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"What if Canada didn't catch him?"

Why not?

Here we go.

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(Canada's POV)

It happened in slow motion.

America let go and flew.

For just a split second, the Canadian was positive that Alfred was flying. His head was tilted back, and the Canadian watched as his glasses flew off of his face, landing somewhere the Canadian could not see. He seemed to be like an eagle, majestic, and Canada held out a strange hope that he would fly away.

He didn't.

People screamed as he hit the water, and Canada didn't. His mind went numb as he watched his brother disappear underneath the roaring falls.

That wasn't Alfred.

He had not jumped.

It was just someone who looked like him. That wasn't Alfred. It wasn't his twin. Alfred was still at home, sleeping until noon, with his eagle plushie curled up with him. It wasn't Alfred itwasn'thimitwasn'thimitwasn'thim.

Canada raced down to the bottom, his brain still completely numb. He could barely hear the other footsteps behind him.

It wasn't America's body, waterlogged and cold, that they pulled out. Japan wasn't clutching Alfred and crying into his chest, Feliciano with him. England wasn't screaming and cursing at himself because of Alfred. China was the only one who was making sense, just staring blankly at the stranger they had pulled out.

It wasn't him...it wasn't...Alfred loved life, he was happy, he always was.

He was never alone.

Everyone loved him. No matter how much they all screamed, no matter how much everyone called him fat and selfish and manipulative and greedy and stupid and worthless...no matter how much they all said they hated him and made fun of him and said they wished he was dead...

Oh God...what had they done?

Canada sobbed.

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