "Hey, Saguru. Whacha doin'?"

"Saying goodbye to an old friend," the detective replied with a sad smile. "When did you get here, Dove?"

"Few seconds ago." Kaito gave him a matching smile as he shrugged nonchalantly.

Saguru wrapped his arms around his boyfriend and chuckled. "That was a little melodramatic of both of us, don't you think?"

"Yeah, but there was no other way we could have done it. That guy lived and breathed drama," Kaito whispered back. "Anything less would have been an insult to his memory."

"Right you are," Saguru mumbled, enjoying the sensation of their bodies pressing together, no longer separated by secrets, only clothes.

"Kid was a nutcase," Kaito snickered, nipping Saguru's jaw.

"I'm glad you know that," the detective laughed, nuzzling his beloved's hair. "…I'm sorry."

"For what?" Kaito whispered into his detective's neck.

"I never knew how much pain you were in. I'm sorry, Kaito. I wish I could have done something to help you. Why did you never ask for help? Why didn't you say anything? If I had known, I could have done something," Saguru replied fervently, holding his darling tight.

"Because knowledge is dangerous," Kaito muttered in a voice that wasn't quite his own. "Knowledge can get people killed, and what's worse than keeping such a dark, soul-eating secret all to yourself is telling someone else and having to live with the guilt of knowing that they were tortured and killed because you couldn't tough it out and deal with it on your own." And then Kaito pulled back, looking up in confusion at his boyfriend. "What are you talking about?"

Saguru blinked, but then he understood. "You were really serious when you said you wouldn't say another word about it once that uniform came off, weren't you?"

Kaito blinked, raising an eyebrow.

The blonde just shook his head and chuckled. "Never mind. I'm glad that you're alive and well, Dove."

"Me too. Why are you acting like such a weirdo?" Kaito grinned smugly.

Saguru shook his head again, kissing the smaller boy on the forehead.

Kaito giggled. "So…there's all this food here. You hungry?"

"Only if you are." Saguru shrugged.

"Not really," Kaito sighed, shrugging one shoulder. "Not unless you are."

"There's only one thing I'm hungry for, and it's not on that table. Well, it could be…" Saguru smiled, and there was something absolutely feral about it. "…but that inflatable mattress over there looks more comfortable. What do you think?"

"I wouldn't be opposed to a table at some point in time, but it'd have to be bigger than this one. The inflatable mattress looks good to me." The imp smirked, taking his boyfriend by the hand and pulling him over to the makeshift bed.


"Saguru?" Kaito whispered later as they dozed, cuddling under the single blanket the inflatable mattress had come furnished with.

"Hm?" the Brit mumbled in response.

"Thank you for still loving me."

"Idiot," Saguru snorted, massaging the little brunette's scalp with one hand. "I've loved you for four years. Do you really think I'd stop just because my suspicions about your extracurricular activities turned out to be correct?"

"Part of me did," Kaito mumbled into Saguru's collarbone.

"An irrational part of you," the detective snorted fondly. "May I remind you that I fell for the man wearing the monocle first?"


"Yes, my love?" Saguru chuckled. The vibrations of Kaito's lips against his throat tickled.

"What are we going to do now? I mean…after we graduate next March?" Kaito's fingers absentmindedly traced patterns on the blonde's bare chest.

"Well…what do you think you'll be able to do in Japan with a degree in the performing arts with an emphasis in technical and musical theatre?" He couldn't resist.

"You know what I meant, Guru," Kaito pouted, taking a bite out of his boyfriend's shoulder.

"That's not a chew toy," Saguru laughed through the negligible pain. "Stop that before I give you something else to chew on."

"Oh? You mean this?" Kaito chuckled, giving his third favorite of Saguru's body parts a friendly squeeze. "I like chewing on this."

"Bad boy," Saguru whispered, pressing a gentle kiss into his darling's soft mess of hair.

"I meant…what are we going to do now as a couple?" Kaito shifted uneasily in Saguru's arms. "What's next?"

"I'm going to try my hand at starting a detective agency. We'll see how it goes, but I'm famous enough that I should draw customers. You'll most likely become the most celebrated street performer in Tokyo and eventually land some sort of official gig that leads to you becoming world famous. In the meantime, I'll pay back those student loans you foolishly took out because your pride wouldn't allow you to let me pay your tuition."

"Saguru, I'm gonna pay those back by myself," Kaito insisted, pulling away to glare defiantly down at his love. He soon realized that, despite it being a fairly nice night in May, it was too cold without Saguru's body heat. He went back to cuddling. "I can't rely on you like that all the time. I want to be financially independent."

Saguru snorted. "Kaito, what you want is to be free, and in order to be free, you're going to have to accept the fact that you're financially dependent upon me. I don't care, and you shouldn't either. I know you feel like you're using me, but the truth is that I like it when you need me to pay for things. It makes me feel like a man. Besides, I'm not going to let you work some waitressing job and ruin your hands washing dishes for my sake. We both know that you only went to college to be with me. Kaito, you don't need a degree to be a stage performer. I'm sure you learned some valuable stuff, but you could have just started out as a street performer after high school and already have had your own show. So…I'm going to pay back your student loans for you. Okay?"

Kaito smiled softly into Saguru's collarbone. "'Kay. Thanks, Guru."

"Don't worry about it, Dove." Saguru took a breath and continued. "After we're both doing pretty well for ourselves, I'm going to propose to you, and—"

"—You're not gonna take me to some ridiculously expensive restaurant or fly me to some other country, are you?" Kaito interrupted.

"If I do, will you freak out and say no like you did when we tried making love for the first time?" Hakuba narrowed his eyes.

"Maybe," Kaito mumbled sheepishly.

"You'd better not," Prince Charming grumbled. "Fine. I'll make sure to make it the most romantic evening of your life to date in the least ostentatious way possible."

"It would be appreciated," the smaller boy sighed. "Then what?"

"Then we get married wherever you want—Fiji, Hawaii, Cancun—just name it."

"Tokyo," Kaito stated firmly. "All of my friends and family live in Tokyo, and not all of them can afford to fly halfway across the world for my non-legally binding, symbolic ceremony—No, I don't want you to fly them all to Fiji or wherever. I want a low-budget wedding."

"Are you serious?" Hakuba gasped incredulously. He had always dreamed of a lavish wedding.

"Like a heart attack," Kaito hissed. "No fairytale wedding. Period. No. I want a cheap reception hall, a cheap DJ, a cheap cake, and some cheap party favors."

Kaito had expected his boyfriend to argue in some way, shape, or form, but the Brit was silent.


"Did you ever think that it's my wedding too?" the detective mumbled.

Kaito sighed. "Sorry. I just assumed that you wanted an expensive wedding because it was another one of those things that you think I deserve."

"You do deserve it, but I deserve it too."

The magician nodded. "Okay, Guru. We'll do the wedding your way, but the proposal's gotta be simple. For once in your life, go cheap. Don't get me some kind of personalized ring."

"I already had the rings made," the Brit announced.

"You gotta be kidding me!" Kaito howled.

"I am, but I've thought of the design I want," Hakuba chuckled.

"And?" the older boy sighed.

"It's very simple, yet meaningful: a plain gold band with the Hakuba family crest and that clover symbol on the triangle piece of your monocle. Our names will be engraved on the inside. Well?" Saguru bit his lip in anxious anticipation.

Kaito blinked. "You know, I actually really like that."

"I'm glad. I was considering something elaborate, but I figured you wouldn't go for it," Saguru chuckled.

"Yeah…and then what? We get married, go on a honeymoon, and then…?" Kaito glanced up out of the corner of his eye at his beloved.

"We get a house, and two years later, we discover that, by some miracle, you're pregnant." The blonde bit his lip to keep from snickering.

"Why am I the one who has to get pregnant?" Kaito grumbled.

"Based on how we usually make love, it's statistically more likely that you'll be the one to get pregnant," Saguru pointed out.

"And you'll tend to me with slavish devotion while I'm pregnant?" the former thief went along with it.

"Oh, I'll tend to you with slavish devotion from the moment we marry to the day that I die," Saguru swore.

"Slaves don't die," Kaito snorted. "They get buried alive with their masters. Don't die before I do."

Saguru pulled his love closer, moving in to give him a passionate kiss. "Anything to make you happy, Dove."

"Good," Kaito chuckled, looking down at his love with slavish devotion written in his eyes. "Same goes for me too, Saguru."


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