Welcome to my very first fanfiction. I worked hard on this but if you feel that I could do better or got something wrong with the character please feel free to say so, as nice as you can if be. There will be a second part to this that I am currently working on so I hope to have that done soon. Well, I hope you enjoy.


After the Storm

Seagulls sounded fairly close around him with waves crashing behind. Rough sand was stuck to Sanji's face when he looked up to see where he was. It seemed to be a beach with nothing but sand on his left and right side. In front there appeared to be a forest, only guessing since under the trees there was shade following in until he couldn't see.

Ah, damn. Where the hell am I? how'd I- he thought, before something interrupted his thought.

"Did I just piss myself?" he spoke wildly.

He looked down at himself and realized that half his body was engulfed by a wave of water that was retracting. He finely stood up since it would be a damn shame to come this far and drown.

After taking in his surrounding on the island he washed up on, he looked to the ocean. It was a magnificent blue and sparkling like far off winks from beautiful ladies. The sky was blue with no clouds to be seen. The breeze was blowing softly making the sun that was beating down on all life not so bad.

Thinking about the weather for some reason reminded him of yesterday or earlier that day. Not knowing the time or day made him uncomfortable. Being as he was a cook. He remembers that the sun was strong at that time trying to melt his good looks away when… thinking hard about this, the answer came to him.

-out of nowhere a freak storm came. That's damn mother nature for you, doesn't care what you are doing or hoping to do. It's probably that damn shitty marimo fault for having no respect for anything. Ah, shit. Never mind that damn fool, he thought. They were making sure everything was tied down to the ship and trying to make it down into Going Merry but that storm hit hard and fast. Rain and hail was beating them left and right like wipes. The wind was blowing just as hard, making it unsteady to stand still. The waves were high, throwing them like jigsaws. Then Luffy and the lovely Nami~ a goddess she is, yelled for everyone to get inside. Ussop ran screaming he doesn't want to die. Luffy yelled at Zoro about something. They were close to the door. Robin-san was working wonderfully just next to it also. Sanji looked around to see where Nami-san was and noticed she was having a hard time crossing the deck. He knew Robin-san was fine so he went after the red headed beauty, being the gentleman he was. It was a little tough the cook admitted with water coming over the sides of Going Merry but got a hold of her, racing to the door to the others. Everyone but those two was twenty feet away from the door. The captain and the workmen were yelling at them to hurry when the cook saw something massive at the corner of his one eye. When he turned to get a better look, there it was a huge wave about to crash down on them. His Nakama inside the door had no idea what awaited them and Nami-san wasn't letting on that she knew. He threw his gently ways away just this once in order to save his flower. As he let go of his delicate flower hoping she forgive him.

He yelled, "Luffy grab her!"

As he yelled that, he was racing to the door, which was faster with out having to steady Nami. With the Captains rubber hands already holding her, he shoot her back to him, past Sanji. As she passed he knew the wall of water was coming down. The cook touched the door for a second, maybe not more hoping to close it when the wave hit. The water knocked Sanji off his feet while shutting the door on the surprised crew.

"That's right; I was washed away after that. Grabbed hold of something and drifted onto this shore." He said. What amazing luck he had.

After ten, twenty minutes sitting on the shore secretly wondering how he was going to get off this island or what to do, even though there was no point in keeping it a secret since it looks like no one is around. How should he go about this? He sure as hell wasn't going to sit around until someone and he mean anyone but his crew comes to find him there. This isn't going to be like that one time stranded on a rock. For one, this was not a rock and there most likely food here too. How long should he wait to see if they come? Does a day or two sound good before the left? A few more days to make sure his plan are perfect and can have food with him? He doesn't have one yet but he'll think of something.

He stood up saying fuck that, he was getting hungry and decided to put those questions aside to find something. When he reached the edges of the woods he stopped short and froze. A thought, a horrible thought was creeping into his mind. A snake that was sliding out of a dark hole somewhere inside: whispering to him.

Wha'sss if they didn't make it?

Fighting back he said, "of course they did, they were safely inside." He retorted.

What iffff that wave knocked the boat overrrr or another wave came, a bigger one and capsssized it?

Sanji gulped at that thought. That damn shitty snake. Could the storm been that badly? He didn't think so. Yeah, that storm was big but they've been through worse. He didn't turn around all the way, just his head to look back at the ocean. That wave knocked the door shut if I'm right. The thought was mudded.

What ifff they opened the door looking for you?

"They didn't open the damn door. It's a stupid idea." He growled

Luffy would. Luffy opened the door and ran out onto the deck; of course the othersss would go after him. Think about it, another wave came and wasssshed them out to sssea.

"NO." the cook growled again.

No one wassshed up beside yourselfff. If not all, ssome of them could have been taken by the sssea, right to the bottom. Never to sssee their dream come true.

The snake was merciless to Sanji's inner fears and worries. He turned forward once again and went right to a tree to kick the shit out of it. Anger, furious, did it matter which? He hated that the thought came to his mind.

"There's no way they die that easily," he said, "Never in a million years!" he roared that last part, putting a known fact feeling to each word, giving a taste to them only a cook could.

His kicks started to pick up speed and strength knocking trees in half, enjoying the feel of his anger. Thinking each tree he hit was the snake of the thoughts he had.