Chapter 3- Jack's Actions

"They hurt ya?" I asked. Crutchy nodded, and looked ashamed and uncomfortable. I knew what the Delancey's were capable of, and with Crutchy's bum leg, he wouldn't have been able to run. I wondered how far they had gone. I tried to make a joke out of it. "Doan worry about it, me and Dave, we can carry you out of here."

Crutchy looked abashed and immediately took his defensive stance, but it was off and I knew they had gone as far as they had wanted. I was going to get even with them. "I doan want nobody carryin' me, ya heah! Hey Dave! Ya know they still talk about how Jack rode out of he'e on that coach."

I smirked and Crutchy just smiled back. Dave made a comment that sounded sarcastic, and Crutchy answered. Then he told us to cheese it. As Snyder came in, I was hiding behind the wall.


I stood in front of the distribution center with the rest of the guys, David was by my side. Some scabs stood, looking nervous to come out. David said something in his strong confident voice that I should have listened too.

"Let's soak 'em for Crutchy!" I yelled.

The rest of the guys yelled in agreement. And we charged forward to soak them. Race yelled about the crips, I didn't care, I was out for revenge and I wouldn't stop until I had gotten those cowardly bastard brothers.

I saw them run for cover, but I was too preoccupied to get them.


I felt the rally wasn't as good as it could have been without Crutchy. As Medda's song ended, David came up to me and I thought he was going to kiss me. He grabbed the lapels of my jacket and yelled something. I asked him to repeat it and he pulled me close to him and yelled in my ear.

"Jack, it's Snyder!" He pulled away a bit, pointed. "There!"

I followed his aim, and saw Denton trying to distract Snyder. I told Medda I had to go and helped David get his siblings out of the building. Then we turned back to assist in blocking the crips and bulls.

David told me to run, and so I did. I tried getting away from them and I ran into Kid on my way out of the theater and he tried helping me out. I ended up being chased back in by the calvary. The horse reared and I tried darting up the stairs again only to meet a fist.


"I ask that the court order his incarceration until the age of twenty-one, in the hope that we may yet guide him to a useful and productive life." Synder said, his voice clammy and making the humid air feel even wetter.

"So ordered." The Judge said.

I was going back. Back to the refuge, the only good thing would be that I could inform Crutchy of what had happened.


"Francis Sullivan. Come."

Carriage ride and then we got out at a fancy big shot mansion.

We went inside. I glanced at a few pictures. Then Pulitzer came in. We talked a bit about war and power. I understood what he was talking about but I didn't understand why he was talking about power of the press being the greatest power possible.

"...I shape it's future." He finished.

"Well, right now, I'm only thinking about one future, and that's mine."

"So am I boy."

Blah, blah, blah back to the refuge, more money. I smirked "You bribing me, Joe?"

He sputtered and tried threatening me, I wouldn't give into his demands unless he threatened David.

"I offer you freedom and money just to work for me again. To your friends, I won't be so kind. Now your partner, what's his name? David. I understand he has a family." I didn't hear the rest.

He had threatened David, and I knew I would be stepping out of the distribution center tomorrow with the rest of the scabs.


The guys had reacted like I figure they would, threatening to soak me. Strangely enough, I wasn't surprised. And I would have told them why I did it, but they wouldn't have understood, at least not then.


I was walking to a destination away from the Manhattan newsies hangouts. And I heard screams. They sounded like Sarah's, so I went to help her, only because she was David's sister.

I saw the Delancey brother trying to beat up David. He was holding his own fairly well but Morris was putting on brass knuckles.

I quick grabbed Morris from behind and turned him and punched him. I saw David get out of the hold Oscar had him in. Oscar tried to run away, but I grabbed him.

"Remember Crutchy?" I seethed right before headbutting him and throwing him against a crate. They deserved more than just that, but I figured I'd help Sarah and David instead.


We beat them. Crutchy came over to me after the celebration, after I rode with Roosevelt.

"Hey, Jack?" I turned to him, "Can we talk?"

I nodded and tapped David on the shoulder. "I'll be right back."

He nodded and I pulled Crutchy away from the crowd.

"Crutchy?" I asked.

"When you asked if they had hurt me, I didn't tell you the whole truth."

I nodded. "I know, and I know what the Delancey brothers are like. They tried to get me when I first came here. That's why they hate me, because they couldn't tell Weasel about it."

"They tried to rape you?" Crutchy asked hesitantly.

I nodded. "Yeah. But doan worry about it, we beat 'em."

Crutchy nodded and we rejoined the celebration.

(Das ist das! Or for those who don't know German: that is that. Hope you enjoyed. -Luvs Cassy.)