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Konoha's Ninja Meister

Chapter 1: The birth of a Legend

October 10th

His chakra exhausted and life extinguished, Minato Namikaze the Yondaime Hokage fell over dead with the hovering form of the Shinigami behind him. By giving his own soul to the Shinigami Minato managed to seal the mighty Kyuubi into his own son to the save the village of Konoha. The Shinigami appeared to be a black humanoid shaped black mass wearing a cloak and a fearsome skull mask (Think old Shinigami from 800 years ago). With gentleness unexpected of his massive form and fearsome reputation of the god of death; he cradled the crying baby in his arms as he floated down to the shocked form of the Sandaime Hokage.

Hiruzen Sarutobi had seen many things in his long life time, but what he saw before him left him speechless. Before him was the Shinigami himself in his full glory cradling a crying child. He felt the eyes of Death on him as a rough but calm voice rang out from the masked god.

"Tell me, the child. What is his name?" It took Hiruzen a moment to gather his thoughts, it's not often one speaks with Death itself. "His name is Naruto Namikaze; though I plan to give him his deceased mother's name, Uzumaki, to protect him from the enemies of his father."

"That will not be necessary. I will be taking the child with me." Before Hiruzen could interrupt he continued. "By being in my presence the seal will continue to strengthen ensuring the beast stays under lock and key. Also this will allow the boy to grow strong away from the possible hate of the village; you know the lives of a Jinchuuriki are never easy." Hiruzen could not argue with the divine being and gave a sigh of defeat "I have one request Shinigami-Sama; when the boy reaches the age of 16 give him the option to return to the village of his birth and see what his father gave his life for."

"I suppose, 16 years will give the seal plenty time to strengthen and the boy time to grow strong. He will be offered the chance to return and I will have someone teach him the ninja arts as well." A massive ornate mirror rose from the ground. "I have wasted enough time here Hiruzen we will be in touch." With that the god of death walked through the mirror which then faded away into nothingness, leaving behind a stunned Hokage to explain what had happened to two very irate looking god-parents and sannin that were approaching him.

Shinigami was back within the deathroom back in his more child friendly appearance still cradling the now sleeping Naruto. He looked at the child seeing his soul was already larger than most and his soul's wavelength appeared very flexible. He spoke to himself in his more playful sounding voice. "He is destined for great things, He will become strong, very strong."

16 years later deserts of Wind Country

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Speeding across the desert is a light tan hovering scooter with two people riding it shooting up a rather impressive rooster-tail of sand.

The driver is a tanned teenager roughly 5' 11" tall, with a mane of spikey blond hair that went roughly mid-way down his back, his bangs held back by a pair of black goggles with blue lenses. His face is slightly angular with the faintest trace of baby fat remaining from his youth, and a set of three whisker-like lines on each cheek. He wore a simple black t-shirt with a red spiral on the back and a pair of metal bracers on his forearms. He had on a pair of urban camouflage cargo pants and a pair of combat boots.

His passenger is a teenaged girl with a healthy light complexion standing a little less than 5' 10" tall. Her black hair tied back in a long ponytail that almost went all the way to her ankles, with two neat thin bangs framing her face. She wore a sleeveless tan dress that went all the way to her calves with a split on the right side at roughly waist level, on the right side of her chest was a red spiral matching the one on the drivers back. She was also wearing a loose black neck warmer and a black stocking on her right leg and a pair of black arm warmers. Her mid-calf height boots were black in color. (Basically she's wearing the same outfit as in the beginning of Soul Eater with a slightly different color scheme.)

Tapping the driver on the shoulder to get his attention she spoke "Naruto about how far from Konoha are we I don't think Shinigami-Sama was that far off."

The now name Naruto just gave her a shrug. "I'm not too sure myself Tsubaki-Chan, last time I checked the map it looked like a day or two off. Good thing we left early and brought plenty of supplies." Reassuring her with his usual foxy grin, he continued. "We'll get there with plenty time to spare don't worry about it."

Content with his answer Tsubaki relaxed, as much as she could on the scooter in just watched as the sands raced by, taking the pair off towards new careers as ninjas of Konoha.

End Chapter

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