REACAP Dannys mum kicked off and hurt Alice, alice then provoked Jill and Jill said nasty stuff in return, danny came in just as they were about to fight. after Danice declared they loved each other they left Jill alone.


After Danny drove both himself and Alice to her house they settled on her sofa while he tended to the wound on her head. She hissed in pain when he dabbed it with some peroxide soaked cotton wool.

"Owww!" she moaned softly.

"Big baby." he told her.

"WAH!" she retorted quickly.

When he dabbed it again she winced, it was then it hit him that she was in pain because of her connection to him, guilt fill him. "I'm sorry about this Alice, if I'd thought she'd have hurt you I'd have never let you near her. I didn't know she was capable of this."

Alice did, she thought, tempted the statement down. She looked in his green eyes and felt love for him fill her. "Hey, this isn't your fault." her voice soft. This was all his mum! She was mad and Alice had intentionally made it worse, so it kind of made it her fault too. Alice was beginning to wonder whether his mother was a little crazy too!

He looked at her wound and touched it tenderly. "You must have connected with the window sill pretty hard, you have a bump. Any sickness? Blurred vision?"

She shook her head, "It's fine."

"I don't think you need stitches." and placed a plaster on her head.

"Ahem!" she said pointedly.

"What?" he asked.

She raised her eyebrows.

"Oh!" he put her head in his hands, lowered it and kissed the plaster obediently.

"Well that isn't exactly where I wanted my kiss, but I suppose it will have to do." she smiled.

"Look Alice I meant what I said. I love you, it sounds cliché but I haven't felt like this before. Ever since that day at Wetherspoons and we were talking…" he trailed off knowing that nothing he said could convey adequately how much she came to mean to him in such a short time.

"I meant it too." her voice full of feeling. "I wasn't just saying it. I love you too." her heart was pounding an erratic irregular rhythm. "That's why I came back to you this afternoon. The thought of losing you…" she rubbed her face. "It killed me." her voice slightly bewildered. She looked up at him and saw him smiling. "Don't look too happy about it."

He cupped her cheek. "But I am happy." he whispered and rested his forehead on hers. "You have no idea what it means for me to hear you say that."

She closed her eyes a second and all was quiet.

He pulled back, "I promise you now." his voice solemn. "That you'll never lose me, ever. We're a partnership from now on. No matter what I'll always love you." he hugged her tightly. "Are we ok for labels yet?" he added.

She wrapped her arms around him, inhaled his scent as it enveloped her. "Yeah, but we're a little old for boyfriend and girlfriend. Partner." she decided.

"I like it, its more serious than girlfriend." just as the heat from his hold was warming her, she lost it as he retreated. "We are serious?"

"Definitely." shocked herself by the lack of hesitation and indecision in her tone.

Danny laughed softly. He loved watching her, especially when she was shocked by admitting her feelings, or rather learning about the depth of feeling she had, he had an idea. "I've been thinking…." he started.

She smiled wickedly. "Knew I could smell burning!"

"Haha you!"

She stuck her tongue out.

"Anyway like I said I was thinking that since we still have a few days off work we could possibly go away since mum is hanging around." there day out was such a success so this would be too!

"I'd love to, just me and you."

"I'll have a look on the internet for some last minute deals, how about we stay in the UK this time but in a few months time we go away to Greece or Turkey?"

Wow they were planning for the future! How chuffed was she! "Sounds good, but I'd right now I'd rather go to bed then look for a holiday, I'm tired."

"Well let me have a quick look and then we'll shower then bed."

She got up and collected her laptop, handed it to him. He sat back on the sofa the laptop on his thighs, she moved beside him when she felt his arm come to rest around her shoulders. The computer whirred as it loaded up. He pressed soft kisses to the top of her head and she felt her head move of its own accord to his chest. She had never felt like this before, safe, warm….not alone! He was tapping away while her eyes slowly closed. She dozed on his chest.

"Alice." he whispered.

"Mmm." opened one eye a crack.

"There's this great place at Carlisle in East Cumbria it's a log cabin in a secluded wood. They had a late cancellation. What do you think?"

"Sounds good." snuggled closer to him closing her eyes once again.

He knelt down and pressed kisses to her neck, her eyes popped open once again.

"They have a hot tub which over looks the river Lyne too." his voice soft and seductive.

"I like that." he voice almost breathless. A double meaning to her reply. The thought of both of them in a hot tub….now that had possibilities, as did the thought of what the kisses on her neck might lead to.

He sat up again and began typing and booked the cabin. Meanwhile Alice felt fatigue claim her once again.

"I'll ring in the morning to confirm yeah?" he asked. When she didn't reply he looked down and saw her eyes closed, her hand fisted in his t-shirt, like she was worried he was going to disappear. He caressed her cheek, turned the computer off and set in beside him. Effortlessly he picked her up and carried her to her room. When he arrived he laid her gently in the centre of her bed. Immediately she rolled into a tight ball and her face twisted. He touched her face gently. "I'll be a minute." she didn't relax, her expression worried.

He disappeared into the bathroom and retuned a few minutes later, found her still in the same position, she didn't even look like she was breathing! "Alice?" he was worried about her, maybe she did have a head injury! "Alice!"

She looked at him groggily.

He exhaled in relief. "You gonna get ready for bed?"

She shook her head and closed her eyes.

He chuckled and pulled on the shorts from his spare clothes.

She opened her eyes and looked at him annoyed. "Hug!" she demanded.

He smiled.

"Waiting!" her voice impatient.

"I think my Alice a little moody when she's tired." he sang.

She huffed and turned over muttering under her breath. She wrapped her arms around herself. He went to her and gathered her close. "Told you, you wouldn't be able to sleep without me."

She said nothing simply held his arm around her waist tightly.

He lay in the dark listening to her soft breathing. It wasn't like her to be this clingy. He kissed the back of her head, she shivered and moved closer to him.


Alice was lost in a dream.

It was dark all around her, moonlight illuminating everything and nothing….no not moonlight there was light all around….but darkness too! Everything was contradictions! She walked ahead onto the balcony from the house she stood in, no not house, cabin! Ahead there were trees….trees and rain….rain was falling everywhere yet she was dry! On the balcony! Why wasn't she wet? Water! There was water too, she could hear it all around! She spun in a circle seeking out the noise, after finishing a full turn she spotted the river straight ahead. She reminded herself she was safe in a house….but fear still permeated her core. Suddenly there was a high pitched scream, it surrounded her, she wasn't able to figure out what direction it came from. As she looked behind her she was soon waist deep in water.

She looked down and her eyes widened. She blinked and saw the water was higher and she was holding onto a boy who was nearly being swept away, the current yanking and pulling him. Her grip on his wrist unyielding.

"ALICE!" was roared from behind her and she looked. Water splashed in her face and her vision was blurred. When it cleared she saw Danny on a bank rain water pouring down his face. Lightning flashed and the child she held screamed in terror. She turned, spotted his face and saw it was Peter.

"Don't let me go Alice!" he begged. "Please!" even though he was wet she could see his tears, they were clear and glistening while the water that surrounded them was black and evil.

She heaved and pulled trying to get him closer to her. "I have you Peter!" the grip on his wrist tight she ignored the water trying to drag her under her whole focus on saving her friend.

It suddenly got darker and there was zero light in the area. The current began to become stronger. She looked around then above her slowly. A rock formation had blocked out all the light. Lightning flashed and she saw Danny on his knees on the river bank screaming for her, a child with him. The rock formation started descending slowly, fear filled her and she began to panic.

"No not again!" she screamed into the wind. She lost her footing and felt her head submerge into the water. It hsad her in its grip refusing to relinquish either her or Peter, she was swept away, Peter ripped from her hold. NO not again! She coulnd't lose him agaain, not like this! Alice screamed while submerged and felt water fill her mouth, down her oesophagus and flood her lungs…..


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