Korrax: We're back!

Krixae: It's about time.

Me: Hey, I had to wait for the new characters. Which reminds me, crediting!

Caixsa: Right, going through by number of the new guys, they belong to... Kirkysaurus, Destiny's Call, Leixym, Agent Red-Duck, Broken Locket, Emotionless-Demon (over on DeviantART), Emotionless-Demon, Destiny's Call and Nyx's-Angel.

Me: Thanks to seven guys. This fic does seem to be somewhat unpopular... Anyway, I wont keep you waiting. Here is the sequel to Nobodies Forgotten, Nobodies Remembered.

A lot can change in a year.

First there were the more striking changes.

Like the nine new members who had been recruited over that time. Navix, Jinxabnem 'Jinx', Nelaxathi, Vixen, Codyx 'Chee', Noxcord, Tendax, Tiraxcovi and Nexdrak.

Navix was found in Atlantica, a half-jellyfish with power over Music, including having things call Tadtones to help him fight, as well as a harp that changed size.

Jinx came from Halloween Town, and absolutely hated the place. He'd been found by Caixsa, and had power over Luck, his weapon even being a pistol that shot waves of bad luck.

Nelaxathi was next. He was an old friend of one of the members, Leixym, who was also the one that found him. His power is Wonder and Emotion, and fights with a wand that turns into a katana when waved a certain way.

The next was Vixen, a terribe gambler who'd been found by Luxord in Hollow Bastion. He has Telekinesis, not hugely strong though, and fights with rockets, among other exploding objects.

Afterwards was Chee, short for Cheetos due to his love for them. He lived in Traverse Town, and was found by Caixsa. He, like Axel, could summon fire, but more using it to cover his arms or legs or other bodyparts to attack. He wields a small shuriken, which he sets on fire as he throws it.

Noxcord and Tendax joined at the same time, both living in Hollow Bastion until their unremembered death, though both think they were poisoned by Tendax's father. They can share their sight, helpful in fights sometimes. Noxcord uses a sniper rifle and bazooka while Tendax dual wield pistols. They were also dating, both as Somebodies and Nobodies.

Tiraxcovi had been found by Korrax in Wonderland, and they found their personalities matched really well. She is a Necromancer, favouring skeletons, and had a whip with hooks that looked ready to tear into flesh.

Finally was Nexdrak, found by Marluxia in Hollow Bastion, and was among the first to manage to break through Haxisal's shell, definitely the quickest. She had power over Ink and wields a pen to control ink, as well as her Katana, Serenity.

There were also a fair few surprise romances, plus some that had been completely unexpected, even by The Cupids, who'd been hard at work practically constantly.

One big surprise to everybody was Zoxey and Navex. It had been slow, almost painfully, but one day (rather recently), Krixae walked into the Grey Area, saw them, and burst out laughing. Black and Midnight Blue had been blended in a way that she'd found only meant one thing.


Krixae'd shouted it out between laughs.

She'd received glares from the two in question, but otherwise nothing.

Three of The Cupids were dating, two of them set up by Exneri. She'd managed to get Lavonax to confess her love to Zexion, utilising the romantic power of Mistletoe when Xemnas had been convinced to let them celebrate Christmas, as well as Krixae with Roxas. She hadn't told anyone how she did it, but one morning, Krixae had found herself curled up next to Roxas in his room. To say she'd been surprised would have been an understatement.

There were a couple of other unexpected pairings too, as well as two new love triangles.

Caixsa was being fought over by two of the new members, Navix and Chee. Although Chee flirted with every straight and bi guy he liked the look of there, it had been counted as a love triangle. Both were giving it everything they'd got, though Caixsa was rather neutral about it.

Krixae had confided in The Cupids that he still hadn't gotten over Korrax, and begged them not to interfere with his love life.

They'd, reluctantly, agreed.

The other was centred around Exneri, again with two of the new members. These two were Jinx and Nelaxathi, but neither really seemed to know about the other, both just flirted with her. Exneri seemed to be struggling to choose, and was being pushed by The Cupids.

Some others had started dating as well, though, like Marluxia and Tiraxcovi. Which seems odd just looking at their powers, but inevitable with their personalities.

There really were not that many members no longer not dating. Or flirting.

The Cupids were worrying for their jobs.

There were also some changes to the Castle itself. There were several new rooms, and The Dining Room of Darkness had been replaced with The Dining Room of Disparage. Upon entering, everyone became much more critical and negatively criticizing than normal.

But there was one other change.

In Proof of Existence, two portals had collapsed. The plaques in front of both were red, but still displayed the horrible reminder of who they belonged to.

Two pairs of fists.


Coerixn and Xager.

Everybody tried to forget, but nobody could forget the events that lead to the two being banished and, eventually, dying.

Most hoped painfully.

The others wished they'd had the chance to torture them before hand.

The members had changed a lot too. Most were taller, some had gained scars and a fair few had new hairstyles too. Some were fatter, some thinner, and some as lean or muscular as ever. Some were more welcoming, more friendly, while there was a reforming shell elsewhere.

And most of all now...

... They knew that trouble could come from anywhere.

Even from within.

Me: What do you think of the prologue?

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