And here it is, at long last. The epilogue. It's just me here today, the Organization is busy celebrating. Well, most of them anyway. I can't see some of them doing anything like celebrating. Anyway, here it is. The epilogue. I just have one thing to say before I write this.

This is going to be the last main story in the Nobodies Memories canon, sadly. I don't plan on writing another multi-chapter story for this. However, I will still be writing one-shots, since I love these guys too much to say goodbye. I will be taking requests, and they will be gradually updated. Feel free to make any suggestions to go along with my own.

Anyway, enjoy the epilogue. Have a nice day.

It was as if nothing had changed in The World That Never Was. The Nobodies had their own routines, some waking up early,some late, and some never waking at all. Some read, others worked. Missions were handed out by Saix, and done with little complaint. The portals in Proof of Existence were the colours they should be. Vexen destroyed the last of the serum he could find.

That's not to say some things didn't change. Navix and Codyx had gotten to be friends after Caixsa told them to find someone else. Exneri had ended up dating Nelaxathi, which Jinxabnem wasn't sore about. Let it not be said that he isn't graceful with rejection.

Noxcorn and Xirama were both injured rather badly, but Roxas and Xion – and later Maylenex – managed to heal the burns the two had suffered from the explosion, which had reached them even in the Dark Corridor.

The life of every member of Organisation XLIV went on.

"Hey guys!"

"Hi Krixae." Caixsa spoke, looking up from his book.

"It's nice to see your better." Roxas smiled as Krixae took the seat next to him, leaning on his shoulder. Across the room, Zoxey gave a slight chuckle when she realized she was doing the same to Navex.

"It's nice to finally appear." Nexdrak complained from beside Zoxey, leaning the other way on the arm of the sofa.

"Don't complain. At least you weren't brainwashed." Haxisal replied, not looking away from her book.

"True. I guess there are a couple of perks to not being a main character." Nexdrak replied. "But still! I would have liked a few more lines!" A shoe came flying at her then, hitting her on the cheek. "Very funny."

"At least you had a line. Vixen's been sulking in his Proof for a while now." Xion commented.

"It's true. Vixen's crying in his casino." Onyxz added, one arm around Xion's shoulder.

"Hey, aren't we meant to be getting things ready for the party Xemnas 'graciously allowed us Nobodies to host in celebration of our returning members'." Nexdrak asked.

"That's what the Dusks are doing." Roxas shrugged, motioning to the lesser Nobodies who were adjusting the other pieces of furniture in the Gray Area. "And the Snipers." Said Snipers were hanging things from the ceiling, including a mirror ball.

"Aren't we in the way?" Krixae asked.

"No." Navex replied, Onyxz suddenly grinning.

"Oh! Know what?" He spoke, continuing before anyone replied. "I got paint ball guns. And we are not going to be using grey paint."

"Yippee." Haxisal replied sarcastically.

"You'll be shooting people." Caixsa shrugged.


"What was it like?" Xion asked suddenly, prompting silence from the four Nobodies.

"Not pleasant." Caixsa finally replied with a sigh.

"Let's not talk about it." Zoxey added, glaring at the ravenette slightly. Xion nodded and rested her head on Onyxz's shoulder, his arm falling over her waist.

"Good idea." Krixae spoke. "So, what's this party about?"

"It's to celebrate us coming home." Caixsa sighed. "I'll be in the library during it." He added, Haxisal grunting in agreement.

"Don't be such a loner." Krixae replied. "There is someone who'll want to see you there." She added.

"I'm not ready to see Navix, or Codyx." Caixsa replied.

"That's not who I'm talking about." Krixae replied, and Caixsa stared at her surprised as she gave him a knowing look, before suddenly giving a short squeak in surprise as the sofa the three of them were sitting on was suddenly lifted. The Dusks had begun to move them, and the Nobodies realised that they were now in the way.

"Let's go somewhere else." Roxas suggested as he jumped down from the moving sofa, stumbling slightly before turning to be ready to catch Krixae as she dropped down, Caixsa following.

"Let's head to my Proof." Nexdrak spoke, stepping out of the way as the sofa she'd been sitting on.

"Sure."Onyxz said. Zoxey looked at him pitifully.

"You're doomed." She spoke, earning a curious look from The Star-Eyed Thief.

"What do you mean?"

"You'll see…" Zoxey spoke ominously. Onyxz gulped, sounding slightly worried.

Caixsa made the last comment as they left the room. "Krixae, I still want to know who you mean."

The party was a relative success, as parties go in The Castle That Never Was. There was a large buffet against the windows, prepared by Lexaeus, Zexion, Maylenex and several other members. The Dusks had shifted the sofas to the walls, currently only one of which was occupied. There was music, Xigbar had taken the role of DJ and was surprisingly good at it.

At the beginning, Xemnas had given a fairly monotonous speech, congratulating the ten members of the team who rescued the members, Noxcorn gaining a mention as leader of the rescue group.

And that was when the party began. A Moogle in an Organization coat was serving drinks, and always seemed to know what you needed in advance. Musicwas playing and a lot of the members were dancing. Xemnas and Saix had both left, Vexen and Sejox both looking like they might follow, soon doing so.

There was a card game going on around one table, Luxord and Vixen taking on all comers, with Luxord winning most of the time and Vixen always loosing. There was a game of poker coming to a conclusion at the moment, with Xaldin and Larxene taking the other two places. The three looked shocked when Vixen put down his royal flush. "I won!" He cheered, sounding surprised himself.

Pretty much every couple was dancing, since Xigbar had just slipped in a slow dance for them all. None of them had quite the same dance, but they were all… Let's just say that even Texsh managed to stay calm.

Xasech was in a corner, drawing on the floor with a piece of charcoal. He'd been sketching there for a while now, and yet he hadn't seemed to run out of space yet. Or maybe the charcoal was being turned grey by whatever it was that retained the drab colour.

A small group of people had gathered around one sofa, watching the crowd. Navix had offered to dance with Codyx, and the two were dancing with the couples.

"Krixae told you someone would miss you." Haxisal smirked as she looked at her brother, his face surprised, but not pained.

"I wasn't expecting this…" Caixsa replied.

"Come on Cai, go for it."

"I thought you were straight…" Nexdrak spoke, her voice sounding just a little forlorn.

"Pansexual, actually." He smiled. "Will you dance with me Cai?"

"You should." Uxye commented, not looking at the two. Lexaeus made a sound of agreement.

"I can't dance." Caixsa replied, blushing slight.

"Well get up there and learn." Nexdrak replied, slipping a hand behind Caixsa's back and pushing him to his feet.

Jinxabnem grinned. "Ready?"


"Then let's go." Jinxabnem took Caixsa's hand, leading him towards the middle of the room, were the couples were dancing.

"Say... Hax..."

"Don't even say it." Haxisal warned, her hand fisting.

"But Hax, you really should find someone to date!" Nedrak replied.

"Who?" Haxisal replied. "The only single guys are either gay, creeps or just too old."

"Who says age is a barrier! I'm sure Lexy will agree." She was met with glares from both Haxisal and Lexaeus. "Fine then. Be miserable." Haxisal stood up and moved sofa, Nexdrak not following, but sighing.

"Let her do what she wants." Uxye spoke quietly to Nexdrak, before he stood and walked over to sit with Haxisal.

A crash came from the dance floor suddenly, and everyone stopped to look at Caixsa and Jinxabnem, both fallen on the floor. "I said I can't dance." Caixsa told his dance partner, glaring slightly. Jinxabnem chuckled, then stood, pulling Caixsa with him.

The song ended, and a new one came on. Some Nobodies left the dance floor, the others changing from a slow dance to a much more relaxed one.

"It's nice to be back." Tendax spoke as he and Noxcorn sat on a sofa, falling onto his side to rest his head in his boyfriend's lap. Noxcorn's hand found it's way into Tendax's black hair, the teen himself smiling.

"And to have you back." Noxcorn replied as Tendax shifted to get comfortable.

"Looks like it's going to be a fairly relaxed time now." Tendax said. "After all, that Coerixn guy's gone, and he's been the main reason for worry."

"Don't speak too soon." Noxcorn replied, looking down at Tendax with a slight smile. "Who knows what might happen?"

And that leads on to my question for you. What would you like to see happen?

Yes, for that one-shot collection I mentioned, I will be taking requests. Not all of them, bu some definitely. I'm not going to start on them for a little while, I want a break from this canon honestly, but it will probably be going up sometime in Spring. I'm mainly going to be doing this because I had some ideas I could never fit in, and characters who never got enough time on stage. But the main reason is because I love these guys, and I don't want to hit delete on them just yet.

Anyway, I hope that you guys enjoyed this story. I'm going to be starting on a new one soon, to run along-side 'A Different Type of Game', and you'll find out what it is when it comes out.

So, until then, goodbye from us all!