Title: Ain't Walkin' So Good

Summary: "Oscar and Morris kinda worked me over a bit, you know." "They hurt ya?" Slash, might not be what you think.


I sat and listened to the boys around me talk about how the new boys got caught and how they wished things were different. The stories were extravagant and definitely overboard with lies. I wondered how the boys were getting along in the strike.

"Hey, Crutchy, Jack's here at the window for ya." I looked up at the newsie, then over to the window. I had one of the boys help me up and over to the window.

"I doan believe it, I jist doan believe it. Ah, hey, thanks." I said to the boys who helped me over. "Heya Jack, what are you hanging around here for?"

Jack laughed, "What am I hangin' round here for... You know who's on the roof?"

I had a suspicion that it might be Jack's new boyfriend. "Who?"

"Dave," Jack's eyes sparkled and I smiled. He would never admit that Dave was his boyfriend, but they were so obvious, if they were any more obvious they would have to be separated like Blink and Mush were.

"Is that Dave? Heya Dave! How ya doin'?" I called quietish.

Dave still hushed me. Jack smiled up to him, then turned back to me. "Listen, Crutchy, go get your stuff. We're gonna get you out of here."

I shuffled a bit uncomfortable, wincing when the movement caused a pain up my back side. "Well, actually, I ain't walkin' so good. Oscar and Morris kinda worked me over a bit, ya know?"

"They hurt ya?"

I nodded, knowing Dave was on the roof, I couldn't tell Jack how. But his eyes said that he knew, and that he was sorry it happened.

I let Jack pretend it was nothing, and the conversation turned innocent, until Snyder came in a few minutes later. Once he got to the window, I talked to him and distracted him from the window.

(Yes, Dave and Jack are almost as obvious as Blink and Mush, and Yes this is just the first chapter. There will be three of them. The first and second will be in Crutchy's pov, and the third in Jack's. Let me know what you think. -Luvs Cassy.)