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Chapter 1: I love lissa


I was at the grocery store with Lissa, mom had sent us to get some chocolate chips so she could make her amazing chocolate chip cookies. I practically skipped all the way to the store in anticipation of the delicious treat that could only be completed when I got what I was sent for. I was on a mission.

Lissa and I were deciding which brand of chocolate chips to take, when I noticed a boy staring at me. I looked over at him. He was beyond good looking. Dark hair, dark eyes, irresistible olive-toned skin, dressed completely in black. Mmm, he looked delicious. He caught my eye, and we both just looked at each other, studying one another.

And well, we studied one another for way too long. Lissa pulled my arm and gave me a pointed look. She then looked over at the boy and gave him the evil eye. I hadn't even noticed that she had already grabbed a bag of chocolate chips. She put her arm around my back, with her hand on the back pocket of my jeans. I could still feel the guy's eyes on us and Lissa took her hand out of my pocket and pinch my butt for good measure.


I was at the grocery store picking up some stuff my mom needed for dinner when I saw her. She was the most beautiful girl I had even seen long curly brown hair, huge brown eyes and pale skin. She was wearing jeans, a slouchy shirt, and some chuck taylors. She looked over at me ands I could tell she was checking me out. We locked eyes for a while.

Then the redhead she was with pulled her arm and broke our eye contact. The redhead was pretty too, she had on a pink sundress and some brown sandals, but the other girl was simply beautiful. The redhead turned around and gave me the evil eye hardcore.

Then to my total surprise, the two girls started walking away with the redhead's hand on the back jean pocket of the beautiful girl. I continued to just look at them while they walked away. I saw the redhead take her hand out and pinch the beautiful girl's ass.

Ugh, way to go Fang, fall for a lesbian.


I am not a lesbian, I'm bi. Fact of life.

I had dated boys before, the last of I dated was a guy named Dylan who made me fall in love with him. But that asshole just took my virginity and then broke up with me the morning after. Jerk.

Lissa and I had been going strong for a year and seven months now. I loved her. She was the best girlfriend I could ever ask for.

She was the only person who treated me right.

We finally got home, I had a two-story house, three if you count the attic, which had been renovated to be my room.

I walked into the kitchen with Lissa and the chocolate chips.

"Mom we're home."

"Oh good, just leave the bag in the counter." My mom said.

"Lissa and I are gooing up to my room, okay?"

"Sure but keep the door open, and make sure to come down for dinner. "

I don't know what my mom thought girls in a relationship did when they were alone, but she definitely did not want me and Lissa doing it.

Its alright though. The attic was basically soundproof. Lissa and I had done this experiment in which I screamed my lungs out in my room and she stood in my living room in the first floor. She didn't hear a squeak. So, yes, we did close the door and locked it when we got to my room.

Once in my room I went to my drawers to get some basketball shorts on. The jeans were getting kind of uncomfortable in the summer heat. I took of my jeans, and was about to put on the shorts-

"leave the shorts off." lissa said from where she was laying down in my huge king size bed.

I left my shorts off and went to lay down next to her in my underwear. Lissa was lying on her side, while I was on my back. She had an arm draped across my waist.

Lissa always bought me all my underclothes. Today I was wearing some meshy navy blue boy-shorts she got me. They were practically clearly see through.

"One week till school start." Lissa said, as she moved her hand to palm me through my underwear. She just left her hand there for awhile.

Lissa was in this weird place where she was frustrated by the lack of sexual contact we had had in a really long time.

"Ugh, I don't want school to start!" I huffed after a while.

Lissa started rubbing me with the hand that was palming me.

"I figured you didn't baby." Lissa chuckled softly.

We stayed quiet for a few minutes. I could feel myself getting wet where Lissa continued to rub her hand against my vaginal mound through my underwear.

After a while Lissa said, "take your underwear of and roll up your shirt."

I did as Lissa said, because I always do what Lissa says. Always.

I took my underwear off and rolled my shirt to where the bottom my bra started.

Lissa rubbed circles on my stomach, then moved over so she could kiss my mouth. She licked my bottom lip and I opened my mouth to her. I felt her tongue explore my mouth.

I loved kissing Lissa, she was incredibly sweet and soft, and just amazing.

Lissa pulled away from me and kneeled beside me.

"Open your legs, Max"

I parted my legs just a little, to where lissa could comfortably fit when she kneeled between them.

Lissa had thought me everything about girl on girl sex. Let me tell you, it was amazing.

"Come on Max, you're a cheerleader. I know you can open your legs more than that.

I opened my legs to their full extent, to where I was basically doing a split while laying on my back.

Lissa's face came back up to mine and she kissed my lips, she then moved down where she kissed each of my breasts through my shirt.

I was really wet at the moment. Lissa got up and went to her purse, she got her camera out of there.

I knew what she was doing . Last fall she had given me a nude picture of herself. She wanted one from me, but I hadn't gotten around to giving her one.

She took a picture of my lower body and smiled, then put her camera on my bedside table.

She went back to kneeling where she was before.

She grabbed my hand and led it to my vagina.

"Touch yourself Maximum. Go, until I tell you to stop."

I started rubbing my clit furiously. She watched for a while, and then started to kiss my right leg from my ankle up to my knee. She then did the same to my left leg, all the while I touched myself.

She licked from my right knee up to where my leg met the beginning of my vaginal area, where she put in a few more licks. She moved her head to my left thigh, in which she planted a few kisses and then started sucking on my skin. Trying to form a hickey. I continued touching myself just as she ordered. My moaning was getting a little erratic.

Lissa removed my hand, she kissed the top of my vagina, before my slit started. Lissa and I both waxed, that's the way we liked it.

My girlfriend started licking up and down my slit and ocassionaly ran her tongue along it.

"Max, you're so wet."

"Oh please Lissa, please."

She put her mouth directly over my clit and sucked it hard. Oh gosh, I loved her.

Lissa stoped sucking on my clit, sat up and started fingering my vagina.

Oh, it felt so good!

She stuck three fingers inside of me. Oh! She started pumping her fingers roughly into me. Her palm was facing upward and her fingers were curled inside of me.

"Ughh, ahhh, Lissa, Lissa!"

She went faster and faster every second, and I was so close to orgasm. . "Uhh, Lissa, harder babe!"

She pounded her fingers inside of me harder, while her other hand rubbed my clit erotically. I was so close!

Lissa took her fingers out of me I was about to protest, but she quickly put her mouth on me. She licked up and down and then finally got her tongue inside of me. She moved her tongue inside of me, which was so hot.

She hummed which made the vibrations feel so good inside of me. She rubbed my clit and continued doing what she was doing with her mouth, until I finally came.


Lissa kept her mouth on me until I finished riding out my orgasm. She lapped up all my juices with her tongue and then came up to kiss me.

I loved tasting myself in her mouth. It was amazing. Our tongues played with each other and we kissed until our lips were swollen.

We broke apart, and stayed hugging, each other. I wrapped my legs around her hips, and rested my head on her chest. I kissed the cleavage that showed with the dress she was wearing.

"I love you, Maximum." She kissed the top of my head.

"I love you too, Lissa. Thank you."

I raised my head to look at her and see she was smiling.

"Clean up and get dressed. We need to head downstairs food will be done soon."

I nodded and got up, grabbed an underwear from my drawers and the shorts from earlier, and went back to the bed were Lissa had a wet towelette.

I laid down on the bed and opened my legs, Lissa started cleaning around my vaginal area.

When she was done I put on my underwear and shorts and Lissa headed down to the bathroom in my room. She washed her teeth with the toothbrush she kept here.

When she came back out she pecked my lips grabbed my hand, and together we walked downstairs.