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:Together in Paris:


Dimitri and Helena exchanged glances. "Do you know what it reads…?" Helena asked hopefully.

Firenia looked up, smirking, "Of course I do. I'm a witch."

Dimitri resisted the urge to roll his eyes impatiently, "Well, what does it say?"

Firenia closed the book silently, "Well, it depends what spell you need. And why." At this, she looked at them both intently.

"Where are you two from? And why do you need a spell?"

Helena shifted her feet, "W-Well…" she stuttered, "We-"

"We're from the palace." Dimitri cut in. Firenia's eyes widened, "Then you-"

Dimitri nodded grimly, "We need the spell for the princess."

:Together in Paris:

"Will you be gone for long?"

Firenia smiled at Sandra, and picked the small girl up, "No, I hope not. But if I am, don't worry. I'll be in a much happier place."

Sandra's mother burst into tears, "Firenia, don't you dare speak like that! You don't have to go!"

Firenia had already packed, and was at the entrance of the village, with all the villagers crowding around. Dimitri and Helena watched from afar.

Sandra hugged her, "Please don't go, Firenia… Who will play with me?" Firenia smiled sadly, "Don't be silly, Sandra… You have the other village children…"

Sandra sniffed, "But they aren't my best friend!"

At once, all the villagers began trying to persuade her to stay. Firenia held up a hand, and shouted,

"I must help the princess!"

And everyone fell silent. Firenia smiled at them all sadly, "I must help these people to find the spell they need. I know you all understand- Please. I don't want to make this harder than it already is."

The villagers nodded, and Sandra sighed, rubbing her eyes,

"Come back soon, Firenia." She said quietly. Firenia smiled, and set her down. With that, she walked past Dimitri and Helena, her eyes shadowed. Helena ran up to her.

"Firenia… Are you-"

She was cut off, and her eyes widened a bit. She stopped, but Firenia continued walking. Dimitri caught up to Helena.

"What's wrong…?" he asked quietly.

Helena watched Firenia's back growing farther from them sadly.

"She's crying."

:Together In Paris:

They had travelled a great distance already, and now the village was out of sight. It began growing dark, and Helena looked around nervously, "Firenia... It looks like rain… Maybe we should..."

Firenia looked up at the sky and nodded, "You're right." She looked around, the squirrel on her shoulder looking around with her. She smiled in satisfaction, and pointed. In the distance, was what seemed like…?

A cave!

Firenia looked at Dimitri and Helena, who also had grins on their faces. Quickly, they ran toward the cave, despite the heavy packs on their backs. Once they reached it, Dimitri fell on his knees, breathing heavily. Yet, their faces glowed with triumph. Firenia held out her hand.

"Let me check if it's safe first." She said between pants. She closed her eyes tightly, searching her mind for a light spell… Ah yes.

She opened her eyes slowly, seeming much calmer, and lightly whispered,


A soft light emitted in the cave, and Blitz, her squirrel, blinked the bright light from his eyes. Dimitri and Helena watched in awe as the light ventured down the cave. It was soon put out, and Firenia smiled, "All clear." She hummed, and stepped inside. Helena and Dimitri soon followed after.

:Together in Paris:

Dimitri held his hands over the fire, rubbing them warm; as he watched the two girls look over the map Firenia had brought along. Blitz seemed to be examining as well, but it seemed so ridiculous, Dimitri quickly dismissed the idea. He sighed as he brought his hands to his lap, and looked out the entrance of the cave.

Still raining.

Firenia looked up, and then looked at Helena, her question evident in her eyes.

Helena smirked, and whispered, "He's… taken with the princess." Firenia raised an eyebrow, and suddenly a peal of squeaks erupted from her shoulder.

Blitz was laughing.

Helena glared at the squirrel, and he was immediately silenced. Helena hissed with sudden anger:

"At first, the princess was lost, with no memory whatsoever. When Dimitri found her, both didn't know she was the missing princess. They convinced Mistress Sophie that she was though. When she was doing the trivia of the princess, she answered particular question that was true- How she escaped. A kitchen boy help him. Dimitri was the boy. And you know what else happened over time?"

Firenia and Blitz looked at her, to stunned to ask. Helena sighed, and looked at Dimitri sadly.

"The kitchen boy fell in love with the princess."

:Together in Paris:

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