She pressed her foot down hard.




It cracked. And underneath her heel, the evil tool shattered.

"NOOOOO!" screeched Rasputin. Anastasia looked at the wicked man as he grasped the air around him. Suddenly, he snatched the ripped hem of her dress, snarling, "If I go, you shall go with me!"

The duchess shrieked in shock as a numbing sensation touched her toes, climbing up to her legs… Her waist… Her arms… Her shoulders…

Anastasia looked at her fingers. They were becoming… Gray..? Her eyes widened in horror. Not gray… STONE. The numb feeling grew higher, but she took no notice. Slowly, her skin began to turn to, stone, as her skin had already turned its gray hue. She turned, and looked at the unconscious figure or Dimitri. A single tear ran down her face, but turned to stone as well.

Instead of rearing back in horror, her back was straight, her chin was high, and her posture was elegant. Instead of looking like a duchess, she looked more like the queen. Anastasia's eyes were glued to Dimitri, not paying any notice to the man that was crumbling to dust, as he whispered his last words:

"You will make a beautiful statue."

Instead, one last thought was able to register in her mind, before her head turned to stone as well:

'I'll never get to say good-bye.'

A/N: Yay! This is my first story ever that I posted here, so I hope it started out good. I know it's short, but it IS just a start… I've already completed it on my Itouch, but I'm still going to have improve my writing… I mean, this isn't really good, and I'm sure it's not exactly going to improve later on… but I hope so. And, well, I hope you'll enjoy reading the rest. If you want to, anyway,